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    An update which has a "1.0.X" is a bug fix or anything categorized as a bugfix (Such as Russian translations). So the next bug fix update would be called "1.0.4" for example. A content update which changes anything with the plot from little to big would be a "1.X.0" update. So the next update which has actual content to look forward to is "1.2.0" and when that update comes out it will totally have a list of changes and will be referenced in the readme file. Unfortunately, no new updates are planned for the foreseeable future as my efforts are now focused on the Revenge of Revan mod.
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    The bugs have been fixed! If you have installed VERSION 1.0.0! Refer to the optional "EE FIX FOR V 1.0.0" folder and follow instructions. If instructions unclear, leave a comment and I can clarify, this update does NOT modify files found in @Leilukin's patch! If further bugs or any other complications are found which are suspected to be caused by my patch, report the mod and I shall fix it at earliest convience!
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    I want to keep the two versions identical as much as possible, so I won't be adding anything that already exists in TSL. Heartstopper Combo's probably the closest you're gonna get.
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    Just so everyone knows this mod is already included in the latest version of the Kotor 1 Restoration 1.2 mod here: So if you are planning to download and install K1R you don't need to install this mod again. Thanks again for making these texture fixes though Red Hessian!
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    So I assume that once you give the speech to the soldiers, you see this BIK cutscene movie and it teleports inside the Admin building? I am 98% sure the reason for this choice. It is said that, if Obsidian published the full game TSL in February 2005 this Battle of Khoonda cut content in which the player fights outside was still going to be cut. Why, you might ask? Well, this fight allegedly caused massive amounts of lag for the game on the original XBOX Console editions of the game. So technically, this feature was going to be cut regardless. My theory is that, while the Battle of Khoonda fight works like a charm on modern PCs, this may not entirely be the case for Mobile devices especially older models. Let's just assume you played Battle of Khoonda via TSLRCM on Mobile and it didn't lag, let's assume you have the latest model of Galaxy Samsung phone which is probably going to be powerful enough to run this game no problem... but do keep in mind, that is just your experience, whilst you may play the Battle of Khoonda on your Mobile device perfectly, another user on an old iOS device might lag horribly or crash. Mobile isn't exactly as unified as PC rendition's of this game, so developers of MTSLRCM have to deal with features of TSLRCM which work on PC, work on Android but crash on iOS. Once they fix the crash on iOS, they can ignore PC since PC uses TSLRCM and not MTSLRCM, but then another user reports the exact same crash on Android because of the bug fix done for iOS. That's the situation I am picturing for MTSLRCM for maintaining the mod, it's a bit rough at the moment as obviously the mobile port appeared out of the blue and as such so did MTSLRCM. The Battle of Khoonda in particular could probably never be optimized for Mobile anyway. The reason why it lags so much on the XBOX and Mobile is that XBOX was a weak console which physically couldn't run the Battle at a smooth frame rate and Mobile devices made in the 2010s was never the intended platform for TSL to begin with. Picture this, the game has to render the Khoonda plains module, that is easy, keep in mind, the game will need to render Khoonda's water river and grass effects which even some PCs can barely render properly. About 10 Khoonda Militia NPCs spawn into the module, followed by 20 to 30 Merc's all around the player (these Mercs would be the first NPCs to render), each Merc projects a shadow onto the ground which means about 20 to 30 additional shadows are being rendered before the player, each Merc has scripts attached to them like "heartbeat" which tells them what to do, they are not only hostile to the player but also to the 10 Khoonda militia plus Zherron (These militia and Zherrun also have shadows and scripts attached), the NPC's AI needs to target an NPC to attack which means the Mercs need to decide to attack the Party or the militia NPCs, each Merc NPC is either wielding a Double Vibrosword or a Blaster Rifle which means the game now has to render Blaster bolts being fired between the militia and Mercs, Khoonda militia dual wield pistols meaning each militia fires double blaster bolts, certain Mercs with melee weapons rush the player or the militia forcing the militia to fire scripts to activate melee weapons, the game needs to register the damage being done to each militia and Merc, the game needs to register the Merc attacks done to the Party, the player's Party AI needs to determine which Merc to attack and what feats they shall use. Let's assume that Battle of Khoonda lags your game out and maybe crashes it, what I listed out is the reason why it lags and crashes. If your Mobile device didn't lag, that just means you have a good Mobile device. Having less features may not be fun but it's better for the mod developer's to cut the feature out entirely so that these modder's don't have to spend hours optimizing one specific feature to function across 50 different mobile devices. Would it be better to not experience the Battle of Khoonda or would you rather have a Battle of Khoonda with 2 Khoonda Militia, Zherron and 5 Mercs in a lame fight? That sounds dumb as hell, but the dev's would have to do that to ensure the mod works lag free across ALL Mobile devices. Remember, MTSLRCM dev's would be lucky to have a single Mobile device to Beta test MTSLRCM with, they probably need to test MTSLRCM with many different brands of Mobile device from Android, iOS and more etc in order to properly test it. As such, I reckon community feedback who reports the MTSLRCM bugs to the devs is probably the only way updates and bug fixes can be made considering the dev's probably develop and test this mod on PC anyway as I'm not even sure if they even own a Mobile device (I could be wrong on that). What do you think about this? I'm not sure about Mobile TSL, but I know that on Mobile K1 all custom audio files added to K1 via mod's do not work. If you watch Negative Zero's Brotherhood of Shadow playthrough's, the audio for that mod is silent as well. On PC, Kaevae the thief had no VO so TSLRCM hired an actor to create custom audio for her. Just like the Battle of Khoonda, the Thief DOES work perfectly on PC as intended, however, as you can see, it does not work that great on Mobile. If you are capable of installing this mod, this will remove Kaevee the thief and restore the vanilla questline where Jorran is the thief back into your TSLRCM game. I have not tested it on Mobile so do be cautious! I cannot justify why this is absent, maybe it simply does not work for some reason. But I'm afraid I cannot find a reason why this wouldn't work I'm afraid. Ok, that 100% sounds like a bug! I hope you found this to be useful, feel free to ask me questions.
