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  1. So does anyone that uses Steam want to report this idiot uploading a laundry list of other people's TSL mods to the Workshop?


  2. Open changes.ini in a text editor. Check that LookupGameFolder is set to 0 and not 1. It should ask you to browse for the install folder.
  3. I seem to recall we talked about it at one point.
  4. There will be issues because K1R dumps some stuff in the Override that is module injected in v1.8. It will require a compatibility patch presumably.
  5. One will override the other/s, certainly, but that is still a workable arrangement in limited circumstances. It's why the majority of other mods on the Workshop are player appearance mods, because as long as you install one after TSLRCM and don't use any others, you won't have any problems, as the overriding files (2DAs, primarily) are based on the versions from TSLRCM.
  6. No, it is set. Priority is in order of installation, newest first. Not strictly true. As per the above, you can set the load order by what order you install in. Or you could edit the ACF file in the base Workshop folder that defines it.
  7. It is. Currently only a single NPC uses it though I think, one of the background NPCs in Javyar's cantina on Taris.
  8. Probably not advisable, but it would need to be tested to determine for sure.
  9. There are no binaries included in the public repo, just changes.ini and script source. 1.8 is currently in closed beta. A public release is probably at least a month away.
  10. Stuff for the mini-games I believe, like swoop racing.
  11. TSL can script any of the animations in animations.2da (unlike K1).
  12. Oooh, nicely done. Much obliged.
  13. A creature's soundset is defined in the UTC. You'd need to manually create a new UTC and make it available in the module (or globally). The creature could then be spawned via script when needed. You can, however, directly play sound files from sounds.bif (where all the SS files are) using PlaySound(string sSoundName) For example: DelayCommand(10.75, PlaySound("p_plyermw_dead2"));
  14. If your PC is male then it is working as intended.