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  1. My standard policy is that any time someone asks when something is coming out, I delay it for another 12 months. So thanks for taking the pressure off. See you in 2020.
  2. You'd have to add a CD version registry entry pointing to the GOG install: https://deadlystream.com/topic/4568-kotor-tool-wont-work/?tab=comments#comment-47386
  3. Presumably you were right on the cusp of folder depth with the first one, and the extra length of M4-78 put it over the edge. Google "Windows MAX_PATH" if you want to know more.
  4. Then in that case, where are you installing from? What is the full path of where the installer is located?
  5. Where are you trying to install it to? Some Steam Workshop directory buried deep under a bunch of sub-directories?
  6. You'll typically also want to set a boolean on the trigger, or destroy it after it has triggered, assuming it is intended to be a one-and-done event. Alternative options include checking the creature or object that is assigned the conversation for a boolean, or checking a global boolean/number, as appropriate. Here's one example: #include "k_inc_utility" int HasNeverTriggered() { int bReturn; if (UT_GetPlotBooleanFlag(OBJECT_SELF, SW_PLOT_BOOLEAN_01) == FALSE) { bReturn = TRUE; UT_SetPlotBooleanFlag(OBJECT_SELF, SW_PLOT_BOOLEAN_01, TRUE); } return bReturn; } void Main() { object oDLGOwner = GetObjectByTag("DLGOwner"); object oEntering = GetEnteringObject(); if (GetIsPC(oEntering) && HasNeverTriggered()) { AssignCommand(oDLGOwner, ActionStartConversation(GetFirstPC(), "DLGString")); } } You can also cut out the middle-man and just do it like this: void Main() { object oDLGOwner = GetObjectByTag("DLGOwner"); object oEntering = GetEnteringObject(); int SW_PLOT_BOOLEAN_01 = 0; if (GetIsPC(oEntering) && !GetLocalBoolean(OBJECT_SELF, SW_PLOT_BOOLEAN_01)) { SetLocalBoolean(oTarget, OBJECT_SELF, SW_PLOT_BOOLEAN_01); AssignCommand(oDLGOwner, ActionStartConversation(GetFirstPC(), "DLGString")); } }
  7. TSL allows for upgrades like underlays. There might be some buffs in the upgrades you can't normally use for robes that you could add as base properties. Also look at what the other named robes do for ideas.
  8. Should be a bunch of separate items as I recall. That's why she comes up with that "talk to me if you want to refocus it" crap. They need to destroy the one you have and give you a new one.
  9. They do, I just switched the menu via an ini edit on a LS save to get the screenshot. The player menu will load whatever the appearance of the current "player" is (so should be HK during the droid factory, etc.).
  10. Yeah I'm aware of it. It irks me every time I go through the training sequence. It's not something we'll bother with for 1.8, but you should add an issue for it and maybe we'll deal with it in 1.9. I've never looked at it in sufficient detail to know offhand if it could be alleviated with a simple starting conditional and an added node or two, or whether the whole DLG would need to be rebuilt (which is a serious pain in the ass).
  11. Also DLG editing presumably, assuming you want someone (or something - T3 often gets roped into this sort of thing) to handle the resetting/levelling up item switching in an interactive manner.
  12. Per the description - "Adds extra disguises to the party and interrogation scenes in the Upper City North Apartments."
  13. No, there are no plans to incorporate that into K1CP. However, I did make a mod for that for someone else which you may be interested in - https://github.com/DarthParametric/K1_Taris_Sith_Uniform_Disguise_Extension/releases
  14. Delete the instance of the item from your save with KSE before adding it again after updating any details, including the icon.