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    Rim support has been added and I've been working hard on overhauling the UI. I think I will hold off on releasing a beta until I get a 2da and GFF editor added in. Getting close to that though!
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    I finally managed to add Yavin and the other planets to the Galaxy Map, I have prepared a small release for people to use, it works alongside TSLRCM, M478EP and TSL Jedi Temple / Coruscant Mod, I was still hoping to add more planets but it seems that even with two slots left it just doesn't let me and replaces the last each time I add one. More Planets ? . ! Screenshots The merchant only offers three components for the speeder at a time, dependant upon the amount of Jedi Masters the player has discovered at the time, be it from 0 to 4, there is only a basic stock at the moment until I refine it and make it fit in line with the games progression. Thor's Back Story ( Name and character was initially a place holder, but might end up being an extra clan / mandalorian for Canderous to recruit ) Yavin IV - 4 Planets Demo Release This is still just a bare bones version of the mod with Tatooine, Kashyyk, Manaan and Yavin, there are two or three graphical issues with some of the models that I have noticed lying around, one on Manaan and the other on Kashyyk. (kas_m25aa, man_m26aa & man_m26ae ) Now I just need to work on a proper set of stories / quests and make new loading screens, planet icons and other odds and ends, but the base is at a decent working state, I look forward to hearing feedback, I still haven't packaged the Swoop Bike Mod with this yet, I also am looking for other modders to help if anybody is interested, join the Discord or message me here. Yavin Four Planets
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    I think he might have really thought Disney would use his outlines, and Kathleen would respect his characters as she said was her primary concern when sworn in as new LucasFilm director. Naieve? Foolish optimism? Betrayal? Stripped off his power and le... oh wait, wrong medium. As for Prequels vs. Sequels. I think prequels had the story, worldbuilding. It just faltered a bit in execution. Sequels might have a better execution (do they though?) but the story is shambles and world-building is nigh non-existant. As I think that those are the more important parts I cannot agree the sequels are atleast better than the sequels. Also while not really to (dis)credit of the movies, the prequel era was wild with many great games thanks to LucasFilm giving the license to most. Sure it may not always work out great (Thanks Force Commander. Atleast your soundtrack was amazing), but having a few duds amongst the great versus having one great(? I haven't played it, but it seems the consensus) game in 7(!) years, I know which I prefer that. 2005 you didn't just have Revenge of the Sith, but also KOTOR2! And listening to the plot being detailed (infinite armies anyone? TLJ?) it's so obvious they're ripping off parts of that now with no understanding what made them click.
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    This was one the word that I came to when trying to encapsulate what I just saw when leaving the theater for 930 AM showing. (As predicted, my wife dragged me there.) So . . . rushed. Rather than dwell on the avalanche of deserved ire that this movie will earn, I'd rather be thankful that this community here exists so we can remember what we like about all of this. KOTOR. KOTOR now. KOTOR forever.
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    After removing the position keys for the mouth (f_rmc_g/f_lmc_g/f_Rlm_g/f_Llm_g/f_um_g) @Salk: Here are the supermodels, vanilla and @JCarter426's TSL robes versions (via the modder's resource). Both include two copies of the animation. The first is named WELD so that it can be scripted for creatures using ANIMATION_LOOPING_WELD, and the second is named ANIMLOOP04 so it can be scripted for placeables (i.e. how existing cantina patrons are done) using ANIMATION_PLACEABLE_ANIMLOOP04. Obviously the TSL robes-compatible version will not have any support for the added TSL bones, since they don't exist in the K1 rig it was created for. @Alvar007: For future KOTOR work you will want to look at changing your scale/unit settings in Blender (and/or Maya if you are also using that). I had to scale up the model by 1,000%, which is kind of a headache when dealing with animated meshes. KOTORMax does not like exporting transformed objects. Regarding exporting FBXs from Max, select the trimeshes, go to Animation -> Bone Tools and enable the Bone On checkbox. They should then be converted to regular bones in the FBX. Edit: Wait, you wanted to go the other way, from FBX back to MDL. As I said above, scaling added some extra wrinkles, but the basic procedure is to create a new OdysseyBase (since the original will be converted to a null/dummy), link everything to that, set the animation name, frame numbers, etc. in its Animation panel, export. Then you can just copy and paste the anim block from the ASCII to a copy of the original model. K1_Standing_Drinker_Stunt_Model_Edit_Alvar007_Version.7z
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    Finally tested this and can confirm the above script function works.
