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  1. So I'm having a little trouble with this mod. I've saved right before I board the Ebon Hawk on Taris. I destroy the Sith Fighters, the cutscene with Carth and Bastila plays and right when the cutscene of the Hawk landing on Dantooine ends, the game crashes. I'm using the KOTOR 1 Restoration Mod, The NPC Overhaul Mod and this mod's Dantooine Jedi mod. I've made sure the NPC Overhaul and Restoration mods were installed before this, but when I tried reinstalling this mod, a message in the TSLPatcher appeared saying: [Warning] A file named DANM13.mod already exists in the Modules folder. Skipping file... [Warning] A file named DANM14AA.mod already exists in the Modules folder. Skipping file... Now I assumed this was because of the Restoration Mod. So I removed the the module files, reinstalled the NPC Overhaul, ran the TSLPatcher for this mod and the same message pops up. So until further notice, I won't be using the Dantooine Jedi option in this mod, but I just thought I'd bring this issue to you in case I'm doing something wrong. Sorry if my stupidity on the matter bothers you -__-'
  2. I've been considering getting the GOG version of both KOTOR games, but I already own them on Steam. From what I've heard, both versions have pros and cons, but I'd like to hear your guys' opinions on the matter. So which version is superior: GOG or Steam?
  3. Will there be a "vanilla texture" version of this mod?
  4. Damn, first HK, then Atton, now Jolee! This guy's the Mark Hamill of Star Wars voices! ...maybe I should reword that -.-'
  5. Is this mod compatible with the DeadlyStream version of M4-78?
  6. Will the refurbished version still reuse the original modules? Not complaining, just curious
  7. Doubtful. I mean, it IS Disney we're talking about. They'll probably sue you just for THINKING about using the audio file T_T
  8. By insight, do you mean, "Oh my god, this is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen in my life"? Because oh my god, this is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen in my life
  9. Is this by any chance compatible with Allronix's Dialogue Pack? It doesn't contain any dialog.tlk files, but I'm trying my best to avoid any nasty surprises ;P
  10. Was it Obsidian's idea to recycle Peragus's plot of every living person on the planet dying or was it the mod team's idea? If it was the latter, what changes would you make to have the M4-78 plot stand out a bit more?
  11. I think if you REALLY want this mod to stand out, make it restricted to certain characters For KOTOR 1, how about restricting it to the PC and Canderous only since they've fought in the Mandalorian Wars (if restricting items to certain characters is a thing in K1 anyway) and for TSL, restrict it to Mira and Mandalore since they're both Mandalorian and the PC doesn't have as much experience with Mandalorian fighting as K1's PC (and the TSL PC is buffed enough). You don't HAVE to do it this way, of course. It's just my silly personal opinion! <P I sound like a complete nerd, don't I? ._.'
  12. Well if no one is even going to mention the mod's name, can we at least get some clarity on it's despised reputation?
  13. I REALLY don't see how Disney's ruined Star Wars. Okay, de-canon-izing almost 40 YEARS of content was quite questionable, but when I watch the new Star Wars movies in the cinema, I don't see a corporate monster milking every penny out of a franchise. I see people who genuinely care about a movie series they grew up with and try to maturely bring proper closure to the characters we grew up with. Rian Johnson gets far too much hate just because he did something no one expected.
  14. That's not really a difficult thing to do. Anything's better than their schlock