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    Just loaded up this reskin and the PFHC04 reskin, and both of these look phenomenal, cannot wait to see more!
    Looks great
  1. No worries, just thought I'd throw the request out there to see if anybody would be interested, thanks for responding regardless!
  2. Hey Effixian! I actually ran your onderon mod for a bit (Before I realized it conflicted with another mod I had cause I'm an idiot) and while that mod and this mod both look great and are both great improvements over the base clothing and Jal Shey options, I feel as though they don't capture the same look or feel as Cal's. The biggest benefit I see of an outfit like Cal's poncho is the fact that it looks appropriate in any context (i.e. looks normal and good in both the refugee sector and the jedi council confrontation), whereas the traveler's clothes look out of place in certain areas. I'd definitely want to hear your thoughts on this though, here's a reference picture I forgot to include initially.
  3. Hey everybody! I'm a fairly new member of the deadlystream community but like the rest of you I love Kotor and TSL and love the mods that you all make for this game (In particular shout out to Effixian for some of my favorite mods). I was hoping to ask as somebody who admittedly doesn't know much about creating new models, what the possibility of creating a PC outfit with a poncho for TSL, similar to the one Cal from the new Fallen Order game that was released. I feel like even just creating a poncho and using one of the pre-existing clothing options in game as the layer underneath would look great, though I'm not sure how practical or how much of a pain this would be. If there's a mod I missed in my research that is similar please point me to it, otherwise I'd love to hear some peoples thoughts!
    Awesome mod, think it may have made sense to just make the cloak skinnier to avoid the clipping issues, but the mod looks too damn cool to care. Great mod, definitely keeping this one, mods like this keep the game alive! Thanks for making this great mod and it's sister mod without the cloak Stormie!
  4. Hey real late to the party but I also play KOTOR 2 on mac and have a ton of mods downloaded both through workshop and downloaded off of deadlystream, nexus, and gamefront. Using a wineskin has always been a big hassle and buggy for me (Especially since I'm terrible with computers in general), so mods that use TSL Patcher are out of the question, which sucks because there are some phenomenal mod authors who use that program for their mods. In regards to download mods off the internet, you want simpler mods that can be dropped right in your game's override folder. That means armors, reskins, weapons, and head SKINS (Nothing that really adds any models or adds new heads generally) should all be good. More complicated mods that run scripts in game can be a real issue or downright impossible without a wineskin on MAC, so your options are limited sadly. That being said, I am an newbie at best so I'm speaking from personal experience exclusively and not from a seat of knowledge or modding experience. If you have any questions PM me and I can send you my mods list that I have downloaded and hopefully help you out!
  5. This armor mod is insane, is there anyway I'd be able to somehow use it in TSL or port it without using TSL patcher and just throwing some of the files in my override or no?
  6. Downloaded and started using this and wow does it look phenomenal in game. Would've loved to have made it upgradable but great mod regardless, thank you so much! Using this on steam with TSLRCM, works fine with cheating it in, cannot say with the npc script *EDIT, been using, doesn't really need upgrades, performs as well as an upgraded lightsaber in mid game, big fan
  7. Fair enough, it's just the only option for a lot of not so tech savy mac players like myself, appreciate the reply regardless
  8. Hey DarthParametric, I was wondering if you'd ever consider uploading some of your mods to the steam workshop? I know me and quite a few others aren't really able to access a lot of the great mods on here because we play on the steam Mac versions, and it's always great when mod authors upload their stuff on the workshop. This mod is awesome and I'd definitely love to play a run with it if possible, the face has such great detail from the port. Thanks for taking the time to read this and for continuing to mod this phenomenal game!