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  1. Awesome mod that came out great Stormie, can't wait to use it!
  2. Thank you so much! I feel very silly now, I promise I always read through the read-me's if they're relevant for my post, I just thought I wouldn't need to since i wasn't requesting a mod 😂😭
  3. In one of my history classes I stated looking for old websites, when one of the first ones that came to mind was the old mandalorianhunters website I found a while back: http://mandalorianhunters.weebly.com/index.html I know of two other super old mod sites that I've seen posted here by 90SK: https://www.angelfire.com/crazy2/xclone_0101/kotor_mods.htm/ http://www.geocities.ws/d333mods/ I was wondering if anybody had or know any more super old modding websites like these? I think they're such cool time capsules and it's interesting to see what modders were getting up to in the early 2010's and late 200's. If you know some post some below!
  4. Happy birthday Sith Holocron, thanks for all you do to keep the scene alive!
  5. @ConansHair, how the heck did you notice that? 😆
  6. I appreciate the responses guys, thank you! @Marius Fett and @DarthParametricthanks for the suggestions, I'll definitely take a look at some of those mods (though I'll probably steer clear of the fully nude ones and the shitless ones as well @Effixlol) and see what I can cobble together, thanks!
  7. Hey everybody, just curious if somebody could point me in the direction of or potentially get a mod for a shirtless male PC or a mod with T-Shirt like clothing for the male pc. I saw in Marius Fett's bits and bobs thread that he had posted a screenshot of a canderous and sion mashup, and I thought it looked sick. I know on Nexus somebody had posted a "Carth's clothing" mod, but I don't know how I'd port that over to tsl and make it a custom item for a PC. If anybody knows of anything like this let me know please!
  8. Hey Drib, I've been using TSLpatcher on my steam version of KOTOR and TSL for a few years now on my mac. Wine is absolutely the program to use as Parametric has described, but if you need help making it work I can talk to you about my process and how it works for me and how I'm able to use it. Message me if you need help using wine!
  9. Hey Lone wanderer, what's that second mod with the black droid and cape?
  10. Love the festivity, happy spooky season!
    Just loaded up this reskin and the PFHC04 reskin, and both of these look phenomenal, cannot wait to see more!
    Looks great
  11. No worries, just thought I'd throw the request out there to see if anybody would be interested, thanks for responding regardless!
  12. Hey Effixian! I actually ran your onderon mod for a bit (Before I realized it conflicted with another mod I had cause I'm an idiot) and while that mod and this mod both look great and are both great improvements over the base clothing and Jal Shey options, I feel as though they don't capture the same look or feel as Cal's. The biggest benefit I see of an outfit like Cal's poncho is the fact that it looks appropriate in any context (i.e. looks normal and good in both the refugee sector and the jedi council confrontation), whereas the traveler's clothes look out of place in certain areas. I'd definitely want to hear your thoughts on this though, here's a reference picture I forgot to include initially.
  13. Hey everybody! I'm a fairly new member of the deadlystream community but like the rest of you I love Kotor and TSL and love the mods that you all make for this game (In particular shout out to Effixian for some of my favorite mods). I was hoping to ask as somebody who admittedly doesn't know much about creating new models, what the possibility of creating a PC outfit with a poncho for TSL, similar to the one Cal from the new Fallen Order game that was released. I feel like even just creating a poncho and using one of the pre-existing clothing options in game as the layer underneath would look great, though I'm not sure how practical or how much of a pain this would be. If there's a mod I missed in my research that is similar please point me to it, otherwise I'd love to hear some peoples thoughts!