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  1. Yes, I would too. I tried using some of the robes that Armored Robes adds and I found it glitches some of the robes.
  2. Is this compatible with Mandalorian Ultimate Mod?
  3. Actually, I tried more robes but they all were glitched. Mod incompatibility or what?
  4. Seconded! For KoTOR, I would like to see planets which are mentioned (in-game) but we cannot visit them. Alderaan, for example. It is mentioned on Taris (in the Lower City, just on of the apartments).
  5. Slightly glitched? That's an understatement. But thanks for letting me know it's somewhat compatible. Thanks, 90SK!
  6. Check this:
  7. You don't have to hide it.... crushing necks.....MWAHAHAHAHAHA!.......ah...
  8. Yeah that armour is Imperial, worn by Hadvar.
  9. Does this work with Darth Darkus' Armored Robes 1.3.1 Master Jorn Edition?