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    Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 : Expanded Galaxy Project - Beta Over all both releases contain everything necessary for KotOR and KotOR 2 in order to add every planet / missing module to each game and vice versa and I have plans to add an overall questline during the game for each area as well as an expansion to both games, currently every module can only be warped to with the cheats enabled in the swkotor.ini files for both games. K2 ModDB Page : https://www.moddb.com/mods/kotor-ii-tsl-expanded-galaxy K2 to K1 Videos : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DX__8xkF1ok&list=PLcla5Ujpqtcx4V_VPGTU0WsQPpjMSUN_1 K1 ModDB Page : https://www.moddb.com/mods/expanded-galaxy-project-kotor-12 K1 to K2 Videos : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhYlUImv8iE&list=PLcla5UjpqtcwxNVK0DcHEwDry1ya9QWYa Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/expandedgalaxy/ KotOR Modding Tutorial Series : https://deadlystream.com/topic/6886-tutorial-kotor-modding-tutorial-series/ Latest Release : Both K1 & K2 mods have been trimmed to only include the currently relevant files and main areas, music, sound and doors have all been updated for K2 but not for K1. K2 Download Link : https://www.moddb.com/mods/kotor-ii-tsl-expanded-galaxy/downloads/expanded-galaxy-k2-beta-v0-2-9 K1 Download Link : https://www.moddb.com/mods/expanded-galaxy-project-kotor-12/downloads/revans-eternal-empire-k1-beta-v0-2-9 Information about the latest release & planned storylines! Modders Re-Source v0_2_5 Backup Release Screenshots of the Expanded Glaxy Project Current Progress & Plans for the Expanded Galaxy Project Thor110 Discord : https://discord.gg/g9cnEvr - For Testing & Story Discussion.
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    Hello everyone! I just wanted to stop by and give everyone an update on the Community Patches. Although I've started to have a little bit more of a normal schedule these days, I'm still really busy and as much as I'd like to work on modding KOTOR, it always seems to slip further and further down my TODO list. However, there's still lots to do on the patches, and I don't want them to stagnate, so towards that end I'm giving @JCarter426 and @DarthParametric permission to update both of the community patches. They are both veteran modders who understand the spirit of the patches, and will take good care of it I'm sure! This doesn't mean I'm done working on them, just that I'm bringing in other people to the project for its own good I'll still work on it whenever I get the chance for sure! Thanks again for all your well wishes and support!!
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    OK so here is how I went about the fix. We'll use PFBFS as the example, as the issue is most pronounced in the small models, along with the PFHA01 head. I should also preface this by saying this following is predicated on working in Max. I'm unsure if GMax will support all of it. I know in the past I have said "it's easy, just do XYZ", only to discover GMax doesn't have said ability. To start with, here is a closeup view of the problem areas. The back of the neck is particularly bad in this example, with a large section clipping through right down to the base: There's also the issue at the front with the center front vert clipping past the front of the collar. From the wireframe of the collar, you can see the reason for this is that the front of the collar is pushed inwards, past the front of the neck: As I stated in the previous post, the G model doesn't have the same issues. The collar is shorter and wider, and unlike the F/H models has weighting to the neck_g bone: We can take advantage of this fact and use the G collar to replace the existing F/H collars. So, on to the fix. The first step is to load up the G model and obtain our donor collar. Because of K1's three different sizes, this process will need to be repeated for each of the L, M, and S models, giving you three donor collar meshes, one for each body size. I'll just show the process with the S model, but the steps are identical for each. With the PFBGS ASCII model imported, select the Torso mesh and then Hide Unselected. It helps to hide the texture if those are loaded, and additionally change the object colour from white so it's easier to differentiate meshes in wireframe/edged face modes later on. Change to a side view and swap to a lasso selection mode. Unfold the Editable Mesh modifier in the stack and select the Element sub-mode. Now in the viewport select the collar elements: Switch back to a perspective view and ensure you have it all selected: Now Select Invert and Delete. That should leave the collar by itself: This is probably a good point to rename the mesh from Torso to something more appropriate, like Collar_G_S. Select the Skin modifier in the stack and find the Advanced Parameters