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    At best it is an average ending to a disappointing and chaotic trilogy and a desperate attempt to fix what was ruined by the 8th. TRoS repeats the pattern of previous two though - it answers its questions while posing another (unanswered ones), uses original cast more as marketing tools than 'childhood legends', completely disregards prequel material, seems to be more rushed than AoTC and TSL put together and its plot is so unoriginal it is actually funny. Music is cool, so are visuals but there is and was no plan, I have no idea what was disney story team thinking but clearly neither do they. It has to be said though that it verges on impossible to bind all the plot lines of the previous 8 movies and at the same time make a good 2 h movie that has its own story and action. In the end from a trilogy that had limitless potential we got ANH remake, some wannabe-edgy movie that has no plot, shits on things established by the predecessors and is the longest one with most filler material while those nearly 3 hrs could be better spent story and character-wise and the grand finale that is just an okay adventure movie that turns into bombastic epic battle packed with easter eggs with not much feeling nor explanation or sense behind it. It could have turned out better had one director ran all three movies - in terms of the story, style and vision. But it could've been worse I guess.
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    Hi @mackmitchell94 I don't know your Playthrough but, beside be needed defeat the HK teams, the secret HK factory starts automatically after the last encounter with Atris in the Telos Academy, where you go (automatically) only after see the Jedi Council in Dantooine ...which means that you've found already all the Jedi Masters. I can't recall exactly the terms but after defeat the HK teams, talking with HK-47 about go (or find) the secret factory, shows up a dialog line saying something like you cannot go now and will start later on. What I don't know is that modifing the quests via KSE you can be ruined your game.
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    Yeah I remember. Like the mercenary who kidnaps Vrook in K2. When you try to use Dominate Mind on her. She says something like "that's a Jedi trick!" Before she attacks. Remember Dominate mind only works on the weak minded. If you have a strong will or been trained against those techniques like Azkul in K2. You can resist it.
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    Yeah I agree. This is one of the reasons I prefer the Exile over Revan. The last five years of the Exile's life is a mystery, and we get to fill it in with whatever we want. With K1 it was fine until the revelation which is one of my favorite moments in any media. But before that our character could have done anything before the events of K1. But after the revelation you are a given a predefined backstory. That's why I hate when video game companies canonize our favorite characters. They are never what we envisioned. Like the Exile my favorite KOTOR protagonist. In my head canon he is smart ass cocky Jedi. Then the official "canon" made him a Revan cheerleader who died like a chump, and has been keeping Revan alive for the past 300 years. Also don't get me started with what they did with Revan. They made him leave his pregnant wife behind while going on a crusade, and letting her and her child eventually die without knowing his fate. This is why I ignore SWTOR canon. In my canon Revan and the Exile went to the Outer Rim kicked the unknown enemy's ass and came back to Republic space to take care of their obligations. Revan reunited with Bastila and got to see his child. The Exile hooked up with Briana had kids, and along with Atton and the rest of the 'Lost Jedi' rebuilt the Order. That's why I like 'The Elder Scrolls' series. They never say what the fate of the previous hero was. It's like with the Dragon Age games. Some fans want the Grey Warden who was the hero of the first and best game of the series canonized, and I tell them "Oh no they don't." Don't they remember Revan, and although I never played them but know their fate Shepard from the Mass Effect series?
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    Your mod throws a generic UTP into the Override. That will replace all instances throughout the game. There are likely dozens, if not more. You need to create your own new custom container, or find an existing unique container to spawn your items into, or use various scripting options to do a one-time spawn into a generic container in the desired module.
