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    This is New Mandalorian Banner Fix, made by Akven version 3 It replaces Star Forge logo on the Mandalorian banners with Mandalorian logos It is created totally from blank page, not using any of the previous fix materials Feel free to use it or include in any mod or patch - I grant all the permissions to use and change this mod as you prefer Update: There are three versions of the fix - the logo replaced with Mandalorian logo, with Neo Crusaders logo or with Clan Ordo logo Neo Crusaders logo makes the most sence, other two logos made just for variety. Installation: Copy all files from one of the folders with logos (chose one) to Override folder in KoToR2 installation. Source photoshop *.PSD included P.S. Sorry for my english, russian user
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    Version 1.0


    so here is the HD visas part of my ongoing texture project series, I desired to maintain the vanilla "look", but with much higher quality textures, I feel I have sufficiently achieved this, (i took a little liberty on the dark side transitions, but they are definitely not "movie style") the usual disclaimers apply, and of course you don't need my permission to reuse this, as long as it's not for profit.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This small modification allows Visas Marr to wear the Jedi's robes, that is, the Jedi's robes will now be fully displayed on it. I really did not like that the original Jedi robes (for example, Jedi robes and Jedi Knight robes) do not show up on Visas. It also made the original Visas clothes unhealthy. Now, this model can be seen only if you wear ordinary clothes. I strongly recommend using it with TSL Improved Party Outfits - this will also give the original robe Visas more uniqueness.
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    Version 4.2


    I've never liked the KotOR Mandalorians. I wished them to look like Jango and Boba Fett. I mean, I wished them to have Fett-style armors and helmets. So, I've tried to make such mod. It is not perfect, but I hope you'll like it. It will change the appearance of all Mandalorians in the game, including Mandalore (he transformed into Jango). Features: - Changed appearance of ALL Mandalorians in game. Now they use completely new armors and helmets, which are made in style of Jango and Boba Fett. - Mandalore transformed into Jango Fett. Available two versions of his armor - with jetpack and without it. You may use any, because now you can unequip his armor (and see Canderous). - Bralor transformed into Boba Fett. I've also made him more dangerous opponent in the Battle Circle (since you may use anything when you fight him he was too easy to beat. And they call him a champion?!) - Kelborn now have unique armor. - New Mandalorian armors for your PC and party members. At this point, they are available for male characters only. - Mandalore comes equipped with 2 Westar Blaster pistols and special Mandalorian flamethrower. For those of you who like Boba I also provided EE-3 Blaster rifle. All this items are quite powerfull, but IMO that will not break game's balance ('cause ranged weapons are NOT effective in TSL). Credits: - NeoMarz1 - for creating awesome Mandalorian model for Jedi Academy. I've used this model in this version of MOD. - Don Kain - I've used some texture parts (symbol on Kelborn's armor) from his JA mandalorian skinpack. - Creator of original textures for Westar blaster pistol (sorry, I don't know your name) - Orsan - I used&altered 2 textures he made for KotOR1 (Boba and Jango armors on the upgrade screen). - Lit Ridl - for allowing me to modify his flamethrower script. Permissions: Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES ANY OF MY MODS TO BE UPLOADED TO STEAM WORKSHOP. Anything else - be my guest, use like you want, just give credit to me.
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    Version 1.0.0


    I present to you one of the few Android-only compatible mods for Kotor 1. You may be thinking one of two things after that statement; what makes this mod only compatible with the Android port or the fact that an improved galaxy map made by Kexikus already exists which places the planets in their Star Wars canon locations. Well as it turns out that mod is incompatible with the Android port because Aspyr used a scaled down version of the "galaxymap.gui" which results in that mod not working properly in the port. Also, the settings on that mod's TSL Patcher have to be changed even if the Aspyr galaxy map is used in that mod's installation. Bottom line; that mod would have to be reworked to function properly with Android Kotor. Now that I've covered my bases to avoid any claims of mod theft, I'll proceed to explain the mod. First, I don't care much for "canon" placement of the planets. I could have placed them canonically, but I didn't like how most were bunched together on only one side of the map and in a version of the game where most use touch controls it's better to have them neatly separated throught the galaxy map as to avoid touching the wrong one. This mod comes as is and I will most likely not upload a TSL Patcher version. The reason being that many Kotor Android players have no access to a computer and it makes it difficult for them to access some mods. Warning: This mod as stated above is meant to be used with the Android port of Kotor 1. Using it on the PC version may result in damage that I cannot be held responsible for. Credits: TSL Patcher by Stoffe
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    Version 1.0.0


