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    @La Ingobernable I missed that, thanks for letting me know. I'll include Gran ports in the next update.
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    Your issues are almost guaranteed to be due to using Workshop mods. If you are using anything else from the Workshop aside from TSLRCM, your install is likely screwed.
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    The combined one (English) should be \steamapps\workshop\content\208580\1402798020\ 208580 is TSL's game ID. The following number is the Workshop ID of the specific mod, which you can see in the URL of the mod's page (eg. steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1402798020).
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    @Malkior: Remember when we thought 2019 was crazy? How young and foolish we were.
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    All the vanilla 'Master' robes are robes with capes, truthfully they 'might' be a rarity as of right now so in coming patches that will change. I can guarantee in this mod Jolee comes with caped Jedi robes for free.
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    2) In the restored dialogue between Atris and “Last of the Handmaidens” (that shows up if it is the Atris the one that sends her with the male Exile) there is the line, told by Atris, about how the fact that she has been sent with the Exile by Atris and reason why, should both be kept as secret from her sisters, but in the very next scene Atris tells them both of those things herself, therefore I removed that contradictory line. Only that one line is removed, the rest of the restored dialogue is not touched. I fail to understand why this was included at all and not even made optional, since as of now you cannot have 1) without 2). Atris asked the Handmaiden to keep it a secret so as to make her sisters believe her, Atris, and not the Handmaiden. In the next scene, what she says is "Her reasons are unknown to me. But I fear she may no longer be trusted". There's nothing contradictory here. There's manipulation and lies, but no contradiction. What makes no sense is removing that line, so that there's no reason for the Handmaiden not to tell her sisters, and then have her sisters not know why she left.
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    I haven't tested with the community patch so it's unlikely, I am hoping to include compatibility for as many fixes as possible or if the authors will permit it include the fixes with the project as a whole. Will reach out to the authors at some point as well as examine the mod and check if it will be compatible or what I can do to make it compatible. So far it requires TSLRCM 1.8.5, M478EP 1.5.1 and Coruscant, anything beyond that I haven't tested.
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    @aneeryrlue Is the fixed version still unavailable? Have you lost the fight to Windows 10? Please, return, there is still interest in this mod.
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    VP's mod is concerned with changing corpse placeables. This mod is concerned with replacing hologram creatures. There's no overlap that I am aware of.
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    I use both mods and I never encountered any issues.
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    Thanks for releasing these models separetely! I have been fan of your tunics since finding them on Filefront. If you don't mind some small feedback: Darth Malak's Armor is a little too bright-red and dark (especially in the abdomen and chest area) compared to more natural color-scheme of others tunics in pack. Personally, I think "Mandalorian Tunic" from your old "90SK's Tunics v2" mod would've looked better and more natural as Malak's Armor. Anyway, excellent work!
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    @La Ingobernable I'll consider that. If I get around to it I'd probably release that as a separate mod though, due to different intention.
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    There really needs to be a melee weapons version of this mod for KotOR II. If you don't get a response perhaps you should ask an admin because i feel a melee weapon mod is really needed for K2.
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    Any way to make this work with the Sith Assassins With Lightsabers mod?
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    I like the idea a lot. Ahh... How many times walking to that compartiment knowing in advance the answer... Hoping to be able to melt -just a bit- her hardened heart (and a glitch in the game...) What about make the romance available for female characters as well? The hottest huntress in the galaxy seduced by a sensual female exile? As a female PC she does not even want to be my friend... sniff...
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    You really ought to have before and after shots so folks can see why they should download your mods.
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    Could you include a screenshot of the Gizka and Dewback mods in-game?
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    To everyone in the thread who was having issues with crashing: I found the issue. One of the lines in "appearance.2da" was incorrectly modified. I fixed the file so that it works, if you guys want to download it here. https://www.sendspace.com/file/s7k9ln If you'd rather try and fix it yourself, you basically need use KTool to open the original "appearance.2da" in the "2da.bif" file, find the data values for DarthRevanM under the "race" column, and modify this mod's 2da file so that it matches up to the original.
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    "Sith Holocron as the Sith Holocron" This was your evil plan all along, wasn't it?
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    I'm such a dork, you already said it in the description, i just didn't pay attention. Excuse me for that and thank you so much for replying, now i have the hood working really good :')
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    What seems to be the matter with the current hood? Edit: Please take into account RedHawke's words on the matter. "I say again, if you want the mod like the screenshots you will have to have My Revan The White/Star Forge Booster Pack or Mono-Giganto's Hooded Revan Robes mod installed when you use the Crimson Sith Templar Robes or they won't look like this."
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    Thank you, I appreciate it. If it helps, the Grans I remember present in the game are at the Manaan swoop racing place and at the Matale Grounds (Zuulan).
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    Hi Fallen Guardian, I recently ported the sword models in your mod over to Kotor II for personal use. I made slight modifications to some models (rescaling some parts). If you like to I would be happy to provide you with the Kotor II files such that you could reupload parts of it such that the community can enjoy the weapons also in Kotor II. Thanks for you work and stay safe!