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    OK, thanks to @JCarter426 sharing his dark secrets, I think this should work. Start by pasting fresh copies of JC's supermodels into the Override to make sure you've cleaned out the old broken junk. Then try this. K1_Standing_Drinker_Stunt_Model_Edit_Alvar007_Version_TSL_Robes_v3.7z
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    Can't say I heard of the Hayden incident but remeber Loyd was bullied by his fellow classmates (kids can be mean), and Ahmed SPECIFICALLY stated it was the media that drove him there, not the fans. But of course those same media happily omit that part and redirect it to the target audience. Much of modern backlash to the prequels seems due to RedLetterMedia, and I can't say I really agree with all of their takes. They seem to go soft on the Sequels just to keep this stance, and it gets too much credit for it's worth. They also often keep saying Star Wars just cannot be without the OT and I think all us KOTOR fans can happily laugh at that. There are a LOT of people who love the prequels even before the sequels made them look even better, and it almost makes me wonder if much of the hate is spread by the media like the narrative that fans ruined Disney Star Wars, we're the worst ever and we drove Kelly Marie (fake) and Daisy Ridley (also fake) off social media, and the often nazi, racist, sexist comparisson and in the fanbase it's not that prevelant. Or is that just me being a wishful thinker?
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    @JCarter426 and I were messing around for a while in Motionbuilder trying to retarget the human anims to the Selkath rig, with a view to also retargeting anims to the TOR rig to make porting easier, but that didn't really go to plan due to our ineptitude, so we eventually shelved it and moved on to other things. But assuming you are proficient with MB, it's certainly an option if you are interested. Perhaps you can team up with @Kensei Jintaro who was also looking into creating new anims. You can, assuming you can either retarget to the KOTOR rig, or, probably more ideally, just directly set that as your target to begin with when setting up your mocap.
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    Yeah I did not see it nor have I subscribed to Disney+. After TLJ and the way Disney and LucasFilms attacked and still attack longtime fans. I'm not giving them any of my money. What a waste of potential we will never see Luke, Han, and Leia onscreen. Plus the TLJ ripped the heart and soul of SW by the way they handled Luke, who is the heart and soul of SW.
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    Glad yo see such a ambitious Mod still around, you can PM me whenever you need a tester. Can link this to R/kotor so people there know they can try this?
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    Send me the files. I can look at fixing them after I get home from work. A 7z or RAR file will do nicely. PM them to so folks in the future won't grab the wrong package. Luckily I had time to do this before jumping in the shower. Move or delete files in the folder from the file path: \SWKotOR2\StreamVoice\802\blackmark. If you renamed if as Obi Wan Pere suggest, return the folder to the original name. Add the WAV files attached to this post to the aforementioned folder. Report back with your findings, please - and tag me when doing so and that you are telling me about this specific character. Black Market Replacement Files - Test 1.7z
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    Hello there, I'm kind of new here with this being my first post but I have had this account for some years now and I also did some modding to this game back in summer 2015. Now I have been messing around with the new tools and I was interested in KotorBlender to create new animations since that's the program I recently learned for modding Jedi Academy as well and I am quite comfortable with it now. So my intention was to create new facial animations but I wasn't sure of the capabilities this plugin offered. I was quite glad when I found out that it has been recently updated and it fully supports animations as well as other models properties. But when I imported a head I was quite surprised to see that the bones in this game are not really bones like Jedi Academy for example but objects that act like such. Thus, I couldn't attach them to the mesh to see how it deformed when trying to create an animation. So I tried creating a temporary bone rig in blender that you could use and attach each bone to each object so that when you move a bone the object also moves. This may seem like it's working on paper but I had so much trouble with transforms that I almost gave up. They are a real pain in the ass. First I tried animating the bones and the objects apparently move with them but in reality they are not changing their transforms. So I tried to copy and paste them from the bones and it seemed to work in the program but in game the face was a total mess. This was because the objects were taking the absolute transforms of the bones that were in a different position that the objects are. What appears to be working in the program has nothing to do with the game and viceversa. So I just parented them and even though the objects would jump to a weird location their transforms would remain untouched as you can see