    AUTHOR: Sith Holocron ORIGINAL RELEASE: 23 AUG 2019 GAMES: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1. [This mod will not work in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2. See Description for more details.] Description: So . . . have you felt that the non-descript voice actor for Knights of the Old Republic 1 male player character didn’t sound enough like Revan in SWTOR? Here’s a new player character sound set that UnusualCharacters recorded for us in style of Revan from the SWTOR. The lines as written are exactly the same as the original written for the most part. When noted below, the original line was missing in the game so I asked UnusualCharacters to improvise. Lock Picking: Player is making the attempt unlock the lock box or door p_plyermw_block1 Got it. p_plyermw_block2 No problem. p_plyermw_block3 Right. Critical hit achieved. p_plyermw_crit1 Ha! He’ll feel that for sure! p_plyermw_crit2 That hurt I bet. p_plyermw_crit3 You won’t be getting up from that any time soon! Mines: Disarming. p_plyermw_dmin1 That one’s a dud. p_plyermw_dmin2 OK, it’s disabled. p_plyermw_dmin3 Mine disabled. Lock Picking: Player fails the attempt unlock the lock box or door p_plyermw_flock1 Damn! p_plyermw_flock2 Didn’t work. p_plyermw_flock3 Damn it! Mines: Arming a Mine. p_plyermw_lmin1 One surprise trip coming up. p_plyermw_lmin2 Whoever stands on this will get a nasty shock. p_plyermw_lmin3 Mine placed. Player has low health and needs medical attention. p_plyermw_low1 [groan] I’m in a lot of pain right now. p_plyermw_low2 I should get help for my wounds. p_plyermw_low3 I’m hurt badly. Player has just received medical attention. p_plyermw_med1 [sound of relief] This should patch things up. p_plyermw_med2 This should help. p_plyermw_med3 That’s better. [new improvised line] Player has been poisoned. p_plyermw_pois1 [groan] I think something got me sick. p_plyermw_pois2 [groan] I think I’ve been poisoned. p_plyermw_pois3 [groan] I think something is in my system. The party is regrouping. p_plyermw_rprty1 Everyone’s back again! p_plyermw_rprty2 OK, let’s get going again. p_plyermw_rprty3 We can get back together now. Player character has been selected via the menu. p_plyermw_slct1 Yeah? p_plyermw_slct2 Yes? p_plyermw_slct3 What? p_plyermw_slct4 Hmm? p_plyermw_slct5 Sure. p_plyermw_slct6 All right. [new improvised line] p_plyermw_slct7 What? p_plyermw_slct8 Right. Lock Picking: Success. p_plyermw_slock1 Opened. p_plyermw_slock2 Got it. p_plyermw_slock3 Done. Main Character is going into solo mode. p_plyermw_sprty1 I need to go alone for a bit. p_plyermw_sprty2 We’ll just separate for a bit. p_plyermw_sprty3 Let me go on alone for a bit. Player is looking out for something. p_plyermw_srch1 I won’t miss a thing. p_plyermw_srch2 If there’s something there, I’ll find it. p_plyermw_srch3 Nothing will get by me. Stealth mode activated. p_plyermw_stlh1 Not even a whisper. p_plyermw_stlh2 I’ll avoid what I can. p_plyermw_stlh3 Silent and deadly. The weapon used by player character is either broken or inefficient in current attack. p_plyermw_tia1 It’s not doing anything. p_plyermw_tia2 My weapon isn’t doing anything. p_plyermw_tia3 I need a better weapon. This mod is only for Knights of the Old Republic 1. Knights of the Old Republic 2 - although it has the voice files for the male and female PC - that game doesn't have them activated, rendering the Exile mute. If you wish you attempt to perform a work around, that is your own responsibility and not my own. Feel free to make your suggestions on workarounds below if you find a suitable one. Installation: You'll not be dropping these into your Override like my usual mods. This time you have new steps to follow. 1) Move the original KotOR1 files that share the file names in this mod to a place you can find them. (I recommend you place a new folder on your desktop to make your life easier.) Those files you're looking for will be located in the "Streamsounds" folder. 2) Extract the files from the 7z folder. Grab the new files from that extracted folder and put them in Streamsounds folder. Note: If you're using the mod on Steam, this quote may prove helpful. “I threw the files in Streamsound. I managed to fix it by verifying game files through steam and reinstalling the mod though!” Uninstall: Remove my files from the Streamsounds folder. Put the original files that you saved elsewhere back in the Streamsounds folder. Special Thanks: This mod would not have happened if not for @UnusualCharactersgenerosity of performing the voice overs, Thanks, UC! Legal Disclaimer: ------------------------- All materials and copyrights belong to LucasArts, Bioware and Obsidian Entertainment Inc. I own none of the materials, and I'm not making any money out of this mod. It is to be distributed as-is without alteration, unless notified in writing of permission granted by me. This mod is not to be distributed for profit, either. I hereby state that I specifically do NOT wish this mod to be uploaded to Steam Workshop. I may release this on NexusMods at a later date but I don't wish others to do so. Usage in other mods must be requested and approved by me in writing before your use.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Train the Disciple By jc2 Atton can be trained to use the force forms and lightsaber techniques that the PC learns on his/her journey, however, the Disciple cannot. At a loss for why this would not be, jc2 has undertaken an effort to rebalance this issue. Keeping in mind the sister mod, Train the Handmaiden, which set out in 2017, nearly 2 years prior to address the same issue for the Handmaiden, jc2 has come full circle. Therefore, it is the entire effort of this mod to allow the PC to train the Disciple in all 7 of the lightsaber forms, four force forms, and three force techniques. Lightsaber techniques: Ataru Form -Juyo Form - Shii Cho Form - Soresu Form - Makashi Form - Niman Form - Shien Form Force forms: Force Potency Form- Force Mastery Form -Force Focus Form - Force Affinity Force techniques: Breath Control - Beast Trick -- Force Sight The PC must have learned these techniques in order to train the Disciple on them. Incompatibilities: None so far. Compatible with Party Swap & any mod that edits disciple.dlg, because Train the Disciple does not edit disciple.dlg in any way. Files used: jc2_coms.uti, deadmerc_cont.utp (Dantooine corpses within Enclave next to Statue), jc2_disciple.dlg, spells.2da & globalcat.2da (correctly patched with tslpatcher). Installation: Run Tslpatcher See Readme for further details and information, before installing. Credits: Sith Holocron for VO splicing Deadlystream for hosting & Tyvokka for hosting deadlystream! ZYBL2 for quick explanation of lips files stoffe for the tslpatcher Jesus the Christ Feedback is always appreciated, regardless of its nature. I hope you enjoy!
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    Version 1.0.0


