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    As a developer for the mod, I'd say things are going pretty good! I have to finish one more module and after that we just need to stich some already completed areas together, add conditionals along the way, write the end scene for Episode 1 Corellia (the scene is done but the dialogue itself is placeholder right now) and then it'd be in a proper Beta state.
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    Hi everyone, I'm still alive as this project. I just encountered some personal difficulties. Now I'm moving on. I did look out for a way to manipulate the cutscene to incorporate the models in it. I also lost myself along the way. So I've put this aside for the moment. It will not a big glorious update. But still... The modded OG The new HD mostly done. But I found out I need to touch up some parts. With the not done arm version. I'm working on adding dirt and scratches on the metal. Making an HD custom textures for the arm with an option of gore and no gore. It is in the plans. But I don't know when I will add them. Will the icons be animated? I have no idea if it's in the possibilities.
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    Textures and icons for grenades and mines.
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    First things first: Work still continues. I pulled a 12 hour day today to getting the sublevel ready for beta. We are very close. But not there yet. The big item standing in the way of a beta release is setting up the installer. I will be using HoloPatcher for this project, so I am going to take the time to get the installer set up and then confirm I got everything where it needed to be. Beyond that, the Droid bay questline has not been finished yet. Here is what is ready for a beta look: -Jedi Shadow bounty quest for Sith and Jedi artifacts is fully functional. -Manaan Kolto purchasing quest is playable outside of journal entries firing. (Jounral entries for all quests are not working right now because I have not dived into it yet. -Republic Operations Center is fleshed out with dialog with Dodonna and soldiers. No AI voicework yet for her pending beta feedback. -Wookie dialog is complete, referring the player to speak to Bolook in the Holding Cells. This will trigger murder investigation first. I have not scripted conditionals that account for this quest already having been completed on the plains. -Kavar dialog is complete outside of 2 lines that need rework due to changes being made. -Opening dialog with the caretaker of the Academy, who serves to provide an overview of what the sublevel offers, is set up with relevant camera work. -Vash dialog is complete. Here's a snippet of Dodonna dialog and Quall's quest: All that to say, work continues. I'm not going to give a timeline on beta release. I've learned my lesson on that. But I am working on it, and want this complete and a presentable and worthy addition to the modding landscape as soon as that can be done.
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    A (hopefully) simple request: Could someone make an AI upscale of the textures used in the Brotherhood of Shadow mod? With this, hopefully if alphas are present t, they'll be resized and included as well. Thanks for your consideration.
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    It's possible that battle precognition is hard-coded into the game's executable as some elements of the game are. The above shows roughly what you would need to grant a force power at level 1, basically set up a script to grant your character that spell. Though I haven't tested it, this should hopefully point you in the right direction. Thor110
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    Several months later, I’m pleased to report that I’ve finally found a work-around to fix the render issue with the Star Map seen through the diving suit faceplate. It’s a little outside the box: I replaced Manaan’s Star Map placeable with a stationary NPC (essentially a turret) which looks exactly like the Star Map. I was inspired by this thread, which mentioned making placeables into NPCs as a way to get around the appearance.2da row limit bug. That plus changing the faceplate TXI to "blending additive" (suggested by DarthParametric back when I originally released this) finally made the Star Map render correctly through the helmet: I have updated the mod to include this fix along with a few other minor tweaks. I have also switched over to HoloPatcher for the installer—thanks a ton to th3w1zard1 and Cortisol, who spent a lot of time upgrading HoloPatcher’s script compiling ability to handle the scripts in my mod.
