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Not really a mod, more of a modding resource. Here I've gathered the 7 most useful

'lost' modules for KotOR 1 - that is, modules that had no .rim files, and were essentially

just room models in the game files. Why do I say 'most useful'? There are a few more -

one of which is a slice of corridor, and several bits of the Unknown World temple-top,

but none of these are much different or much more useful than the already existing modules,

or the ones I have packaged here. Neither are they particularly exemplary.


And so, here they are. I would guess that the modules' functions would be:


m19aa - the original Tatooine temple, in which you had to retrieve the information from

the Star Map inside a Sarlacc's maw.


m21aa - Evidently a Czerka depot, possibly on Korriban.


m25ab - Part of Kashyyyk, possibly the level of the Shadowlands that was cut?


m45mg - Some kind of early Tatooine swoop racing area?


m47aa - ? Used for a cutscene that no longer appears in-game?


PLCaa - Some kind of basic area functionality test, at a guess.


MQATester - Darkkender thought this was possibly for Quality Assurance,

and it would seem likely that it was either for this, or E3.



A few notes



-M45MG - The booster pads and obstacles were set in the .git and .lyt files, as I recall,

and are copied straight from the ones in the final version of the Tatooine swoop

track. I would recommend caution when editing these settings. Also, for using

this area in-game, it is very much advisable to use the included .vis file.

Otherwise you won't be able to see where you are going.


-M19AA - Likewise on the .vis file being compulsory.


-M21AA - I have heard that this can sometimes crash. If this is a problem,

try removing the placeables from the .git file, and recompiling.

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