in a test animation I made here: So now how do I transfer the bone movements to the objects? I tried a thing in blender called Delta transforms. This are like offset transforms that only take into consideration the relative location and rotation of an object. This was very useful in a parent/child scenario like this because now I had the original objects location/rotation + the relative transforms of the bones. Unfortunately when I tried it in game it did nothing, probably because the plugin only reads the absolute transforms, the delta transforms are stored in a different field. So I couldn't use this approach. Can the KotorBlender plugin be updated to support delta transforms? It would be really useful and nobody would have to do what I'm about to say for it to work. I needed to somehow transfer those delta transforms to the absolute transforms so that the plugin could read them. There is a function in blender called "all transforms to deltas" that transfers all the absolute transforms to the delta fields and left the absolute ones to zero which is exactly the opposite of what I need. I need to transfer this absolute+relative transforms that I have in the delta fields to the absolute fields. Luckily I found a script that did exactly this but I had to this for every single keyframe which is extremely exhausting and time-consuming. If someone here knows how to code on python can you do a script that does this automatically? It wouldn't be that bad then. So after thousands headaches I finally got it to work in-game: You can also see that the model has those wrongly shaded faces around the jaw. Anybody knows how to fix that? I saw other people having the same issue but I'm not sure how to fix it. I decompiled and compiled the model with MDLOps 1.0.0 since MDLEdit was giving a lot of problems. The point of all these is that you can make a facial animation with a dummy mesh so you can see how it looks without having to load it every single time in game. But I don't know if this is a worth approach with all these problems, if you solve one of those two though then it really is at least for me. I just wanted to share this knowledge to people who may be interested in this or don't know the extension of this plugin. Now I just need to learn animated cameras for the machinima I'm trying to make, does anyone have any tips/tools/tutorials that I could use? Would be really appreciated. Sorry for the long post. And thanks for keeping this community alive!
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    Don't know if this is the right forum for this post, but does anyone have a copy of the Glow Rod Restoration mod that used to be hosted on Gamefront / Nexus mods? I know K1R restores it too but I've done a playthrough with that mod and I have...opinions about it, so I'm just getting mods that restore individual elements that I did like and I can't seem to find this mod anywhere anymore now that Nexus has set them all to Hidden.
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    I have a Glow Rod restoration mod but it was made by a guy named "Sir Stroud". PM me if you want it.
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    I know this is old, but I just searched google using my old gamefront name starforge1 looking for my reskin pack and found this link. Hope you enjoyed the Malak reskin my guy 😘
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    Would you consider making new types of already existing monsters, for example, maybe a "Rune Kath Hound" that uses the Albino Kath Hound model, but textured differently to give it a "Natural Force user" look, along with the ability to use Force powers in addition to its normal melee attacks? I think it would be a great way to add some variety to the planet from a gameplay standpoint. Also I figure this will be a no, but is there any chance you would consider adding a Krayt Dragon fight to the arena? I know you said you weren't going to add any new monsters to the planet, but technically the Krayt Dragon isn't new because the model already exists in the game. It would just be a matter (Yes, I realize animating 3D models is extremely time consuming.) of animating the model.
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    I think that you can talk with HK-47 about the HK-50 at anytime. I don't want be wrong but I think the sequence is (keep it in mind if you have modified something with KSE and keep in mind that the valours change according the sequences): 1- Reactivate HK-47 and talk him about the source of the HK-50. You'd already must have a device -I don't remember the exact name- that HK-47 can recognize and track but you need defeat three HK teams before he can do it (I think that is here when the quest is started/updated). 2- Defeat three HK-50 teams (quest updated). 3- Talk with HK-47 again (in some of that dialog options is when shows up the dialog saying you can't go there now). I'm not sure if the quest is updated here. Even if all be OK you will not know nothing else about the secret factory until ...you will be there. If after the second visit to Telos Academy you don't start automatically the Secret Factory with HK-47 as your PC the game, at least the secret factory, is broken. This kind of glitches are over my capacity. If is not due some other MOD that you can identify try with different combinations of the video options. Sorry for not be more helpfull about that.