section. Under that click the Save button, which will prompt you to choose a location to export an envelope (ENV) file. This file records the skin weights for each vertex in the mesh. We'll need this once we merge the donor collar mesh into the recipient model: Now you can Unhide All and, with the collar mesh selected, Select Invert and Delete. Now the only object in the scene should be the collar mesh. Save this as a Max/GMax file, then do a Reset to create a fresh scene. Import the PFBFS ASCII model. Just like with the G model, select the Torso mesh and hide everything else, disable the texture if necessary and change the object colour. Select the collar elements: The difference is this time we want to delete the collar, like so: Now go to File -> Import -> Merge and select the saved G collar file. In the Merge dialogue that pops up, select the collar mesh and hit OK: Now the collar mesh will be in the scene, although it won't mate cleanly with the hole in the torso: We'll need to do a bit of vertex shuffling to make a seamless join. The first step is to hide most of the torso mesh to make things easier to see. Go into the Polygon sub-mode of the Editable Mesh and select the ring of polys around the neck hole: Now Select Invert and hit Hide under the Selection section of the Polygon rollout: Now there's a minor adjustment to make in the Torso mesh. You'll see the back of the neck clips inside the collar, so we need to drag that out a bit: Select the Torso mesh and go to the Vertex sub-mode of the Editable Mesh. Select these two verts: And move them back past the collar: It is important to only move these verts, and not touch the verts connected to the rest of the torso. With that done, select the collar mesh and go into the Vertex sub-mode of the Editable Mesh. Go to Tools -> Grids and Snaps -> Grids and Snaps Settings and make sure only Vertex is enabled and toggle Snaps on in the toolbar. Now comes the process of selecting each vert around the collar and snapping it to the appropriate vert on the torso. You'll want to have Edged Faces enabled in the view settings to make things easier. Snaps can be finicky, so you may need to make use of Undo a lot until you get the hang of it. Hiding as much unwanted geometry as possible helps a lot here to avoid snapping to the wrong place, as well as making it easier to access verts amidst intersecting geometry. Additionally, because of the mismatched subdivision between the two meshes, the torso will need to have a couple of verts snapped to edges on the collar in order to close all the holes. All this is easier to demonstrate in a video: Now we have the collar cleanly mated to the torso, It's time to load in the skin weights. Unhide All, then with the collar mesh selected, click on the Skin modifier and under Parameters click on the Add button at the top of the Bone list. This will pop up a window of all the objects in the scene. Select the torsoupr_g and neck_g bones: In the Advanced Parameters section, click the Load button and find the ENV file you saved earlier. You'll get a a Load Envelopes window where you can match bones. Because we are using the same names, hitting the Match By Name button should be sufficient (although for future reference, bone names are case sensitive). If you left the original bone list untouched, you'll likely have a long list of extra bones in the Incoming Envelopes column. That's fine, you can safely ignore those. They have no weights as we deleted the rest of the torso mesh they were originally assigned to. Hit the OK button: You can hit the Edit Envelopes button to make sure your weights imported correctly: The final step is to address the texture. Because life is never that easy, each of the F/G/H models have completely different UV mapping, If you assign one of the F textures to the collar, you'll see its a mess: Because of how texture variants work, we'll need to edit the collar's UVs to match the F texture layout. To do that you'll want to check the UVs of the vanilla F collar (I probably should have mentioned that before you deleted it - whoops). It looks like this: Back with the G collar, add an Unwrap UVW modifier above Editable Mesh in the stack. Obviously the existing UVs will not be anywhere close to right: The interior section is pretty easy to fix with some rotation and scaling: The outer ring though will require a bit more finessing. First it will require a Flip Horizontal, then some Scale Horizontal to get it roughly the right width. After that, switch to Vertex mode and shuffle verts until you have something in the ballpark of the original layout: You don't have to try and slavishly copy the original to the pixel. Just get it looking more or less the same. You can see here I actually shifted the front seam (righthand side in the UV window) back a bit compared to the original, as the texture kind of fades out to mush further to the right. Once you are happy with the result, right click on the Unwrap UVW modifier and choose Collapse To. It is important to choose this and not Collapse All, as well as making sure the modifier is underneath the Skin and Trimesh modifiers. Otherwise you'll destroy those. And that is pretty much it. All that remains is to make the collar mesh a child of the base, export, and compile. Then you can test in-game. Edit: One additional step I missed. It's not entirely necessary, given that the G collar seems to work fine, but to be doubly sure you may want to pull the front verts out a little, like so: And here's the final result with the PFHA01 head:
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    View File Female Armour Collar Fix This mod edits the models for the the female Class 7 (PFBF) and Class 9 (PFBH) armours. Along with Class 8 (PFBG), these three armours all feature a fabric collar. However, in the case of the F and H models this collar lacks any weighting to the neck bone, and due to its shape and height is prone to experiencing clipping of the neck with some head models. As the G armour apparently doesn't appear to suffer these issues, the collar from this armour (with some adjustment) was grafted onto the F/H bodies. The amount of clipping is somewhat variable depending on the head. It also seems far more prevalent on the small body size, but I have provided fixed models for all three body sizes. Compatibility: The UVs of the armours are unchanged, so they are still fully compatible with all vanilla textures and any retexture mods that stick to that layout Obviously the mod will not be compatible with any other mod that replaces the same models Permissions: This is intended as a half enduser mod, half modder's resource. People are free to include this content as part of other mods as long as credit is given. Acknowledgements: Thanks to @ebmar for making me aware of the issue via a screenshot for his Janice Nall mod Thanks to @bead-v for MDLEdit and KOTORMax Submitter DarthParametric Submitted 01/02/2019 Category Mods K1R Compatible Yes  
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    Version 1.1


    PC Replacement Voices (Kira, DS Jaesa, LS Jaesa) AUTHOR: Sith Holocron ORIGINAL RELEASE: 25 DEC 2018 GAMES: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1. [This mod will not work in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2. See Description for more details.] RECOMMENDED ADDITIONAL MODS: "TOR Ports: Kira Carsen  Female Player Head for K1", "TOR Ports: Jaesa Willsaam Female Player Head for K1" - both by @DarthParametric Description: ------------------ This mod's creation was in response to a request by @Untold Prophecy so give him a shout on his request thread if you liked his idea. A few notes: Not all of the lines will play as that's how the game is set up. However, I've filled out as many of the options that I showed in the female PC voice lines document that I could. This also enables you - the player - to go through the lines and decide which is the best one to use. Options, people! Who doesn't like options? Some more notes: There are no Jaesa or Kira lines for some of the mine lines that I could find so I included blank files so you won't hear the original PC character's voice. I didn't replace the injury sounds either as it won't make a noticeable difference. (One scream is much like another, IMHO.) There were also a few where all three options use the same lines but as only one of those three play in game, you won't notice a difference. (It was easy copying one line to all three options than figuring out which one plays in game - which I can't do because my computer isn't working.) Hopefully, I've found suitable lines for the PC various scenarios. You'll have to let me know in the review section below. (Details are better than just leaving stars, you see.) Feel free to link videos of the lines in use if your review. I would've done it myself but my computer has not been brought to repair shop yet. This mod is only for Knights of the Old Republic 1. Knights of the Old Republic 2 - although it has the voice files for the male and female PC - the game doesn't have them activated, rendering the Exile mute. If you wish you attempt to perform a work around, that is your own responsibility and not my own. Feel free to make your suggestions on workarounds below if you find a suitable one. Installation: ----------------- There are three folders in the package: one for Kira Carsen, one for light side Jaesa Willsaam, and one for dark side Jaesa Willsaam. Choose one (and only one) of these soundsets and you can't use multiple soundsets for one character. Once you've made your choice, follow these instructions. 1) Move the original KotOR1 files that share the file names in this mod to a place you can find them. (I recommend a folder on your desktop.) Those files will be located in the "Streamsounds" folder where you have KotOR1 installed. 