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  1. Thats not at all what I said ? I already made it clear what I ment by that in another post. I also didn't say that all complains about the movie are "petty details". I said that I don't understand why people act like small unexpalined details would ruin the entire (fragile) logic of Star Wars.
  2. well, we can't be really sure that Holdo met Poe's parents unless I missed something when searching for that. I think her suspicion is justified given the circumstances. Poe, in a way, is a traitor since he started a mutiny against her. But I also noticed how Holdo wasn't the oddbal was described to be in the Leia book. Maybe she canged as she got older? These things are the result of the movie being written so early into the Canon's lifespan. I doubt Disney cares much about those inconsistencies tho, since like 80% of the audience doesn't read the EU stuff. My experience was completely different. The whole cinema, kids and adults, enjoyed the movie to the point that it almost got obnoxious.
  3. This makes me curious. Can you give an example? I've been keeping up with Canon for the last 1,5 years now through YouTube (It's really hard to get comics where I live and I simply can't keep with reading the novels) and couldn't spot any major contradictions. The only thing I thought was wierd is how the whole "Poe is hothead and needs to learn" arc was already done in the Poe Dameron comic, but I guess that's because TLJ was already written before TFA came into cinemas and the comic was written.
  4. I didn't mean to say that you're toxic if you dislike the movie. It's just that many people acted in a very toxic and inappropriate way. Should have made that clearer. Wow thanks for not even watching it. I guess 1Leonard way right then.
  5. I felt like I Hate Everything's video about TLJ was pretty good. I also suggest watching the Comment Comeback. The whole The Last jedi discussion just showed how disjointed and toxic the whole Star Wars community is. On one side, I think it's great how the movie got people talking and discussing it, but the way many did it was just embarassing. I also don't get why so many people focus on petty details and blow them up to huge proportions when the OT had many moments that made even less sense. I'm honestly glad that it made certain "fans" so mad that they quit watching new Star Wars movies because it means that we have to suffer through less bullshit when trying to talk about future installments.
  6. I doubt hyperspace jumping against something as big as the Death Star with a warship would have the same effect as it had with the Supremacy (which was pretty thin) in TLJ. Hyperspace has always been whatever the plot needed it to be. Rogue One already broke the rules by allowing the crew to jump off Jakku while still being affected by that planet's gravity.
  7. I'm trying to not include too many spoilers, but there are some so be warned. Just saw and I was overwhelmed. so much stuff happened in this movie, so much of it was bold. The first ~30 minutes or so had some really silly moments, but I'm glad these got all put at the start of the movie so that they don't interfere with once the plot picks up pace. I also really liked how Kylo Ren changed. Him being a Darth Vader impersonator in TFA because he was still conflicted about his alignment finally got acknowledged and dealt with in a good way. A lot in this movie surprised me and the few scenes that payed homage to Episode 5 and 6 really hit the spot too. I think the best way to describe this movie is by quoting the General Grievous meme: "Rian Johnson, you are a bold one !" I would give it an 85/100. I still disappointed me a bit but the silly scenes and some bad effects like It also kinda irked me how some stuff only made sense if you read some recent novels or comics like "From a certain point of view" or that Leia novel. But at the same time the movie had two scenes that almost made me cry.
  8. I wish Obsidian would (or could because i'm sure they want to) do the same thing Piranha Bytes and Nordic Games did for the Gothic Collection: They included the Community Patch, which makes Gothic 3 playable, with their re-release as part of the games installation ! Obviously Obsidian is in a different spot than Piranha Bytes so a Kotor 2 re-release with TSLRCM on Xbone X is just a fever dream.
  9. I'd argue that many people who know the story would be unhappy with the adaption or say that Disney is just making money of Zahn's works because their story team can't come up with something of their own or whatever. The Thrawn Trillogy just wouldn't be good start for this new generation of Star Wars movies. Maybe we'll see a movie about it if Legends Nostalgia becomes profitable ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Then people would say the movies suck because they wouldn't be original. we would already know what happens. It would be the same thing we have now with Episode 7 where people say it's too much like ANH. And Dark Empire would be even worse because a lot of people don't even like the comic for ressurecting Palpatine, making Anakins sacrifice in ROTJ almost worthless. I think you can't fault JJ Abrams for playing it so safe with TFA as much as some people do if you consider the backlash the Prequels got. Disney was probably also breathing down his neck because they spend 3.5 Million Dollar on this franchise and want to see profit.
  11. I don't really get what this has to do with Episode 8 lol I think the trailer was cut just be misleading, especially the moments when Kylo is about to blow up a resistence ship and the end with Rey and Kylo. It still had a lot of shots that made me very exited for the movie.
  12. 1. Empire Strikes Back - I guess why has been said before enough. If Episode 8 will be as good as it sounds it will replace ESRB. 2. A New Hope - Only the sequel beats the original 3. Return of the Jedi - A lot of lost potential but still pretty good 4. The Force Awakens - JJ Abrams played it safe with this one and I can get why. Still a good setup for the new Trillogy. Also the first Star Wars movie I saw in a Cinema so it's special to me. 5. Rogue One - I liked the darker tone and blurred morals. The reshoots are sometimes too obvious tho. 6. Revenge of the Sith - Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it birthed some nice memes 7. Phantom Menace - At least it doesn't have Hayden Christiansan ? 8. Attack of the Clones - I hate sand.
  13. Well they definitely won't be like "Okay, Kotor is canon again even tho it goes against stuff we established through other media". It's probably gonna be like it was with Thrawn and i'm okay with that.
  14. BTW, Inferno Squad also get's a novel by Christie Golden which is about them hunting down the remenants of Saw Gerrera's partisans during their first mission.