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    View File KotOR2 Combat Rebalance This mod mainly rebalances grenades and some force powers to make the game be more than just a spam fest of force speed and force lightning. 1.0.4 Changes: - Master Heal now benefits from skill points invested into Treat Injury. 1.0.3 Changes: - Description fix for grenades and rockets. 1.0.2 Changes: - Removed the blurry air wave effect of Force Wave. - Minor changes to autobalance.2da. - Saving throws are reworked, every class gains 1 of each saving throw type every time they level up. - Most grenades and rockets now benefit from Demolitions skill. - Poison grenades and poison rockets scale with user level. - Darts now also scale with user level. 1.0.1 Changes: - Death Field now actually does what the description sais, only heals the user for the equivalent of the most damage dealt to any single enemy. - Master Heal is nerfed, heals a bit less. 1.0.0 Changes: - Force Channel Form description fix. - Added Force Power Area of Effect: +50% to Force Affinity Form. - Force Affliction fix. - Force Plague fix. - Force Aura buffed to +4 defense and s.t. bonus from +2. - Force Shield buffed to +6 defense and s.t. bonus from +4. - Force Armor buffed to +8 defense and s.t. bonus from +6. - Force Aura, Force Shield and Force Armor now works with Force Chain even if it is applied through Force Enlightenment. - No more blur effect when using Force Speed (all 3 levels). - Burst of Speed buffed from +2 defense bonus to +2 defense bonus and +2 attack roll bonus. - Knight Speed changed from +4 defense bonus and +1 extra round of attack to +4 defense bonus and +4 attack roll bonus. - Master Speed changed from +4 defense bonus and +2 extra round of attack to +6 defense bonus and +6 attack roll bonus. - Fury/Wookiee Rage now also gives +2 attack rolls. - Improved Fury/Wookiee Fury now adds +4 attack rolls instead of +1 extra round of attack. - Master Fury/Wookiee Frenzy now adds +6 attack rolls instead of +2 extra round of attack. - No more blur effect when using Fury/Wookiee Rage (all 3 levels). - Fixed the ’Bad StrRef’ text bug when activating Wookiee Rage, Wookiee Fury and Wookiee Frenzy while i was at it. - Destroy Droid now does 50% less damage. - Kill now does about 33% of enemy hit points in damage instead of 50%. - Shock, Force Lightning and Force Storm now does 50% less damage. - Drain Life and Death Field are now 50% less effective. - Removed the level 10 cap from Drain Life and Death Field. - Force Crush now does 50% less damage. - Force Crush plays no animation if the target’s saving throw is successful. - Force Suppression and Force Breach now removes all listed force powers. Submitter GearHead Submitted 01/26/2024 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible Yes  
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    Min icons Models that are actually used in the game.
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    View File Restored Rage Feat Restored Rage Feat By djh269 Date: 22.02.2024 Description: I was looking through k_inc_force.nss and I notice some leftover Force Powers / Feats and decided to restore Zaalbars Rage Feat. Compatibility: Compatible with any mods, if there's any issues please don't hesitate to contact me. Credits: KOTOR Tool – Fred Tetra TSLPatcher – stoffe & Fair Strides Submitter djh269 Submitted 02/22/2024 Category Mods K1R Compatible Yes  
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    Nice idea. Was it necessary to activate the Feat by the use of an item though? Personally, I'd rather swap the original Wookie Toughness with this one rather than have Zaalbar be the only party NPC that has two because that seems a bit unfair. But neat restoration, nonetheless! 👌
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    Good afternoon. I will post my current work here.
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    From what I've read the GOG version has been known to crash in areas or not start at times. Not sure if that's common. Now I'm wondering if using LegacyPC on Steam and just manually installing the mods is the way to go. This helps a lot. Thanks!
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    Hello! I decided to try my hand on making a custom version of this. I added a couple of static cameras with a filter to try to improve the cinematics. The result can be seen here.
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    As I might've said at an earlier point, I wouldn't get yourself fussed over a release date. Me or Logan can give a date and more likely than not that date will come and pass with no release, this isn't on us... this is an unfortunate fate that happens to many in-development mods, this is why most modder's don't "announce" a release date as 9 times out of 10 they can't deliver on that promise. When ROR Episode 1 is released, it will be similar to the old Demo but it will be a FAR improvement. The plan is to finish Episode 1 and release it to the public out of the blue, that way we can't disappoint anyone if we promise a date and we can't release it on said date.