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    @Jj117 I messed up my comment and sent it early, give me a few minutes to correct my mistake! I have posted my comment now.
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    May you clarify "what" content is missing from the MTSLRCM mod that TSLRCM has? I am not familiar with MTSLRCM I'm afraid.
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    You did install MTSLRCM, right? The Mobile compatible version of TSLRCM? This link is called the "Mobile The Sith Lord's restored Content Mod", this version is exactly the same as this mod except MTSLRCM is designed to be run on Mobile devices. This mod, however, is designed for PC players.
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    @deathdiscoi love this mod. It is quite fun. One thing that i feel is needed is presence of more Republic Soldiers patrolling the area. I am using the Call_of_aid 1.2 mod to position NPCs on key locations which i feel they need to be placed . Im not a modder and have no knowledge about how to edit maps etc, i wish there were more NPCs populating the map since it is , after all, the heart of the Republic Government. Here are some screenshots. Keep in mind im playing it on my mobile. Please someone add more friendly NPCs (Republic Soldiers, Diplomats, etc). This map really feels empty. Thank you.
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    ATTENTION ALL PLAYERS, THE MOD HAS BEEN FIXED: The issue that was breaking the mod was that the TSLPatcher installed critical files into the Override folder, these important files are used in the mod but other files on Peragus and Telos also shared the exact same name. I fixed this in 1.0.2 by adding to the installer so that the TSLPatcher would place these important files within the .mod files so the mod does not break Peragus or Telos. The problem with 1.0.2 however was that the TSLPatcher not only placed the files within the .mod files but they still placed the files within the Override at the same time. Version 1.0.3 fixes that so important files are NOT placed in the Override at ALL, however, whilst this mod is safe to play now, do be on the look out for bugs at every stage of the game and report any bugs you may find so that I may speedily fix it!
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    Here's a test with the party facing Traya
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    The mod only has provision for the vanilla female player heads in heads.2da and the associated player rows in appearance.2da. Retextures or model edits/swaps are irrelevant if they don't affect the row ID. Added female heads are not supported. The male version will work for any head, included custom added ones, as long as the vanilla PMBJ models are specified in appearance.2da.
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    I won't be making any further changes/additions to this mod. But I may have an alternative option at some point in the nebulous future.
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    Have you deleted the file "a_sion_cs.ncs" from your Override folder as per the fixes readme instructions? And if you have did you use a save prior to the Space Cat Walk section of Peragus?
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    Thank you for reporting! Try it now, it should now work!
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    I'm encountering a problem with the installation:• Error: Destination file "856NIH.mod" does not exist at the specified location! Skipping section... • Error: Destination file "006EBO.mod" does not exist at the specified location! Skipping section..
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    So I just installed this a little while ago and think it's great. The feats seem very well done and very in line with the game in general and I love that they add uses for skills that often feel underutilized in K1. The only thing is, for some reason now I can't use medpacs from the inventory screen while in combat. Is that a thing that can happen with this mod and is there a way to fix it?
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    I confirm bugs that Alex Star mentioned. My theory, this happened because you, @N-DReW25, placed scripts with common names in Override instead of module injection. FindRefs found DIFFERENT versions of several files in various RIMs. For Telos Academy bug: you overwrote a_load262.ncs script from 261TEL module by placing the version of this script intended for 650DAN in Override, I guess? As for "Harbinger arrives" scene, I guess it is either a_sion_cs.ncs or sion_cut.dlg.
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    Note to the apparently 19 people other than me following this mod page: You don't need the new upload. I just fixed the installation instructions because lazy copy/paste led to confusion. Move along.
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    Last time I played with this mod I encountered a game-breaking bug in the Dxun tomb. Towards the end of the mission, there are some dark jedi performing a ritual. One of them is scripted to die but if you're too high level the script doesn't do enough damage and you can't progress further. Is there a workaround?
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    In my last Playthrough I had the same problem and it was provoked -at least in my case- by a MOD called 'Restored equipment for HK-47 GO-TO - TSL 1.1.0', installed while I was still in Peragus.