2) Extract the files from the 7z folder. Grab the new files from that extracted folder and put them in Streamsounds folder. 3) When you're done with the beta, you can delete my files from the Streamsounds folder and put the original files back in there. Note: If you're using the mod on Steam, this quote may prove helpful. Uninstall: -------------- Remove the aforementioned contents from your Override folder. Legal Disclaimer: ------------------------- All materials and copyrights belong to LucasArts, Bioware and Obsidian Entertainment Inc. I own none of the materials, and I'm not making any money out of this mod. It is to be distributed as-is without alteration, unless notified in writing of permission granted by me. This mod is not to be distributed for profit, either. I hereby state that I specifically do NOT wish this mod to be uploaded to Steam Workshop. I may release this on NexusMods at a later date but I don't wish others to do so. Usage in other mods must be requested and approved by me in writing before your use. Special Thanks: ----------------------- @Untold Prophecy for the request idea. Happy Holidays!
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    Version 1.0.0


    This mod edits the models for the the female Class 7 (PFBF) and Class 9 (PFBH) armours. Along with Class 8 (PFBG), these three armours all feature a fabric collar. However, in the case of the F and H models this collar lacks any weighting to the neck bone, and due to its shape and height is prone to experiencing clipping of the neck with some head models. As the G armour apparently doesn't appear to suffer these issues, the collar from this armour (with some adjustment) was grafted onto the F/H bodies. The amount of clipping is somewhat variable depending on the head. It also seems far more prevalent on the small body size, but I have provided fixed models for all three body sizes. Compatibility: The UVs of the armours are unchanged, so they are still fully compatible with all vanilla textures and any retexture mods that stick to that layout Obviously the mod will not be compatible with any other mod that replaces the same models Permissions: This is intended as a half enduser mod, half modder's resource. People are free to include this content as part of other mods as long as credit is given. Acknowledgements: Thanks to @ebmar for making me aware of the issue via a screenshot for his Janice Nall mod Thanks to @bead-v for MDLEdit and KOTORMax
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    CSLU Toolkit (No Online Licensing) View File Previous versions of the CSLU Toolkit could not be installed without an active licensing server. This was unavailable for almost two years. This program has been modified by myself and the original authors to allow for an installation without CSLU's servers being active. This program is required to create .phn files used for new .lip files. Instructions ------------ 1. Copy "CSLU Toolkit" folder to the following destination: "C:\Program Files (x86)\" 2. Open command prompt as administrator! 3. Change directory to "C:\Program Files (x86)\CSLU Toolkit" (command is: "CD C:\Program Files (x86)\CSLU Toolkit") 4. Run setup.bat (command is "setup.bat") NOTE: This program is NOT compatible with Windows 8 or 10. It MUST run on Windows 7 or older. (It has been tested in a Windows 7 VM) Submitter Jenko Submitted 12/21/2018 Category Modding Tools
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    I'd suggest the easiest route would be a different head. It would be a fairly straightforward model change (you don't need to worry about a blaster given he is non-combat) and is also one of the primary methods of distinguishing astromechs in the OT era, which were basically all R2 bodies with different heads. For example:
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    Greetings, fellow Jedi! Hope you all doin' fine. On my latest attempt, I tried to edit an ASCII to attach MaskHook and GoogleHook with standard Notepad and when I convert the ASCII to Binary, it works. But when I load the Binary with MDLedit an error occurred which leaves the Binary model can't be loaded. So, I surfed the net looking for an answer and then I found this freeware: PlainEdit.NET I'm an amateur with tools and stuffs but as stated in the description; In short; when I edit the ASCII with the said tool and then save the changes, convert it again to Binary and load it with MDLedit- it loads, and all changes does loaded to the model! The MaskHook and GoogleHook does working seamlessly despite the fact some further changes would be necessary for their positioning and orientation. So I thought I share the news with fellows here whom perhaps having the same problem which I hope it can be helpful. I know many have known about editing ASCII and stuffs but I'm certain a few haven't known about it. I hope the information kind of helps; may the Force be with you all!
