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    Trying out something new: Still need to fill in the back after I chopped off all the head and neck parts of the original, plus add a shadowcaster mesh and fiddle with envmaps (ugh).
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    Excited to announce that non other than the man of a thousand voices himself @UnusualCharacters will now be playing Zekk Vorrn in the The Prodigal Knight!
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    To all my friends that I have made over the years on this site, I cannot begin to tell you how much your friendship has meant to me. Unfortunately, my activity on Deadly Stream will be ceasing to a halt (aside from the occasional download) due to having orders from the United States Navy. OCS here I come!
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    I've essentially recreated one of my very first mods.
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    And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. Merry Christmas!
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    Billy Dee was available (and willing) for VII, JJ just didn't care enough about Lando to add him in. Rian thought of Lando, but he "Had to be" DJ, and that wouldn't fit Lando, so Lando had to go (re-write you HACK!) It's pretty clear if Carrie Fisher was still around JJ wouldn't have called Billy Dee for IX, passing him before. He's just there to replace the carrot that passed away. Talk about insulting. For that reason alone no-one should watch IX. They have their mouth full with "diversity" and other nonsense, but they overlook Lando Calrissian and our interest and fandom of him ENTIRELY only bothering to add him once all others fall away. Again, it's insulting of the highest degree, and they expect us to praise them for it. No, no way in hell.
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    After several years, and 19 updates, my K1 Gameplay Improvement mod now has over 1000 downloads. And what a better way to celebrate with with version 1.20, complete with Taris bug fixes, new Twilek heads from K1EP and even a new Cameo on Korriban!
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    Here's to you Star Wars fans, a Mai Tai from the Grey Jedi bar . . .
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    Made a little video of Revan's holocron from the first Darth Bane novel.
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    I just learnt that I got accepted to university. Can’t decide whether I should be thrilled or scared.
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    Joker was phenomenal. Highly recommend.
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    Me when I see people still using the 'Bao Dur's Fate: A TSLRCM Add-on' the 2018 April 1st Mod, to this very day and acting surprised as to why it is the way it is.
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    Ok. It's time someone made a TSLPatcher compatible mod installer for mac. Looks like I know what I'll have to do this weekend
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    ShemL still doing good work, trolling people... https://www.reddit.com/r/kotor/comments/cmfpkt/operation_save_trask/
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    Ah - so a mod has been submitted, and I hope it can be approved/released on time [May 4th] on that special day! Even though it wasn't -either sooner or later- it'll be OK, lol. Anyway, nothing fancy about the mod, here's a teaser of it: P.S. before guessing too far; it has nothing to do with making the [Taris UCN] area darker - so keep the expectations low. 😛 Update: it has been officially released! Many thanks to Admins/Mods for the approval - and May the 4th be with y'all!
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    Lag makes fun things happen sometimes.
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    At one point I was having this theory- Seems I was wrong. K1 did actually had a BGM implemented as ambient sound/SFX. We could hear it in the Upper City - North Apartment module [tar_m02ad] particularly with the Yun Genda/Sarna's quest. The relevant SFX is al_en_emptybar located in the 'streamsounds' folder. Though, the execution is not as smooth as TSL's Ent. Promenade which having that virtual surround feeling but still- it is something that can be explore.
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    For those who care, after 7 months the K1 Gameplay Imrpovement 1.14 is finally updated! More Kashyyyk content hopefully coming soon.
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    Later this week, I might redo some of the videos on my channel. My old ones are bit choppy and they aren't in widescreen format. I can do better now so you may as well watch them now before I make the old ones all private.
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    Thanks to @eNoodlesand @UnusualCharactersfor working on my Modding Request. From what I hear, it's been submitted for approval.
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    Happy 15th anniversary, KotOR!
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    Still can't believe that Bastila named her son Vaner. Mind-boggling.
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    Waiting on lines (and internet)?Time to watch over what I have done on TPK for the millionth time to spot any tiny issues!
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    Newest trailer for The Prodigal Knight coming along nicely...
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    Should I even bother putting my two cents in on the K1CP drama?
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    So infuriating when you can't find the play disc for a game you want to play, and for some reason it's not where it should be.
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    N-Drew, is there where you got your profile picture from > https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic-ii/file/new-player-character-dmhc02 ? I've always wondered...