    This mod brings detail to the next level! Add a more 3-D feel with aging and realistic skin! So like all my mods, I add some age to the character - wrinkles around the eyes, nose, forehead, laugh lines. I increased the sharpness in game and this make a huge difference. The hair looks a lot better than VANILLA... she differently looks older! (But not as old as that witch!) The reason for this is she was a Jedi so probably 20 years old if not older then roughly 10 years traveling around space puts this one at 30 or older. (I think older.) Oh yeah, let me say that this re texture and the modifications I made are a big step up from my two re-textures! If you're going to download a skin, please down this! I worked my butt off and I learned a lot of new things along the way. This is truly a PASSION project. THIS IS A MANUAL INSTALL. I also added a dark side transition but they are not as detailed as the base face if this gets downloaded enough, I'll add the aging to the dark side. Thank you for all the support and the downloads. I really hope you enjoy this skin. I'm personally doing a brand new play through.
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    Includes four Mira head textures. “Eyes only” is exactly what it says: All it does is replace Mira’s eyes with a texture with more depth and highlights. “makeup 1” slightly touches up Mira’s vanilla makeup to make it more vibrant. “makeup 2” adds more pink tones to Mira’s makeup. My personal favorite- her eyes really pop. “makeup 3” adds more green tones to Mira’s makeup. Suggestions for future reskins? Feel free to PM them to me here or to contact me on tumblr.
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    Version 1.0