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    Why is the YouTube resolution locked in 420p? Carth's looking like he's made of static when he first starts his lines. Also, could you provide a version with and without the red filter? I'm really liking the "blinking" effect you've made. Also, you may want to consider integrating JC's Vision Enhancement for K1 alongside this. Apparently, the Taris opening vision scene uses the Ebon Hawk's bed whereas this mod by JC uses the Taris Apartment bed instead.
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    @LORD SPARTAN: Will you be redoing the icons for the datapads to accompany the new models?
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    Ok, I re-installed, didn't work at first, but then I realized I had forgotten to put in the upscaled movie cutscenes and when I put in both it worked, so... Yay, I guess it worked.
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    I see. I'm running the Aspyr Steam version on Windows 10, just for reference. But alright, I'll go ahead and try and do the full re-install. This was another potential solution somebody mentioned on the internet. Obviously, didn't work. Thanks for trying anyhow
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    If you extracted the files, just create a new MOD from scratch and then drag and drop the files into it, then save.
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    As the First Grand Statue of Mandalore statue decoration was only available to those that acquired Cantina Crates - and with a very low drop rate - I suggest adding this decoration to a vendor on the fleet. This could be the Galactic Seasons vendor or one of the vendors that occupy the top section of the fleets. As it seems unlikely that Cantina events will return, why not give the newer folks a chance to get this decoration? What I'm hoping for is folks to possibly boost the signal - either by replying to the thread on the SWTOR forums or posting it elsewhere. (Yes, I already have a thread on the SWTOR Reddit.) And if you were wondering what the decoration looks like, here are a few shots: Feel free to think of this as a belated birthday gift or an early Christmas gift! LOL
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    I've been doing testing and found it is the mod High Quality Cockpit Skyboxes, I was using the XL textures and it must have been too much? (It works with L size textures for future reference) Thanks for all the help
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    Lip files should be universal, since all they are is a list of mouth shapes. The individual models have the appropriate animations to suit their particular brand of lip flapping.
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    Hello ! Thank you for your feedback, I will take a look at the videos, it looks very interesting. However, I am not sure that the videos will help me on my problem, this is why I was asking for a tutorial. Anyway, yesterday, I had an idea that might also help you on the potential need of a tutorial. I thought that, in order to solve my problem, I should tell you what I did from importing the first model to exporting it to the game. But as it would have been very long to post it as a simple message, I basically wrote it in a word document (.doc) and I was planning to attached it to my next mesage. And while I was writting it, I told myself "hey, once I know where my mistake is, I will be able to correct this document, and it could maybe be used as a tutorial for beginners". So I wrote it in a way that it looks like a tutorial with instructions, and most important, pictures everywhere. The document is now almost done (around 30 pages), it goes through importing the .mdl model to blender (in the example it is the head of Trask), replace the model by the one you want (Vertex Groups, etc), adding texture (simple tutorial, nothing compare to a dedicated tutorial on Blender), exporting it and see the result in the game. However, as I said, for now I have a problem with the result 😅 because it looks like this : So I think I am not far from getting something good, therefore I am guessing that what I put in the document is not totally wrong. So once corrected it could be good enough to start. And with your comments it could actually become a real tutorial with all the details of the amazing work you did. What do you think ? Would it be ok for you to take a look at my document (I will send it today) and if you like it, you can use it as a baseline for your tutorial (this is up to you, I am not trying to take credit of your work by doing this document. I just think that it could help you to aving having to spend time on this) EDIT: And to answer to you about: "I'm sceptical though if it will actually bring more people to use KotorBlender.", I am talking about myself but I am probably not the only one, I never understood nor liked 3DS MAX, and I always prefered Blender. However, in the past, 3DS MAX was the only software with good tutorial on how to create mods on KOTOR, even when the first plugin for Blender was created. Therefore, even if I prefered Blender, I had to stick to 3DS MAX as it was the only software with plugin I learnt how to you. So yes, a tutorial will always attract more people, even more if they have to chose between one with a tutorial and one without.