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    So way back in 2005, there was a turn based tactics game by 2K Games called Shattered Union. It was set in alternate history version of the United States. I own this game and I've never played it to completion. I have this game for one reason and one reason only - the narration provided by Sara Kestelman. Wanna hear some more from the voice of Kreia? If so, enjoy the following... Do be a pal and like the video on YouTube too while you're at it.
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    Hmm, I wouldn't be surprised if TSLPatcher has that capability, but I doubt any mod has done that because there would be no way to know which save should be edited.
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    Any bugs with any mods I intend to implement will be corrected. Of course, I have no intention of using every single power in the Force Pack. (Plus, a planned "Force Re-balance" would have to be implemented first before integrating FP 2.0 features)
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    Yep, don't know why "fans" today want everything written out for them, instead of using their own imagination and filling in the blanks. I heard of the Dragonlance series but never read any of them. I think when I was in High School I had a copy of one don't remember. Yeah that's what I like about D&D even though if I don't know every single rule. I always wanted a movie or tv series based on the Old Republic not necessarily based on the games, but I wanted one done by George Lucas, and do not want Disney touching that era which according to news they are. Ah Morrowind one of my top all time favorite rpgs. How I really wanted to join Dagoth Ur, slay the Tribunal and kick out the Empire. I remember the first time my character contracted the disease. I went straight to Red Mountain cause Dagoth Gares told me so, and after having to cheat to get by the higher level enemies Dagoth Ur literally said "Nerevar, what are you doing here?" "You do not have the tools." That was when it was spoiled to me that the character was the Nerevarine. But yeah I agree in rpg's there should always be multiple paths to accomplish goals. That's why I love the KOTOR games. Two paths light or dark. But yeah if by the Dragon Break you mean when the Morrowind fans clashed with the old Daggerfall fans than yeah I remember. The same thing happen when Oblivion came out. In the MMO Darth Revan is split from what I understand. Physically he is darkside, spiritually he is lightside. And Meetra is keeping him alive by healing constantly healing him. Also I heard HK-47 is in the game he protects Revan. I played a little of the MMO but never made it that far. So I never saw any of that. But yeah I heard that the longtime fans of the Baldur's Gate games hated it when BioWare canonized their characters. See? Die hard rpg fans do not want this. I didn't care if they never said what happened to Revan or the Exile, if not make a direct sequel I'd rather use my imagination. My mod will be a KOTOR fan's vision of what may have happened. Oh yeah and in my story both Revan and the Exile don't immediately leave after the first two games end. They both have to take care of business first. After reading Tales of the Jedi for the first time a couple of months ago. I did some research and the original KOTOR was going to be based on the comics, but BioWare could not get permission to use characters like Exar, Ulic, or Nomi. That's why Revan is so much like Exar, and Bastila is somewhat like Nomi what with the Battle Meditation. And of course the Exile being cut off from the Force was taken from Ulic. In both K1 and K2 they mention Exar, Ulic, and Nomi by name. That Jedi master on Nar Shaddaa in K2 says the Jedi Council never took responsibility for Exar, Ulic, Revan, Malak, and the Exile. So I like how they all tie in. Man the SWTOR canon made Revan a dumbass. Like I said before in my mod both Revan and the Exile have to take care of stuff. Like for example rebuilding the Jedi Temple if you were a lighside Exile. Never seen the restored ending for K2. I love that game just as is all broken and incomplete. The restored content is a nice bonus and I do eventually someday what to play through it. But not anytime soon. Right now I am busy with the mod. After reading Tales of the Jedi I really liked Ulic's story, and how after he was cut off from the Force he exiled himself to an uninhabited planet, to reflect on his war crimes. I imagine the Exile could have followed a similar path. Or not he could have made independent porn lol. But I like your idea. That's why I prefer characters to be non canonized like in K2. Revan could be lightside or darkside, male or female. It was up to the player. That's how it should be.