    Reskin of Mira Date:6/9/2012 Author:Tristan Goucher Contact:PM me at www.deadlystream.com. I'm Fair Strides. PM me at www.lucasforums.com. I'm Fair Strides 2. Introduction: This is just a simple reskin of Mira. It changes her jacket completely, and makes the rest of her clothes more vibrant. Now she actually "stands out, rather than melting into the background." to paraphrase a friend.0 Installation: Just drop the PMiraATGA and P MiraAD01.TGA into the override folder. Bugs: None, it's a re-skin! Permissions: Feel free to modify these files any way you see fit, only I ask for two things:1.)You must give me credit if you use these files in your mod, and 2.)PM me before you post it, to let me know you will be releasing a mod with my files in it. Thank you! Credits: Malkior at deadlystream, also known as Kriffiing Brilliant at lucasforums, for critiquing the mod, and me paraphrasing him.
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    Version v1.2


    READ THIS OR ELSE|V||V| You must have TSLRCM 1.8.4 installed BEFORE this mod! You also should use a save from before you go to Nar Shaddaa. READ THIS OR ELSE|ヘ||ヘ| ======================================================== A KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC II: (THE SITH LORDS) MODIFICATION ======================================================== G0-T0 Overhaul V1.2 Author: Darth Sapiens (dr.nordgren@ymail.com) Name: G0T0 Overhaul 1. Description: ---------- This mod does what it says - overhauls G0-T0 to be more interesting, adding melee capabilities and a brand new model. This mod also includes a few new items, creatable at the workbench (with a high enough repair skill) and also they come with g0-t0. Hopefully this mod is balanced (it's my first mod, so I'm still learning the ropes). 2. Install: ----------/ (It is highly recommended that you update your game to version 2.10 (the 1.0b update) before installing this mod.) Run "Install G0T0 Overhaul.exe". Note: a new folder named "backup" will be created during the installation within the folder the installer was run from. If you plan on uninstalling this mod, this folder and the files therein must not be deleted as they are used during the uninstall process. Note from Fair Strides: Not all of the options need to be done. All of them have descriptions to help you choose. For a quick bit of info, "required" ones are options 1, 2, 8, and 9. You will also need Option 4 OR Option 6, depending on whether you have the NPC Overhaul mod by Kainzorus Prime installed, so please read those descriptions and pick the right option! Options 3, 5, and 7 are entirely optional and in keeping with Darth Sapiens's original layout. 3. Uninstall: dont bug me about this, ever XD ----------/ Backups of any files that have been altered were made during installation and placed in a folder called "backup" within the folder the installer was run from. -1. Replace the modified ones with the originals -2. Delete the g0t0 folder inside your override -3. Replace the sound files and delete the .mp3's added 4. Bugs: ----------/ There are no known issues that will develop as a result of installing this mod properly. Other than a small currently unfixable animation problem... 6. Distribution Notes: ----------/ If i ever disappear, you can (unless specified otherwise) reupload to any site as long as credit is given and the readme is unaltered. If I'm gone try to contact me before you release a new mod based on mine. If you can't get a hold of me, then carry on; just give me and my co-modders credit. 7. Thanks: ----------/ Deadman - model tweaking and rigging neomarz1 - his work inspired me to mod, and he allowed me to use parts of his work. Sith Holocron - critiscism (good stuff though) Fair Strides - 1.2 overhaul and patching and my beta testers - Jaden Korr and Nsinger998 and my 1.2 beta testers - Fair Strides, djh269, and Malkior! THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT OR LUCASARTS OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
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    Version 1


