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  1. OMG, you're right!! I had been looking at my Wisdom while wearing the $name Crystal. Thanks! Gosh, I feel stupid
  2. If I remove the crystal from the lightsaber, the "[Wisdom] Attune crystal" line is missing... what gives?
  3. That's one reason why it's called a "Pet Rock" (I'm referring to both Exile's words upon getting the crystal, and the Steam achievement)
  4. That's awesome! I'm not a Perl programmer, though, so if you release the source code, I might not be able to assist much (not well versed in Perl ) Just some thoughts, hopefully can inspire you: My plan was to make the installer config optional, so if the installer config is not found in the same directory as the TSLPatcher.exe file, it will revert to the 'normal' behavior For the "modlist", I originally plan on simply creating a filter prior to the loop; the "modlist" would specify exactly the name of the sub-mod to install (the name comes from the "namespaces.ini" file?) The filter syntax I envisioned is 'glob-based' (instead of regex-based) with one prefix character indicating install or not, processed in order, e.g.: +* = install all sub-mods -*NAR = remove all sub-mods that end with the letters "NAR" (case-insensitive) +101NAR = install sub-mod with the exact name "101NAR" These three lines will result in installation of all sub-mods, except mods ending with "NAR", but will install "101NAR" I want to patch it also to unconditionally append to the installation log, recording the time of installation and which sub-mod got installedIf it installs multiple sub-mods in one go, it will first record the time of start and the list of mods after being filtered (see above), then for each submod installation record the time of installation and which sub-mod got installed Anyways, glad to hear that the TSLPatcher is not abandoned, yay! Feel free to hit me up if you need my help; I'll try to assist the best I can.
  5. Where can I get the source code to TSLPatcher? I'm in the midst of installing a bunch of mods, and it's... mind-deadening tedium to keep selecting the Kotor2 folder under steam... So, I want to patch the tool to be able to read a "config file" telling where the Kotor2 folder is. And, if I have the time to do it, probably modify the tool enough to be able to tell it which mods to install (all, or a subset), so it can iterate over the list of mods to install rather than having the user running the TSLPatcher tool TENS of times (Example: The "TSL NPC Overhaul" mod which contains 60+ mods inside of it -- mind-numbingly tedious ). I might even expand the tool to be a full-fledged "Patch Manager" ... but that's more the long-term personal wish of mine
  6. Okay, so my KotOR2 is Steam Edition, and I've "subscribed" to TSLCRM (that is, install the TSLCRM from Workshop). I plan on installing "Slender Bodies for Females" (+ its compatibility patch). Can I install this on top of "Slender"?
  7. Can I install this over the "Slender Bodies for Females" mod? (That mod patched to be compatible with TSLRCM)
  8. Okay, I think this is due to a conflicting mod, but just checking: In my game, before I met Ziagrom, Mika gladly offered me his goods. But after meeting with Ziagrom, Mika instead stopped selling his goods. Not that I need the goods, though, but this ... inversion, is kind of upsetting. Anyone can confirm the same bug, and what mods you're using? For the record, this is a list of the mods I have, in installation order:
  9. How an SWR Episode came to Life - (Starting 0:57) #RebelsRecon #StarWarsRebels

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