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    I haven't a specific problem I am just curious why to use persuade that make it too easy to complete a quest when you can figure out and find a different smarter way. This is the point of side quest to search about solutions. So even if supposed that is the must skill for your exile character I feel that is not that important Thx for reply
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    Wow @Kexikus these are looking so nice, I can't wait til they're available !!!
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    Not sure what to tell you. That's all that's required, and the attached file should do that (though is incompatible with any other edits naturally). skills.2da
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    You'd only need the glass, since the other one is just a null object to allow dual wielding. But a stunt anim, even if used for a single node, would require static cameras for the entire scene. Any shots with dynamic cameras freak out if you use a stunt anim anywhere in the convo based on my prior experiments. And of course someone would actually have to make the stunt anim.
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    Sure, I like to see other people's builds. Something I forgot to ask, is the reason you pick Soldier because of their high health gain, or something else? The build I was thinking of was 15/10/16/8/12/14 at CC. Then 1 in STR at level 4 to make it 16, then the rest in WIS, so by level 20 it'd be 16/10/16/8/16/16 before any items.
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    I'd just go with the clone option. Although regarding the saber being ignited, you can use the SetLightsaberPowered function to override it. Just make sure you disable it straight afterwards or their saber/s will be stuck off permanently.
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    Hello! I just thought about informing the local denizens of Deadlystream about a great modification that has recently been released which upscales through ESRGAN a huge number of in-game textures. A new version, according to the author is in the works and will add 750 more, making the upscaling practically apply to each single texture used in the game. I have tested the results myself and it's impressive. Cheers!
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    No, you can't dynamically change the LYT. What you could do though is animate the skybox change, which would let you do it all in the same module.
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    At the moment, what I am seeing now looks somewhat decent. Perhaps the key issues are what I am not seeing, would love to see this played out in a Taris Cantina with the NPCs all performing this animation (But if you aren't going through with it you might as well not even bother).
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    Merry Christmas to you too, Salk
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    I read the Dark Empire comic after watching the first six canonical films, and thought it cheapened Anakin's sacrifice. So I did not like that comic at all.
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    I haven't tried it with K2- probably because I like the prestige classes and I find the extremes interesting. The game does push you one way or another. Kreia doesn't respect you for being middle of the road, lol. I did in K1. Was actually kind of meh. Scored Dark Side points with punks and thugs and other people who probably are jerks., Light Points for companion characters and the little guy characters. Light Side for Kashyyk and Dark Side for Korriban. Then, being horrified by the revelation, my character went full Light Side. Truly neutral responses and reactions don't get a lot of experience points. Both games are set up that way. It would be interesting to have more neutral play options.
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    The game needs per-module LIP files for lip sync. Since Selkath use one of the generic fake alien VOs, it should be easy enough to take existing LIP files from one of the Manaan modules and create a new XYZ_loc.mod in the lips folder that matches your module name. As to the animations, all the creature/monster anims will need to be renamed to their human version equivalents. Some of them should be easy, since they will probably just have CR in front of the same name, but the combat ones will likely be completely different. Since you want to do new anims, this might be a good opportunity for you, since, as you have probably noticed, Selkath lack most of the anims regular humanoids have, so they can't use anything but basic blaster pistol or unarmed attack anims. If you want to make 20 or 30 custom combat anims, then the Fighting Selkath idea could turn into a proper actual thing.
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    Ok so I just tried this and indeed it breaks most of their animations, only the default talking one works (the one where they scratch their lobe thingy). But it actually reads the TALK_FORCEFUL animation now, I did a quick test animation, called it tlkforce and selected it in the .dlg and it works. Still don't know how to fix the rest of them tho, or if it's actually fixable. Also, do you know why I can't get the mouth movements in a custom module? I specify the VO_ResRef in the .dlg file and the sound but it doesn't work. I even tried with the vanilla values but no luck. I remember I had this problem back when I first modded the game with humans but I got it to work with a "global" sound file which was not in any of the modules folders inside streamwaves, such as n_gmtwilek_coml2.wav. But I can't get it to work with the selkath for some reason, not even with their own sounds.