    Have you ever wondered why there is a bunch of retextures for every teammate but Hanharr? Even NPCs who are not even part of your party, like atris and sion, have a lot of new texture projects dedicated to them... So why not poor Hanharr? Yes, he is one of the least popular party members, but there are even textures for GOTO, so this can't be the reason alone. The main reason is all that hair, in my honest opinion. It is really a pain in the (swears in Huttish). I couldn't let poor Hanharr sit between all those shiny HD textures looking like he was pulled straight out of an Commodore 64. Frankly, his texture was bad from the beginning, even for 2004 standards. So I remade it. I put a lot of work in this and I hope you like it. Because there is such an abundance of skins for other characters I felt like 1 texture for Hanharr wouldn't do. So I made 2. Version 1 (With Scar) features a scar on his stomach, to show in what condition he is and what he's been through. (Screenshot for reference) Version 2 (Without Scar) just doesn't have that scar If you don't want to have blood and similar content in your game, this Version is for you. Installation: Move the P_Hanharr.dds from the "with scar" or "without scar" folder into your override folder Credits: CGTextures (now just "Textures"): www.textures.com This Eye texture ressource: http://xoriu.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Naturae-Eye-Texture-249285720 and Biowares TGA to DDS converter, here from deadlystream.
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    Version 1.0


    ============================ [TSL]Twin Sun to Asari ============================ Author: MrPhil (deadlystream) and Phildevil (Lucasforums) Date Released: 28/06/2014 ------------ Description: ------------ This is my third Kotor mod. I've always thought the original Twin Sun (the Twi'Lek bounty hunters you encounter on Nar Shadaa) looked featureless and bland. Over time, I've requested to various skinners that they do something to improve their appearance, but sometimes they told me they did not know what to do, or other times, their work just weren't looking good enough to me, unfortunately. I've had an idea to make them look better: make the Twin Suns to have a skin that looks a bit like that of the Asari, some aliens from BioWare franchise Mass Effect. I've spoke of my idea to a few skinners, but they seemed disinclined to make-it happen, that's why I decided to create this reskin mod. Poured at least 24 hours in this, spread over a few months. ----------- Thanks: ----------- I have had a few problems and a lot of help was given to me: thanks to Malkior, SelfInducedComa and Rtas Vadum for their general helpfulness. Thanks W4rb1rd for reminding me of the "Lekku" term . Thank you Quanon for your UVW mapping. It has been an invaluable tool to make this mod possible and it has reduce the amount of work I've had to do by half! Thanks to LDR for your support and for giving me the proper way to test rapidly the changes I've made (changing npc appearance). It has saved me some time, compared to my initial way, which had me go through long cutscenes! Thank you Kainzorus Prime for fixing the eyes for me and for the other advice and prod you've given me ------------- Installation: ------------- Simple copy the four tga's in this Override folder to yours. --------- Uninstall: --------- Simply remove "N_TwiAss0AH", "N_TwiAss0BH", "N_TwiAssA01" and "N_TwiAssB01" files from your Override folder. --------- Screenshot gallery and mod threads: --------- http://postimg.org/gallery/1ku4uniyc/ http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/2638-twin-sun-wip/ http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/2739-tsl-twin-sun-to-asari/ ------------- Compatibility: ------------- This mod is compatible with every TSL mod that does not modify the Twin Sun tga's. ------------ Terms of Use: ------------ This mod may not be used without the explicit permission of the author. Do not host this mod or any of its components at any other website without first receiving permission from the author. ----------- Contact Me: ----------- Got a question about the mod? Wanna share your thoughts about it? You can PM me on deadlystream. My username is 'MrPhil' THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT OR LUCASARTS OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
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    ============================================= A KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC MODIFICATION ============================================= AUTHOR: Marius Fett NAME: Quello to Watto DESCRIPTION: The original skin included by Obsidian for Quello the Toydarian was abysmal. It was grey and boring, if you ask me. What i've done is recreated Watto from the Prequel Trilogy replaced Quello's textures with my own. Also, i've made it so that Quello hasn't got a hat on anymore and instead looks like Watto from The Phantom Menace with no hat. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: All you need to do is run the installer included in the download. The TSL Patcher utility will handle everything. PERMISSIONS: This mod may not be used without the explicit permission of the author. This mod may not be distributed on other sites without the express permission of the author. THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT OR LUCASARTS OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Realistic Skybox for deathdisco's Coruscant Authors: Sith Holocron 90SK deathdisco --- Adds a realistic Coruscant skybox to the Coruscant landing pad and council chambers. To install, 1. put Override folder from archive into your SWKotOR2 folder in your program files directory. 2. Copy mod files from archive to your SWKotOR/Override folder --- To Uninstall, remove mod files from your Override folder in TSL's program directory. Mod filenames: COR_sky1 COR_sky2 COR_sky3 COR_sky4 MAL_skyBk MAL_skyFrnt MAL_skyLft MAL_skyRght MAL_skyUp --- Special Thanks: Exile007 for original mod --- Legalal Disclaimer: All materials and copyrights belong to LucasArts, Bioware and Obsidian Entertainment Inc. I own none of the materials, and I'm not making any money out of this mod. It is to be distributed as-is without alteration, unless by permission of me. This mod is not to be distributed for profit, either. I hereby state that I specifically do NOT wish this mod to be uploaded to Steam Workshop. I may release this on NexusMods at a later date but I don't wish others to do so. Usage in other mods must be requested and approved by me before your use. THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BIOWARE/ OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT OR LUCASARTSOR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
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    Version v3