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    Chances are with modding that if you think you're done, you're probably not done. A couple of points I didn't address regarding skinned meshes: You can delete elements of a skinned mesh and still retain intact skin weights on the remaining portions. However you can't add new geometry without destroying the weights (basically it all boils down to vert ID numbers). If you want to merge two or more meshes into a single mesh, you'll have to recreate the skin weight data. When butting up two skinned meshes like this, you need to make sure that the weights for each paired vertex are identical, otherwise you'll get bad deformation and see gaps. I skipped over discussing it here because all the verts around the neck hole in the torso are weighted 1.0 to torsoupr_g, as are the bottom row of verts on the collar. But that's something to be mindful of when doing this sort of thing. Similar examples in KOTOR are splinting meshes at the shoulders or wrists (because of the engine's bones-per-mesh limit). If you look at those you'll see they typically try to minimise the number of bones at the split to one or two for simplicity. It's also debatable whether this is the "right" way to approach this problem. There's usually more than one way to skin a cat, as they say, and you could resolve this issue in an alternative manner. The obvious way would be to reshape the existing collars, adding in weighting to the neck_g bone. That would eliminate the need to mate two different meshes together and edit the UVs, but I considered it the more laborious approach for me personally.
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    Many- many thanks for the step-by-step detailed tutorial, DarthParametric! I will look to take this into practice in every chance possible; this will be very helpful on a long run same as this tutorial here you've made earlier. I have trouble getting to know with gmax's interface which I believe pretty much stalled my development in general practice but still, I'm looking to progressing further on this case. At last, your effort and time on making this excellent guide is very much appreciated. Thank you very much. I was shocked at the exact moment; thought all is set and done only by vert snapping, lol.
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    I figured out the problem after my initial post, it simply can't run on Windows 8 or 10. I had to create a Windows 7 virtual machine in order to get it to work.
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    I've got another small update. This time it's on the KotOR Forge Modding Suite. I took a break from coding over the holidays, so work has been a bit slow on the engine 😇. I had a bit of inspiration over the past couple of days and whipped up a visual lip sync editor. It's still early on, but It will be available for testing in the next release. As always I've thrown in a short video preview below of some of the things it can already do. Key Features List Timeline Editor for easy Keyframe scrubbing and editing Preview heads for visual aid Preview audio that tracks with the timeline Auto loads in audio from the game assets if the lip filename matches Let me know what you all think, and if something like this would be useful. 😃 I'm also thinking it should also be able to add .PHN support since someone seems to have uploaded a version to the site. I just can't get it to install properly on my windows 10 machine. Looks like i'm getting the same error as another person in the support thread for it. 😞 Edit: I was able to get CSLU Toolkit working after some help from @Ashton Scorpius. After referencing the conversion table in LipSyncEditor I was able to get PHN imports working yay! Oh and a little housekeeping.... I don't currently have any plans to do that atm. Thanks for the feedback!
