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    The mod works, there was an issue in the older version with the global.jrl file being older then the ones from TSLRCM AND M4-78 EP, and that is why you were getting that error! Now you can safely overwrite that file and it will work ok, just run the new TSLPatcher and it should automatically update your broken mod version! Here is a Youtube video of the mod in action:
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    opss!!! I'm very sorry. I copied the quoted tip from My "Play'MULTI-MOD'through" thread (the author @DeadMan is correct there) but I confused the names in the post of this page. Edited and corrected. Thanks for the warning.
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    You may want to revise them, @Obi Wan Pere - I'm not the author of any of those mods, more so claim any. Much thanks for considering this. P.S. you may very well mistaken me with the original author, I'd gather - which makes more sense for them tipping those.
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    I do not notice that detail. Will check it out next time. This also applies to the @iPlissken from several years ago I rephrased my self in original comment. I know that Kreia is a manipulator and a liar, and I am perfectly aware of Kreia's abilities and the fact that she is able to influence someone while being unseen. The point is that particular line that has been added by TSLRCM goes like this: "I was the one who asked him to be exiled." So it was ASKED, not "influenced" or "suggested". The line implies that she was there as an active participant of the trial, not that she was manipulating people from the shadow (which could MAYBE be possible but it was not what was implied here). That particular line does not fit the story as it is presented in the final form and that is not only my sentiment but the most likely the one of the game developers, who deliberately cut that line, not because of any bug or time constraints (because VO was always there, it would be several seconds of work to activate the line), but for no other reason than because they simply felt that it doesn't make sense... Did you resolve the quest in a Light side or or Dark side way? Because last time I played and killed him I got the lightsaber part . Will check it out soon anyway.
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    I wasn't able to find a solution for this issue so far.
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    You'll need to edit itemcreate.2da and itemcreatemira.2da. Just edit level column for pikesabers (dm_pikesb01 - dm_pikesb04).
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    AFAIK, it's not possible.
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    @danil-ch I don't know if it's fixable, but when Kreia drains the Jedi Masters' and they're collapsed on the floor, their left sleeve constantly flaps about.
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    The new version doesn't include a compiled script and the readme now says to put the .nss file in override. I don't understand this, I thought the game could only read .ncs files and putting sources in override did nothing. What I am missing?
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    Thank you so much for this. I love!
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    The 2.0 version of the mod is now live! It has fixed some of the bugs of the previous version and adds something new as well! Update 2.0.0 (Major Update) features: - Updated the global.jrl file to be completely compatible with TSLRCM and M4-78 Enhancement Project. Now the global.jrl file in the override folder can be safely overwritten by the mod’s file without causing any issues! - Fixed a bug caused by the “get_close.ncs” script, where the Player Character would teleport to another area after ending the dialogue. - Added a movie with an animation that replaces the broken “get_close.ncs” script. - Added a new outfit for Mira inspired by the Twin Suns outfit. To equip it You must unequip all clothes / robes / armours, the outfit basically replaces the underwear model! Please install the Mira Romance mod after You have installed the TSLRCM and M4-78 EP mods! It is also compatible with Cathalan, as long as You install TSLRCM, M4-78 EP and the Mira Romance mod first, then Cathalan last, because it updates the global.jrl file! The mod should be compatible with any other mod, as long as it does not alter Mira's dialogue file (mira.dlg) or the Journal file (global.jrl)! This mod works only with the English version of KOTOR II TSL! If You install it on another language version it will display black screens instead of the dialogues!
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    For those that see this in the future: Seeing as RedHawke's site will be gone on (or before) April 2020, I'll point out that RedHawke's ORD Mandell mod is on our site now. You can find it right here.
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    If you are using K1CP then you can delete ebo_bast_vision.dlg from the Override folder. K1CP applies the same fixes (as well as the 4th planet one) and injects them into the module. This mod put the file in the Override for compatibility with K1R (in which case it would patch its already existing file that had the 4th planet fix).
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    Thank you for reporting this, I will get around to checking this bug out so that it may be fixed in the next big content patch. Reason for this, I'm certain we've all had enough of downloading the same 195 megabyte file for one little fix.