    ========================================== KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC 2 MODIFICATION ========================================== Ultimate Class Robes v3 Author: DarthTyren E-Mail: darthtyren@gmail.com ---------- NOTE: If you already have a mod that overrides the game script a_pc_jedi.ncs (look in override folder), this mod will override it. Description: When you talk with Kreia and pick your prestige class, upon exiting that conversation, a new robe dedicated to that class will be added to the inventory. That robe will boost stats that are important to that class. Installation: 1) Unzip the compressed file you downloaded and run the MCR Installation TSLPatcher file located inside. 2) Press the Install button and locate your TSL directory. Uninstallation: The TSLPatcher creates backups of all your unmodified files. You can find it in the same folder as the Installer. 1) Inside the backup folder, you should see a file named dialog.tlk. This goes in your root game directory (the same folder with swkotor2.exe). Cut and paste it there. 2) I'm sending out a folder called Override Uninstall with all the files from this mod. Copy (don't cut) and paste them inside the Override folder in your game directory. Then delete them. THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT OR LUCASARTS OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE. If you plan on using these items or textures in your own mods, I'd like a little notice and a place on your credits list. You don't need to wait on my permission, however. Credits: Thanks to the wonderful modding community at Holowan Labs for helping me with facing constant problems. Specifically Fair Strides 2, for help with the script. Enjoy. -DarthTyren
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    Version 2.0