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    Hi everyone, I was caught with family matters and my friends are making LAN party. So, I will take a break starting right now, until the new year. I will be back and in top shape, January the second. Furthermore, I understand I'm taking forever doing this mod. But, I'm working to my pace, and I'm learning from this process. Each game has its ways when it comes to modding them. And as I read in this community forums. Lots of new tools and options are now available. New awesome tricks I will have to learn. I will try to get my hands on another 3DS MAX license. My competence with this software are more for architecture. But I'm sure I can do something for KotOR, beside editing the default model and UV Mapping. It may take me a bit longer, like the rest of the things I'm learning here. But rest assured, I will not leave this project until I'm done with it. And I will post it as soon as it feels ready enough for it. Thanks, I'll will try this one next time. Indeed, it's a terrible feeling to see your PC BSOD when trying to access a drive. It was one of my M.2 SSD, and it was directly where 1080 Ti SC2 side vent. Getting blown hot air and dust. So it got too hot when doing stuff with many big softwares. I suspect it was not build to endure that kind of abuses. For the first phase... No, it's absolutely not essential to be able to read on a broken or working datapad. But it would be cool if we could. And we all have the right to dream about cool mods for our favorite game. I'm also not there at all for the moment. I did and here's the results I'm willing. I don't know if I will be able to get there. But it's in my mind. For example, the Twisted Rancor Trio quest has an empty desk near the holograms. It could be placed on the corner of this desk. If I can learn how to do custom placeable in a map like this kind of idea. This looks awesome. I didn't know it was possible. I don't know if I will become as good as this. But I will try my best to come up with something. I'll keep an eye for this.
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    View File WOTOR Plus Patches Weapons of the Old Republic By T7nowhere,svösh,Mono_Giganto Released December, 20/ 2006 About WotOR: Section I: Installation Instructions Section II: UnInstallation Instructions Section III: Possible Mod conflicts Section IV: Credits Section V: Special thanks Section VI: Terms of use About WotOR: *This mod is intended to be played with a new game, playing it with a current save game may make you miss several cool weapons* The main focus of this mod was to give as many of the interesting NPC's their own unique weapons. This mod adds 22 new models for your eye candy pleasure. All of the weapons are integrated into the game as seamlessly as possible. Many of the models are just straight replacements for the characters original weapons some are completely new. It's your job to find out which are which ;). I tried to keep the weapons balanced, some may even be a little under powered, but since I don't know which path you take through the game I kept them as close to the weapons that are found in the area. Only a few of the weapons have new stats most are the same was the originals. Section I: Installation Instructions To install this mod simply begin the installation and navigate to your SWKotOR root folder and hit the “ok” button. The Patcher is set to automatically back up any files that it modifies in your override. Pay close attention to the install log for warnings and errors. It is very likely that this mod will include the same files that may have been used by other modders. To install the Patches unzip the 2 files labeled “Upgrades”, and copy/paste to overwrite the files already located in the Override folder. Section II: UnInstallation Instructions To uninstall this mod you will need to delete all the files that belong to WotOR from the Override directory. the easiest way to find all of this mods files is to Copy them from the extracted archive and and paste them into override and overwrite all files, this will select all of the files used by WotOR and allow you to right click one of the highlighted files and choose delete(to delete all the files selected). Then find the Backup folder the the patcher created and restore the backups of the files that you originally had in Override before installing WotOR. Section III: Possible Mod conflicts The most likely conflicts you will find if any, will be with the .utc(character files). If you do have multiple mods that modify the same utc you will need to combine the files. (I will add the editing of UTC files to the patcher at a later date) Section IV: Credits svösh: Darth Bandon's saber Mono_Giganto: The One's Vibrosword T7nowhere: Malak's saber Ajunta Pall's Blade Bastila's Double-lightsaber Calo Nord's Heavy Blasters Canderous' Ordo's repeating blaster Carth's Blaster pistol Chuundar's Bowcaster HK-47's Repeating Blaster Rifle Jolee's Lightsaber Juhani/Quatra's Lightsaber Mission's Vibrosword Saul Karath's hold out blaster Sherruk's Heavy