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    Does this mod actually work? On one of my installs when I did try to install this it said global.jrl already exixts in the override and I am not even sure if it modified it? I had to reinstall all my mods from something else I messed up on...but there have been no concrete reviews or comments here if the actual said mod works? I even tried to youtube it as most romance mods people showcase on youtube and not one of the mira romance mod is on youtube for me to view it. Just curious if anyone has installed this last after all other mods and got anything that works or changes the dialogue since the dialogue file is smaller than the tslrcm dialogue of mira's. P.S. One install I did install this after TSLRCM and there is already a global.jrl in my override from the latest tslrcrm install and I believe it skipped over it as it never showed it modifying the said global in there. Just is why I am curious if thie mod works or anyone has a video they can upload to youtube or somewhere showing us that it does work.
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    Just when i thought this guy couldnt get any more creepy you released this... Outstanding work as always!
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    I like the idea a lot. Ahh... How many times walking to that compartiment knowing in advance the answer... Hoping to be able to melt -just a bit- her hardened heart (and a glitch in the game...) What about make the romance available for female characters as well? The hottest huntress in the galaxy seduced by a sensual female exile? As a female PC she does not even want to be my friend... sniff...
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    Ok, so my male JEdi has been nice to Mira in all dialogue, has trained her to JEdi, and I still don't get any further options in the dialogue to romance her. what is wrong? I only have the TSLRCM 1.8.5, the M4-78 EP 1.5, The dustil restoration, an ancient mod where you learn floating lightsabers in Ludo Kressh's tomb, and that's all.
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    1) Fixed your quote. 2) Apparently I fixed the text you refer to a long time ago so I don't know what to tell you. Wish you left a comment on what you thought of the entire mod itself rather what you thought of the description...
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    Strauss' "Also sprach Zarathustra" playing in the background.
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    She's not invisible, she's chilling out in space: That's part of the mod, don't you know? OK, this issue baffled me for longer than I'd care to admit and I eventually tried the modding equivalent of throwing the empty gun at the other guy and it worked. I don't know why I needed to do it, or why it worked, but it seems to have. While I only applied the true fix to S_Female03, I rebuilt all the others during an earlier, failed attempt. Security should be tighter all around, but do let me know if another problem arises. The new version also includes an alternate texture option for the outfit (see the new screenshot).
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    DA, the planet in the lower right corner rotates. Also, the sun does flicker a little bit.
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    Ahem. The new version is uploaded now.
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    A little update: I have just created a new version of the Galaxy Map that ... a) has both M4-78 and Coruscant listed b) doesn't have awkward with squares around any of the planets in the animation c) uses the set up the planets as shown in Bead-V's mod However, I won't be uploading the new TSL version until the M4-78 EP is released to the public.
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    Folks, I have been concentrating more on the suggestions than the compliments. That's unacceptable. Thanks for your kind words, everyone.
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    OK, I'll make you canon-obsessed folk a deal: If the TSL Galaxy Map fix works with both the Coruscant Jedi Temple AND the M4-78 EP (and the are also compatible with each other and the TSLRCM 1.8 as well), then I will either update this Animated Map or just create a new thread to download it. Until then, no more canon discussion on this thread. Deal? For the K1 folks, I won't make a new Animated Map specifically for K1 until disbeliever's Sleheyron reaches the general public. (Bonus: I will even update the map for TSL when Darth InSidious' Rhen Var is available for download.)
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    It is ONLY the texture that you see before you click on the map. It is not the map where you choose the actual planets you go to. If you look closely, it was actually made up of screen captures of the full sized KotOR2 Galaxy Map - cropped and resized. So folks looking closely for Manaan and Kashyyyk won't find them. And since I didn't have M4-78 installed - as I did this in 1.8.1, you can't see M4-78 on there either. Darth Paulus: The positions of the planets follow the vanilla set up. I don't use that Galaxy Map fix mod so my screen captures wouldn't have used that line-up. I don't buy the positions that were used in that mod because the planets obviously aren't to scale, for one. Secondly, there are several different maps and who's to say that one is more "canon" than the other.
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    Thanks so much for your reply! I'll try what you said and see where it gets me.
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    A Warning to anyone wanting to use this mod. It breaks several aspects of TSLRCM including removing the checks for the HK-50 encounters (000_HK_50_encounters), meaning I could never go to the HK factory. I highly suggest using the revamped version posted on nexusmods by leilukin based off of this one.