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  1. I know this is.... just a liiiiittle while after this was posted, but what format is that, and is it something normal tools like ffmpeg can convert to? Trying to get back into things with a modded playthrough (was gonna say "lightly modded" but it appears my list ballooned a bit in the process of installing, oops) and being able to get custom audio working would be sweet. (Though I suppose the same format might not work for K1.)
  2. It might just be broken, unfortunately. It doesn't even launch on my device anymore... What Android version are you on? One of the semi-recent releases removed the ability to access the folder that the game's files are in, might be that. I've been planning to rewrite it, because Android updates have messed with it a lot, but mental health stuff has made that... challenging. Sorry, wish I could offer more aid than that.
  3. I was having this issue as well. It turns out that, while with K1 you can put things in the "files" folder directly, and with K2 you can do this for many mods, if you plan to use a dialog.tlk file in the K2 port, you have to instead use a "dlc/mods_english" subfolder. (The "Mobile TSLRCM" release is set up this way, which is what made me decide to check if that layout worked.)
  4. If anyone is wondering about the status of this: it's not abandoned. It is, however, going slow due to me being in school. So while I'm not abandoning it, it's gonna be a while. The school year has about a month left, hopefully after that I'll have more time to do this. And without the stress of school I should be able to do a better job on it than I would during the school year. So hopefully over break I can get stuff done on this (at least until school starts again), but obviously no promises. You should be able to just add dialogue.tlk into the app data folder and run TSLPatcher from a PC and it should work, correct (although I haven't tested). Note that iirc the Android app uses a different audio type so custom audio won't work. But everything else (text dialogue, textures, modules, etc) should work. Although if you use a dialogue.tlk from a PC version, you will have the PC versions of some text (specifically some settings have descriptions that have been adapted for mobile controls, so a PC dialogue.tlk will give you the descriptions for a keyboard and mouse).
  5. I don't think so, but I'm not on the dev team, so I don't know for sure. This was just meant to help me with something, and I thought I'd share it. I'm not using this anymore though (partly due to issues with compiling statically), so really I should probably mark this as discontinued or something. Locking then. PM me if you ever need this reopened. ---Canderis
  6. Huh, weird. My docs also end at 15, I don't think there's any newer ones. Thanks, I'll probably need that for GFF patching.
  7. Something I just thought about: columns should definitely be separate, because if they are part of the List/array, if you ever need to add one for some reason, iterating through the entire thing is waayy slower than just adding it to one List of names.
  8. In a PM, Fair Strides told me that the files in KOTOR are the same as their documented Aurora forms. Obviously that's excluding binary 2DA, which you've figured out, and RIM, which is missing. In the xoreos-tools source, it says that RIM is basically a simplified ERF. Quoting: A RIM file is a resource archive, used in several Aurora games. It is a simplified version of the more complex ERF format, lacking the support for a localized description text as found in early ERF formats, as well as compression and encryption as found in later ERF formats. There is only one single version, V1.0, of the RIM format known and supported. For each resource file, it stores a path- and extension-less name (with a maximum of 16 ASCII characters) and a Type ID.
  9. Yeah, I know of you. Thanks a bunch for the offer, I'll be sure to ask if I need help!I have already found the Bioware Aurora File Format docs online, and I think that KOTOR mostly uses those? I know some things, like binary 2DAs, aren't there (perhaps weren't used for NWN?), but there is info on that, and thankfully peedeeboy has dealt with that anyway. Is anything else missing from the docs, or are any of the formats updated from the documented versions that you know of?
  10. The app does not use root. Could you get me a logcat of the crash? Also, keep in mind it can currently only copy files and patch 2das, not compile scripts, edit .mod and UTC, etc. And it always overwrites files, so be sure to install any mods in the correct order. You'll have to manually download the update from the post, because I changed the location of the apk file from what the old version expects, because it makes it easier in the code. Also, if you have the very first (pre-updater) version, you have to uninstall and reinstall, due to a signing key difference.
  11. Latest update just (badly) themes the UI and has some behind the scenes changes. Nothing major, last week was semester finals, so I didn't have much free time. I'm working on the next update, though. Changelog: b1.1.0 {146} • Theme UI • New launcher icon • Changed minimum API level from 14 to 7 BTS: • Switch from MarkdownView to txtmark • Moved files from assets to raw resources • No longer uses Xdroid.Toaster • Now uses AppCompat support library and VectorDrawables • Switch from official aFileChooser to Zhuowei Zang's version
  12. Actually, looking at it again (and based on your reply about nothing happening), I am pretty certain that the issue is that this app does not compile NSS scripts into NCS. If so, then you will probably still be able to use them on the Star Forge.
  13. You mean this mod? Unfortunately, this app doesn't yet support editing GFF files (such as UTI files), or .mod files, so that is likely the issue. Is your issue the model (which I think should work?) or the fabricator on Dantooine?EDIT: Also, currently, if there are conflicts the app overrides them. I'm planning next update to add an option.