Repeating Blaster Sherruk's trophy Jedi knight's lightsaber Sherruk's trophy Jedi Double-Bladed Lightsaber Yuthura's Jedi Lightsaber Yuthura's Sith Lightsaber Bacca's Ceremonial Blade Zaalbar's Bowcaster Section V: Special thanks Special Gratitude goes out to Shem for play testing, proof reading and debugging. I couldn't have released this mod without his help. A very Special Thanks goes out to cchargin who made it Possible for us to make new models for use in KotOR/TSL, tk102 for his very useful utilities for which we all could not mod KotOR and TSL with out, Fred Tetra for his continued support of KotoR tool(aka. KT) another tool us modders could not live without and stoffe -mkb- for the fantastic TSL patcher which has made installing mods much simpler. for those that don't have to set up the installer) Additional thanks goes out to all the people that have been so patiently waiting for me to release this mod and for remembering that I started it Section VI: Terms of use This mod may not be re-upload to any other website unless explicit permission to do so is given by the WotOR mod Team. You may alter the contents of this mod in anyway you see fit for your personal use only. You are not allowed to use any of this mods resources in other released mods without express written consent of the WotOR modding team. Acknowledgement: Special Thanks to Sith Holocron for the new WoTOR Logo! Submitter Deadly Stream Submitted 02/26/2023 Category Mods K1R Compatible No  
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    After looking around on the forums, I realized that editing the GUI of KotOR (and possibly TSL) is quite painful and most people use K-GFF (very great tool, but not visual). I then found xoreos-tools (part of xoreos - a very cool open source project). So this weekend, I started up making my own version of a tool which should help a lot with the process of laying out things nicely. The project is not fully complete, but it is ready for some beta testing! A few features so far - Visual display of all images (I think) + bounding boxes - Supports drag + drop / resize - Nested view for only what you care about (cleaner than K-GFF) - Cross-platform - works on linux / windows / mac (with caveats) - Light / Dark Mode for all of you who look at too many bright things (like I do) Getting Started Guide: https://github.com/amcolash/kotor-gui-editor/blob/master/README.md Release Page: https://github.com/amcolash/kotor-gui-editor/releases Source Code: https://github.com/amcolash/kotor-gui-editor Changelog 0.0.4 (9/17/2020): First Public Release
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    Q. No HK-Torture scene/Missing restored EH-scenes/Get stuck in Ebon Hawk on my way to Malachor. A. Delete k_003ebo_enter.ncs from your override. "[TSL] Fixed Proficiency/Focus Feat Icons 1.0 http://deadlystream....cus-feat-icons/ PMHA03 Head Restoration 1.0 http://deadlystream....ad-restoration/ Trailer Force Crush Sound 1.0 http://deadlystream....ce-crush-sound/" Don't need those, TLSRCM 1.8.3 fixes that itself.
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    Strange, did you install TSLRCM first? followed by the upgradeable swoop bike mod? If not, it could be best to try that.
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    I just updated the links in my Signature. As well as reinstalled and installed TSLRCM to test if it requires TSLRCM and it does. Though that isn't noted anywhere, I guess it has just become one of those things people know or don't know.
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    That's strange, unfortunately the only other suggestion I can offer is to use my own mod the Expanded Galaxy Project which includes this mod. Many thanks to bead-v Though my mod is a large and currently unfinished project so it might have just as many or more problems present in it. I actually just reinstalled a fresh copy of the game and installed this mod myself to test it and you are correct that the doors do not seem to be interactable, I warped there straight from Peragus and couldn't access the area via those doors. Which is very strange as from what I remember it worked fine when I first tried it.
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    Yes, that is the location he is supposed to spawn at, I can verify it works for me so perhaps you did something wrong.
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    It's an area of the map that doesn't even appear on the minimap and isn't usually in the game, exit the workshop at the back and turn right.
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    It has to be a fresh save where you haven't visited Nar Shaddaa, though generally with mods it's best to start a fresh game altogether unless you are familiar with the way the game works and the mods in question. You also have to cheat the items into the game currently as per the mod description.
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    Nar Shaddaa, in the corner area, by the back entrance to the workshop that you land by. ( bottom left corner of the map )