    Have you ever wondered why for something as important as the Exile’s trial, only 5 members of the Jedi Council are present? Well, you no longer have to. This mod adds 7 additional Jedi to the trial scene in order to get a full council. These Jedi are master Vandar from K1, Vima Sunrider from the Tales of the Jedi comics, two Twi’lek, a Devaronian, a Duros and a Wookie. What's new in v2.0: - Replaced generic human Jedi with Vima Sunrider and a Duros - Vima sunrider has a custom robe (thanks to DarthParametric) - Choose between K1 and TSL style robes for all Council members (except for those with unique robes) - The 7 added Council members are now mentioned in the post-trial scene on the Ebon Hawk Installation: Run TSLPatcher.exe and choose your version. IMPORTANT: You have two choices: The type of robe the Council members should wear and a technical choice necessary for compability: Check if you have holorec.dlg in your Override and choose the proper installation method. TSLPatcher should find your TSL installation automatically. If it doesn't and you have to select it manually, choose the folder that includes swkotor.exe. Do NOT delete the backup folder that is created during the installation, you'll need it if you ever want to uninstall this mod. For modders: I included the source script in the download in case you're interested. Ignore them if you only want to install and play the mod. Uninstallation: Delete all files from the tslpatchdata folder of this mod that you can find in your Override (depending on your choice of installation this might not be all of them). Then find the backup of 950COR.mod created during the installation of this mod (it is located in the backup folder that was created in the folder where you ran TSLPatcher.exe) and copy it into the Modules folder of your TSL installation, replacing the one already there. Also copy appearance.2da, heads.2da and if available holorec.dlg from the same folder into your Override folder. Note however, that this might screw up other mods that modified the same file and were installed afterwards! Compabilitiy: Thanks to TSLPatcher this mod should be compatible with pretty most other mods. I recommend to install this mod as late as possible to ensure compability. Notable exceptions for compability are mods that edit Vandar's model (texture mods are fine) and for the K1 style robes mods that add new texture variations of the Council Robes as well as mods that edit the .utc's of the vanilla Council members. The latter includes NPCOverhaul, so either install my mod after NPCOverhaul to overwrite its changes or skip NPCOverhaul's changes to 950COR. Credits: Mod by Kexikus Vima robe model and head texture by DarthParametric Duros head model by JCarter426 TSL Patcher by stoffe THIS MOD IS NOT SUPPORTED BY LUCASARTS OR OBSIDIAN. USE THIS FILE AT YOUR OWN RISK. NEITHER THE AUTHOR OF THIS MOD NOR THE COMPANIES MENTIONED ABOVE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR COMPUTER WHEN USING THIS FILE.
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    This is a reskin for the Last Handmaiden. It also has a "Handmaiden for Females" option.
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    Version 2.0


    This is a restoration of the original Handmaiden sister appearance. In the original release of the game, the Handmaiden and her sisters all look alike, even even though they comment on her difference in appearance. The developers actually made a unique head for the sisters, but it was left out of the final release of the game. I took that head and merged with the body model used for the Handmaiden sisters in the game, thus restoring their intended appearance.
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    Version 1.0


    This mod replaces all HK-47s textures. Just like my other party member reskins; the size has been increased to 2048x2048. Which allowed me to put in some extra details and give a decent update to the skin. There's now a more visible metal texture but otherwise; nothing major has been altered to HKs skin. I did tweak the contrast and colors but its still the same rusty killer droid. Look at the comparison picture to get a better idea INSTALL: Unpack and copy the 3 files P_HK47_01.tga and TXI, plus PO_Phk47 to your override. That simple!
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    Hi all! Saw a lot of items, like Revan's pack, Sion's packs, Exile packs, etc... But I've never actually seen an item pack for our beloved, cynical assassin droid. So I decided to make a full pack for him, which "upgrades" him to HK-51. The items are for HK-47 only, and if you wanna use them all, you have to equip the chassis first, cause that gives you the Droid Class 3, or if you already have that feat, then you can use them, without. It's your choice ultimately. I've also made a blaster rifle, customed to HK-47, to make it a full set. On a side note, the rifle you see on the screenshot is a custom skin, the actual look of the rifle, without, is the Zersium Rifle. I hope you'll enjoy the pack!
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    Mod Name: "Realistic Nar Shaddaa Skybox Loadscreens" ============================================== Author: L0ki194 ================= Tired of seeing the old skybox in the loadscreens in Nar Shaddaa, but you're using the Realistic Skybox mod? This mod replaces the original Loadscreens with ones that show the "Realistic Nar Shaddaa Skybox Mod" by Sharen Thrawn. These were made a LOOOOOONG time ago. But, I decided to release these in case no-one saw the original request thread (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=211704). ======== Credits: - Sharen Thrawn, the author of the Realistic Nar Shaddaa Skybox mod. =========== Bugs: None, though probably incompatable with something of the same nature. Installation: Dump the TGA files in your override. NOTE: There is an alternate loadscreen for 302NAR (Refugee Area) that shows more of the Skybox.
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    Thorium charge mod. Author: Darth Gil If you don't want to search for a thorium charge to blow up the mandalorian cache door on Dxun then this mod for you! It adds a thorium charge to the mandalorian corpse near the cache door. Installation: extract all files in the archive (except readme, of course) to Override.
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    Version 1.0.0


