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    Good day. This is in the plans.
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    The Republic Armor looks amazing. Would you evert consider doing Republic Helmets and Sith Armor so both Armies look as sexy as Trask?
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    You know, I had a crack at making this mod as well back in the day but I never released it due to some issues. In testing, in the Undercity with that little cutscene where you chose whether or not to save Hendar from the Rakghoul, for some reason if you had T3 and Carth with you at the same time the moment you run outside the gate you just stand there and the cutscene never ends. Just checked your files, it appears you haven't attempted to fix that issue so that may be a massive problem for those who play this mod. Why was this even done? The game files heavily suggest that the player could entire the Sith Base at any given time as long as they had T3. That cut line in the screenshot with Canderous is but one of three different scenarios which where meant to play out: 1st scenario, doesn't have T3/Vanilla: "Lucky for you I know just the place to get a droid like that. Davik was having one custom built by Janice Nall." 2nd) Has T3, doesn't have Sith Base Codes: "But that little T3 unit you got from Janice should be good enough to get the job done." 3rd) Has T3, has Sith Base Codes: "See, I put two and two together and I figured out you're the person who stole those Sith departure codes for Taris. So you're exactly the person I'm looking for." Realistically, the only reason why a player shouldn't enter the Sith Base is because the NPCs aren't balanced for a level 3 party with just Carth and weak weapons. Besides that, if the player somehow managed to kill the Sith Governor the only real problem would be that the Sith Codes side quest updates and mentions Canderous in the description (Which can be either ignored or edited to remove the Canderous mention). So the game would go: Start Taris > Buy T3 > Steal Sith Codes > Save Bastila > Go to Canderous in Upper City Cantina > Immediately go to Davik's Estate. Additionally, it appears that the player also had the option to buy a Sith Base Passcard via the Sith Party NPCs in the Cantina based on alternate dialogue like this below. "Well, are you here to close our deal? 2000 credits gets you access to the Military Base. Otherwise we really shouldn't be talking." And if your character has a Sith base Passcard on hand when they enter the base they can say this to the receptionist. "[Persuade] I work here - look, I've got an access card." That would be problematic, as it'd allow you to enter the Sith Base without T3 and would enable you to abandon him on Taris. If for some odd reason you wanted to restore that as well, you'd need to add a conditional to Dark Side Bastila's Ebon Hawk dlg where she says "The droids will still serve you" as then it'd be possible to leave T3 and HK both behind on Taris and Tatooine. So you could technically can restore both possibilities (enter Sith Base early and leave T3 behind) though I would recommend that these versions be optional so players could chose which version they'd rather play.
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    Good day. In perspective.
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    Technically, tga textures are the same format in both games so dropping "N_RepSold.tga" into the override should do the trick, that "N_RepSold.txi" file on the other hand... probably won't work. @Dark Hopewould have to fix the txi to work in TSL should the texture not work. Other than that, she would need to make a texture for the male Republic Soldier helmet NPC, female Republic Soldier NPC, the TSF male and female NPCs and maybe even the male and female Republic and TSF Officer NPCs. Also, I think this mod (if you rename the male Republic Soldier texture right) can work with JC's Female Republic Soldier fix mod: Not even change the names, just outright drop the tga into TSL and you're good.
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    Thanks for bringing all these points up! The additional ways to enter the Sith Military base are certainly interesting and could be worth a look at if it could be made to make sense within the story. After you pointed out the issue in the Undercity, I did some looking and it appears the script that gave move instructions to party members only accounted for two party members as a third member isn't supposed to be with you yet. The third party member would tag along a little ways and would sometimes pass the trigger that would close the Undercity gate, but rarely. I have changed the script to issue instructions to a third party member and the infinite cutscene issue seems to be resolved. Thank you for pointing this out! I will make sure you are credited as I would not have known about this otherwise. IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: IN V1.0, HAVING T3 IN YOUR PARTY WHEN TRYING TO SAVE HENDAR FROM THE RAKGHOUL CHASING HIM CAUSES THE CUTSCENE TO NEVER END. IF YOU ARE HAVING THIS ISSUE PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE MOD AGAIN AS V1.1 ADDRESSES THIS. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO REINSTALL THE MOD THEN DO THE FOLLOWING: 1) You can do this portion with only one other party member. It's only when T3 is present with a second party member other than the main character where the issue seems to arise. 2) Open the cheat console and type 'warp' without the 's and hit enter. This will force you out of the cutscene. Walk forward a little until the door shuts and then you can fight the Rakghoul as normal. 3) You can leave weak Hendar to his fate and bypass the issue altogether. Thank you to N-DReW25 for pointing this out!