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    Ok so I took your advice guys and I tried making the animation following the TALK_FORCEFUL animation from S_Male02, which is kind of the angry talk animation. But before I did anything I wanted to test out if I could a new slot for the model so I called it tlkforce which is what the game uses to match the TALK_FORCEFUL animation. But for some reason the game doesn't recognize it, whenever I try playing it the model just uses the default talking animation. If I try to do the same with an existing animation (I remove it first and try to play it) the game tries for a second but switches to the idle animation (notice I say idle but before it was the default talking one, not the same). This tells me that the game knows there is this animation but it can't find it. Whereas the previous case the game just doesn't even search for it. It's like it's not hardcoded into the game to look for the INT_TALK_FORCEFUL constant in the selkath model. So there is no choice but to replace an existing one. After looking at all of them the least used one is the usecomp animation (I think it's only used when you are sentenced to death in the trial and the guy in the computer turns the ray cell on. But let's be honest, you have to be really bad or do it on purpose to get that ending so it's not a big deal). The problem is that it's a fireforget animation, not a looping one. Meaning that when it's done the model will return to the idle animation. The looping version of the animation it's not on the model unfortunately and I can't use it. Anyway, here's the animation: And here's how it looks in Blender: For some reason I can't get the mouth movements in my test, but I tried it with vanilla NPCs and it works perfectly. The only downside to this is that all entries in the .dlg files you posted would have to be updated with USE_COMPUTER_NOLOOP instead of TALK_FORCEFUL in the animation field, in case you are still interested. What do you think?
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    Small bump, curious to know if there’s been any new progress over the last few months
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    Hey everyone! I have exciting news! A Crashed Republic Cruiser On A Nameless World is now open for beta testing! If you're interested, please send me a PM! In addition, I'm also looking for 1-2 voice actors (psst @Zhaboka ) as well as someone who's strong in dialogue writing/editing to peruse my dialogues and help clean them up and make them sound better.
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    Here you go: https://www.darthparametric.com/files/kotor/k1/[K1]_Player_Head_TSL_PMHC06_For_K1.7z I completely forgot until making this post that @ndix UR had already fixed this model previously for TSL, so I ended up reinventing the wheel a bit there (I didn't look at the hair mesh verts though, so I might need to go back and check those). I also hex edited the TPCs, adding the blending punchthrough TXI semantic, which seems to be necessary in K1 to get a clean hair alpha. The vanilla version of the textures was inducing a lot of haloing.
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    I've been quite busy with all of my AP classes, I apologize for the delay. Finally got this working. I'll probably tweak it a bit. Made a little error here. I thought it was funny.
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    That would be the weaponsize. I don't know if there's a way to do what you want, though, because 2 and 3 are used to distinguish balanced/not balanced single-bladed weapons, but all double-bladed weapons are set to 4.
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    Thank you for TSLRCM 1.8.5! It must have been over 12 years ago when I bought the game. I never really played it because I heard about the unfinished ending. Then I was reading about a mod that was supposed to restore cut content (I believe it was a predecessor of this mod) and I chose to wait. Mainly I play games to experience good stories so starting sth. that I knew was unfinished was not sth. I liked to do. In December 2019 I finally started playing the game with your mod (and many more) installed. I have to say it was a very complete and satisfying experience. Sure, here and there it is still noticeable that content got cut, however it didn't bother me. The best part: it was impossible to tell apart the restored content from the original game. I thank you for all of your hard work and making this experience possible 🙂
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    They trashed TLJ pretty hard, not to mention how much shit they gave Rouge One. Their take is that both those movies, despite being bad, are still better than the prequels because at least they're competently made. And I totally agree with that.