    *********************************** Knights of the Old Republic II *********************************** TITLE: Terentateks in TSL AUTHOR: LDR DATE: 6/17/18 FILENAME: terentatek_tsl FILESIZE: 2 MB -------------------------- INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS -------------------------- Simply put the all the files in the override folder into the Override folder in your KOTOR II directory. To uninstall, remove the files from the KOTOR II directory. ------------ Permissions ------------ As I intend for this to be used as a modder's resource, all material included can be used in your own mods without asking for permission beforehand. Just mention me in your readme. ------------ DESCRIPTION ------------ Of all the things Obsidian chose to keep in the KOTOR II game files, leaving out terentateks was just a travesty. This mod brings them back, with one on Korriban and one on Dxun. On Korriban, just make sure to loot the half-eaten corpse in the beginning of the shyrack cave module. ----- BUGS ----- None I hope. If you find any please post them in the comments. I will address them as soon as I can. ------- Credits ------- Fred Tetra for his very useful KotOR Tool. JCarter426 for compiling my scripts for me. The DeadlyStream staff and community. The staff for allowing porting between games, and the community for still making KOTOR relevant after 15+ years. I love and appreciate you all.
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    Version Version 0.1


    Indeed they do. Requested often - due to public file sharing sites being what they are of late, νυrτ has generously allowed his mods to be hosted here at Deadly Stream. We'll only be hosting mods that Filefront doesn't currently have - this mod and the previously posted Protocol Droids version 1.1. On the mod, νυrτ wrote: "I'm using Photoshop [for these textures]. Pics are my own mostly (taken with my Canon 500D) and some are completed using filters (such as the structure texture on Dantooine), the sky shots are from various sources on the internet, they're heavily edited in PS though. To create seamless textures I use the offset function in Photoshop, [which is] very useful..." As the textures are quite large, those computers using older graphics cards may be affected. Installation: place in your override folder. Uninstall: Take them out of your override folder. Please leave comments to express your opinion about this mod. Note: You will also need part 2 to get the complete package.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Ultimately, my hope for this project is for it to extend to every piece of greenery to finally move Kotor 2 into something visually closer to what Obsidian's Concept art depicts (or hopefully better). However, right now I only have enough time at my disposal to work on small portions incrementally, and rather than leave this in development forever, I've opted to release each new increment as an update on this download page until it reaches completion. I guess it could be thought of as a Steam Greenlight that is always free and only exists to benefit the community. Right now all I have is the Duxn jungle foliage texture which I've rebuilt from the ground up to imitate what actual dense undergrowth looks like. I originally planned to use an area template file to make the plants look larger but it ended up somewhat redundant and the plants look fine as is. Please let me know if there are any problems or if the alpha is out of place.
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    Version 1.0


    This is my first foray into sound editing, so please be gentle.. :' The story begins where I really hated the canned sound that the thunder makes when it's playing on Dxun. It may get the job done, but it just sounded so underwhelming to me. I went into a sound editor and added a few bass filters until, voila! I had a thunder not only loud, but with my subwoofer, of a great amount of impact. Anyway, after a quick tour of the Kotor 2 sound files, I found a few of the files that I felt needed an audio boost or overall change and changed them. Thus compends this semi-comprehensive collection of all of the sounds I've edited over the years. To Install: Just drop whichever files you like into your Override folder To Uninstall: Remove the files listed in the TSLPatchData folder from your Override folder Compatibility: This is compatible with any mod that doesn't have audio files with the same name Permissions: Please let me know if you are going to use these sound files in your mod Credit: Lucasarts for making Kotor and Kotor 2, Both Obsidian and Bioware for working on them, The Audacity sound editor team, and the constant support and assistance from the DeadlyStream community which has kept me modding, Also George Lucas who created Star Wars from the get-go
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    Version 1


    Re-scales trandoshans to a more accurate size.