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    I won't ever *not* do the military base last, but I appreciate the fact that you offer that option with your mod! A cool add-on that also works with K1R for all restored content enthusiasts.
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    No need to go off site, Here is Four Force Powers
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    That is unfortunate. To solve your issue, I recommend seeking out other force power mods so that you have extra force powers to select to prevent being softlocked. Here are a few suggestions: https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1483-k1-force-enlightenment-power/ adds 1 https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic/file/four-force-powers adds 4 but you can upgrade them, so it actually adds 12. If these force mods are not to your liking, then until further notice, consider this mod incompatible with ShemL's Force Power Gain mod.
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    Your video couldn't be embedded so I remade it for you. Hopefully, that will be acceptable. Interesting idea and one that I wouldn't have thought of doing. Nice job!
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    Use it to trigger conversation, conversation won't trigger unless he's a jedi. Feel free to send me a direct message, as that is more likely to get my attention, despite following my mods I am not always notified of comments.
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    Thanks for the heads up, I will fix them for both of these levels as well at some point when I get back to playing the game.
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    Kudos JC2 for this and all your work to the SWKOTOR community. Something about this game makes such as these keep coming back for more after so many years. True test of time. Alive and well. Revan killing Mission makes no sense. Revan being a smart, charismatic commander who would at least see the asset of Mission even if obsession superseded relationship after going "full dark". The effect of how sinister and hurtful the dark side really is hit home. It f'kin hurt. Not outside the reality of playing with power stuff like drugs. It's not Yoko who broke up the band, yo. Lol.
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    Love it but what are the files that deal with just the blade model texture and lighting while leaving the files for the hilt alone?
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    First off this is marvelous. I wanted this since first meeting Mandalore the Preserver in Kotor 2. I am really struggling, whether Canderous would paint the Mask or not. It was worn by Mandalore the First -> Mandalore the Indomitable -> Mandalore the Ultimate -> and finally Canderous Ordo, Mandalore the Preserver, after which it was not passed on. (Presumably the dark saber would soon replace the role of the mask.) (There is an obscure peace of information, that the Ultimate was not a true Mandalore, but was aided by the Sith and basically replaced an unidentified Mandalore. After the death of the Ultimate and after Revan had told Canderous the location of the Mask, Canderous met the unidentified Mandalore, who was dying and told Canderous to take his armour and gave Canderous his blessing to become the Preserver, who would now be the rightful next Mandalore.) Under those circumstances, would Canderous paint the Mask? Reasons for painting the mask a different colour People in-game don't seem to notice Mandalore himself walking past them. Canderous wants to change tradition for now. He is rebuilding the Clans. Only the next Generation will return to the way of the warriors. The Mask would be a target pinned to his face. It would be a symbol for the old ways of war. (The Mask seems to lose relevance in its' history at this point. Perhaps painting it is one of the causes? Grand Admiral Thrawn ends up having the Mask of Grievous, the Mask of a Jedi Temple Guard, the Helmet of Clone Commander Gree (who tried to kill Yoda), but even Thrawn does not end up getting the Mask of Mandalore; He only has holo-images of ancient paintings.) Reasons against painting the mask a different colour Mandalorians have a proud tradition, from which they do not seem to deviate, even if it would wipe them out. The Mask would be the icon and evidence of his rightful rule as the new Mandalore. He went through so much effort to find the mask. Would he now hide its' golden colour? Regardless of whether he paints it, the galaxy at large would not be pleased to learn about the Mandalorians trying to rebuild. Canderous would have many enemies either way and it was unlikely any of the would return to Dxun, where the Mandalorian Wars began.