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    Lol a "certain movie" Disney released a couple a months ago had me thinking if KOTOR 3 is ever made we would see things like Revan and Carth dying (no funeral, sorry Carth), Canderous would be an overweight drunk who abandons his people, Bastila would be so useless and have a "haircut", HK-47 would no longer want to kill and instead spends his time at DexterJettster's diner chilling with fans, and The Exile would find a way to make sure she can't the person is she now. So yeah, I'll stick with TJM if Disney ever releases a KOTOR 3. LOL!
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    Rewriting some old readme files at midnight was not my best idea. >_> Found at least one typo, so far, this morning.
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    How TSL applying the BGM as SoundFX is very intriguing; particularly with al_jazz- the BGM that played inside the NS' Entertainment Promenade. Definitely something that K1 don't have, and surely is an improvement from the former. Edit: Just figured this out- ambient sounds and background music are two different things but is similar. It seems K1 have them too, it's just that they don't have the variety as TSL does.
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    So I am thinking of doing a blog series where I select a piece of cut content from either game that is NOT restored and detail what I believe, using evidence in the game files or my own hypothesis, would of happened in the cut content should it remained in the game. The first blog is "Bao-Dur's return to the Citadel Station"- https://deadlystream.com/blogs/entry/300-bao-durs-return-to-citadel-station/
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    RDR2 raises the bar pretty high. Quite high like I can't look at any other games the same way lol.
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    Are you a U.S. citizen? Don't forget to vote!
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    Me after watching: TFA - Nuff said. Kylo and Rey- they must be siblings! TLJ - So they were not then. RO - Now that was cool. Solo - Hands down the best out of the last 4.
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    Should I update my Replacement Loading Screens (Part 2) package so I can replace this . . . . . . with this?
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    Next mod analysis video won't be for a while. It'll be a micro analysis of all the (or at least the more interesting) loot from the Yavin IV mod. The next mod after that. I have no idea. All I know is that I need to get my head straight due to college metaphorically putting me in a body cast and my mental health being on the fritz. The next mod analysis will happen. Don't know when but it'll happen.
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    Slave Bastila and my Supermodel Fix for K2 have been updated. I've also uploaded a Supermodel Fix for K1, which doesn't have much yet, but includes the same fixes as the most recent K2 version (a clipping issue with dual melee animations). These three were a sort of concentrated effort so I wanted to announce some stuff about them all together for anybody who reads status updates. The update to Slave Bastila fixes a critical error that I'd known about for a while but only just figured out how to fix, so I strongly suggest to anybody who uses the mod that you go update it so you don't have to suffer through things I broke. Slave Bastila also includes the fixes for K1, so you don't need to and shouldn't use the Supermodel Fix for K1 if you use Slave Bastila. Finally - to reiterate what I've said in the Supermodel Fix descriptions - if you spot any other animation issues, send me a picture so I can see what the problem is and confirm if it's a problem I can fix on the supermodels. If so, I'll add it to my to-do list.
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    Going on vacation for a few days. Later nerds.
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    Just finished watching @DarthTyren's video on Youtube. Hands down the most compelling KotOR reviews I've watched! It is very well scripted- and hilarious too! 🤣
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    Which DeadlyStream member am I currently with? Stay tuned for an update in the DeadlyStream selfie thread!
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    Ah... here it is, a beta result of my attempt to mix UnusualCharacters' submitted voice to make it sounds like Darth Revan like the one in SW:ToR. This is as far as I can go right now with the attempt but is actually pleased with the end-result; as for my ears, this one is quiet "Darth Revanly". As time goes by- and some tutorials dive-in , I'll try to figure out how to do it legitimately. Note: I personally like the part from 0:23 to 0:26. It had that "Darth Revan" potential there.
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    Moved to Texas, recently. My recording studio is set up and ready to go. Reach out for VO work.
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    I probably downloaded way too many textures to test out for these new models, but hey, that's all part of the fun. P.S. If it's a slow day at work, I'll probably do some work there. :DarkSide: :DarkSide: :DarkSide:
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    If anyone is interested in voting on a poll regarding starting up a Role-play section here on DeadlyStream, it's located in the Site Suggestion/Feedback section
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    Had a few fairly big setbacks with HK-48 but I'm still really excited to bring it out. I've got more time now so hopefully I can re-do what I've lost and polish it up.