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    Download : Downloads for my KotOR Modding Tutorial Series are available in the post below and on the ModDB pages. Update : Please let me know how you get on with these tutorials, if you have any problems or suggestions for how I could improve anything even grammar / formatting I would really appreciate it, I hope to construct a tutorial series that covers modding of both the Expanded Galaxy Project and both KotOR games from basic modifications to Total Conversion Modifications set in the Old Republic Era of the Star Wars Universe, anything beyond this would require more work on your part, I believe it would be possible to make some interesting stories using the Odyssey engine for Point & Click type games or RPGs in general, but I believe it is better suited towards the Star Wars Universe, more specifically the Old Republic Era due to the abundance of content available in both games, but it could also be re-purposed for other Star Wars Stories from any time. https://www.moddb.com/mods/expanded-galaxy-project-kotor-12/downloads/kotor-modding-tutorial-series I will be posting my tutorials on ModDB as well, here is my first link which is a rough tutorial and overview of the future tutorials I have planned, both mods pages on ModDB will also have files to go alongside each mod and help streamline the process of creating levels for both games in the KotOR series and for the Expanded Galaxy Project. https://www.moddb.com/mods/kotor-ii-tsl-expanded-galaxy/tutorials/streamlining-module-creation 01 - [TUTORIAL] - Creating a Module for TSL using a KotOR Map! Useful Links for learning to mod TSL & KotOR Thor110
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    Version 1.0.0


    Introduction This mod adds a new holocron to the game, which can be found on a corpse on Dxun. In addition to giving the player bonuses to their maximum Force Points, which unlock at levels 12, 14, and 16, the mod also gives the player the opportunity to learn three new Lightsaber forms: Sokan (Form VIII), Shi'en (Form IX), and Niman/Jar'Kai (Form X), which can be activated as non-medical abilities. (The vanilla lightsaber forms are hard-coded in the game). This derives from an unreleased mod of mine made in 2005, in which I made these three Lightsaber Forms work as passive Force Powers. These Lightsaber Forms become available at levels 13, 15, and 17. Their stats are as follows: Sokan: Attack +3 Damage Bonus +1 Reflex Saves +3 Defence Bonus 2 Defence Bonus vs. Piercing -2 (net bonus: 0) Shi'en: Attack +3 Damage Bonus +3 Defence Bonus -2 Blaster Deflect -2 Reflex Saves -2 Niman/Jar'Kai: Attack +2 Offhand attack bonus +3 Defence Bonus 1 Fortitude Saves -1 Installation Double click 'Install Dxun Holocron', and hit the 'Install mod' button. Uninstallation Remove the following files from your Override folder: di_d_gk1.ncs di_g_lf8.ncs di_g_lf9.ncs di_g_lf10.ncs di_gk1.utc di_jh_01.dlg di_jh_01.ncs di_jh_01.uti di_jhc.utp di_k2s_lf8.ncs di_k2s_lf9.ncs di_k2s_lf10.ncs di_k2s_lf8.uti di_k2s_lf9.uti di_k2s_lf10.uti di_s_gk1.ncs di_s_jhc.ncs ii_datapad_063.tga ii_datapad_064.tga ii_datapad_065.tga ii_datapad_066.tga Copy the files 'spells.2da' and 'globalcat.2da' from the backup folder created by TSLPatcher on installation into your Override folder. If no such folder was created on install by the game, you can (probably) safely delete these two files as well. Known Bugs The new Lightsaber Forms won't appear in the same place as the vanilla forms do on the GUI, but in the non-medical items slot (with the shields, basically). There's not a lot I can do about this; the Lightsaber forms appear to be hard-coded. Credits Thanks are to deathdisco, whose original KotOR I lightsaber forms mod inspired this one; to Darth333, stoffe, jmac7142/Det. Bart Lasiter, glovemaster, and everyone else who taught me and continues to teach me to script; to Darkkender, for his "Recruit Darkkender" mod, which I used to work out how to make the lightsaber forms work; to Holowan Labs, which was by far the best place to work on KotOR mods on the internet; and to Obsidian, Bioware, and LucasArts, for making both KotOR games.
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    Impressive...most impressive. This could open up many more possibilities to my modding. I will watch this project with great interst.
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    Screenshots have been moved to the first post.