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    You were right about the Appearance issue. For some reason all of mine were set correctly, except the one for Texture J. That was the only one set under PMBJ instead of PFBJ for some reason. Thank you. Edit: I'm thinking it might have been TSLRCM update that made the change since I've been having some issues with several things ever since the update.
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    To be honest, you, along with JCarter426 and DarthParametric, inspired me to make these fixes. They are small and cannot relate to modeling work, which is more time consuming. But, it is these minor flaws that spoil the atmosphere of the game. In case I learn how to model, I would like to improve the modification by adding a headdress to the admiral, like his predecessor, since giving a part in the army and navy to those who are not covered with hats (although they are in the room) goes against everyone military rules.
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    This seems to be a very good mod, very innovative and worthwhile to see a Varko fix included as well!
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    Love the idea, but I get a CTD when I install the final repair part. Text indicates that the repair happens, then HK vanishes and I CTD. I can avoid the CTD by quickly bypassing the text. When I do this the camera pans back into the overhead view and I get a fade to black that never goes away, even though I can still access the game menu. I run a lot of mods, but not other HK mods that I am aware of. 🤨
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    I have been waiting for something like this for years. Many thanks!
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    Yes, you extract an item template and change some values and names so that it will become a new unique item. You won't destroy your game with experimenting with these files. I never tried it but I don't think using a K2 item file (.uti file) for K1 is a good plan, you might get away with it, don't know, it's mostly the 3D models that really need converting/porting. Just in case, keep the zip file(s) to know which files to remove from your override folder. Looking at file dates also helps to identify groups of files, or that combined with file names. Worst case: remove all the files you recently added and/or modified. If the stuff below is a bit too much then I understand, if not.. here we go: As said, swapping textures is easiest, but if you really want to add unique items then you start by extracting a robe template as your basis with KotOR Tool. Kotor I -> BIFs -> templates.bif -> Blueprint, Item -> g_a_jedirobe0X, g_a_kghtrobe0X, g_a_mstrrobe0X Avoid using g_a_mstrrobe06 & g_a_mstrrobe07 as your basis, they use another model (Revan Armor/Star Forge Robes). Extract to your override folder with a different name than the vanilla items, or do and rename after extraction. For example extract g_a_mstrrobe05 to g_a_mstrrobe99.uti. I like to use a more random number than the last vanilla one +1, because it's less likely that another mod uses it (you can also name it thisismyawesomerobe.uti or whatever). The 3D model for these are all the same and if you've got JC's mod then it will be different than vanilla but still all (apprentice, jedi, knight, master) the same. They do have different stats, but if you make your own new item you can review all that, change stats, the description etc. Some of the stats trickle through from the base item, item properties can add to those. With KotOR Tool you can tweak the .uti file before extracting or open it, make changes and save. After opening the uti file I would make the Template ResRef and Tag values (General tab) the same as the file name (minus the .uti extension), this will also be what you use in your giveitem cheat code (again, you can use thisismyawesomerobe, just keep them all the same). On to more important things, also in the general tab you have Texture variation, this will determine the filename of the texture and also the icon name. The icon name is a combination of the item's Base Item and the Texture variation value. The first part of the texture's filename comes from appearance.2da, but things are getting pretty lengthy already so I'll just tell you, it's PFBI (female) and FMBI (male), now you add the texture variation value in a 2 digit form. If you use texture variation 99 then your texture will have to be PFBI99.tga & PMBI99.tga, if you've used a master robe as a basis then the icon will be ia_mstrRobe_099.tga (3 digits here).
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    I know this is an old-ish mod, but would it be possible for you to make an optional version where assassins wield double-bladed lightsabers?