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    Alright, first matter of business: GenoHaradan Legacy Demo 1.5 has been released! I've fixed up the Jekk Jekk Tarr fixes as well as added a new TSLPatcher installation method for optional installs. Right now: I am looking into the Jekk Jekk Tarr section of this mod. In Vanilla, after Mira opened the emergency escape tunnel she would proceed to enter the tunnel like Hanhar does and watches the Exile get zapped by Goto through the cameras as Hanhar did, Mira will then bump into Zez Kai-El as Hanhar did and unlike Hanhar inform Zez that Goto has captured the Exile. In TSLRCM, instead, Visquis orders his Ubese to capture Mira and lock her up somewhere and immediately after he says in the cutscene the next cutscene shows Mira locked in a storage room where her restored line "I need to get out of here before Visquis executes me" is played. After the Exile gets zapped instead of Mira watching through the camera instead Atton shows up and rescues Mira from the room, after a restored conversation is played they then leave and go to her safehouse. The TSLRCM scene doesn't make much sense. While getting locked up inside the room and getting saved makes sense Atton must have walked through not only the poisonous Jekk Jekk Tarr but the poisonous maze tunnels as well without a space suit. On top of that, this scene makes Zez's lines from earlier about "I am going to save her, I'll be back soon or not at all" kinda pointless as he doesn't turn up at all in the Jekk Jekk Tarr unless you recruited Hanhar. My plan to fix this: the line "I need to get out of here before Visquis executes me" will play just after Mira kills Hanhar. Visquis will still order his men to capture and lock up Mira but they won't because she'll flee into the tunnels. I'll restore the Vanilla scene with Mira and Zez in the tunnels that'll play right after the Exile gets zapped and Atton's new restored conversation will be moved outside the Tarr. After Atton fought the Zhugs on the landing pad he'd be rushing to the Tarr but once he arrives Mira is outside and will say "Uh, you're running a little late - your friend already walked into a trap in the Jekk'Jekk Tarr." which will be followed up with Atton's dialogue options which will lead to the cut conversation that would play in the Jekk Jekk Tarr "Name's Mira - I've been watching you all stumble around this moon for a while, causing trouble.". After the cut conversation it'll end with "Come on, I know one place where they won't find us." After that, the screen will go black and the pair will teleport into her hideout and her normal dialogue will play "We took out Visquis, but Goto has him... and that means no bounty for me." from there it'll transition to T3's mission and it'd go as normal... for now. After some testing I have a question to ask: Just before the Exile enters the Arena a dialogue starts with some force effect on the screen, it immediately loads up the landing pad module and Atton's fight with the Zhugs starts there. What dialogue causes that to happen?
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    Great work so far! The engine looks awesome! Many Kudos! Are there any plans to port KotOR JS to Android or IOS in the forseeable future?
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    [Completed: July 09, 2018] # 00. Disclaimer # Yes, very much influenced by @CarthOnasty's approach of organizing a WIP thread [it is obvious that I'm a big admirer of CO's systemic way of preparing a mod]- I'm starting my first now And as the current development is reaching above 30% marks, now I have the confidence to officially labeled this project a "Work in Progress". # 01. Background # "Now you'll see why I'm the most dangerous assassin on Taris." A line that make most of KotOR players be like "Really? Hmm... let's see what you've got then, Selven!"- and less than 20 seconds later, it feels like nothing is really happening then #truestory. Bugged with the fact that Selven could possibly be beaten in less than 20 seconds with under-leveled PC and companions, along with her looks that just too ordinary point to the fact that she was a female Human high-profile assassin who became infamous for extermination of the Ulgo family on Taris and tons of other assassination attempt; the project was started then. So, for an introduction- here's the vanilla Selven: [Updated: June 17, 2018] Brief description: Selven began her career as a mere killer in the employ of Davik Kang, the local crime lord of the Exchange on Taris. Eventually, she abandoned her service to him to work as a freelance assassin for the highest bidder. Sometime during or prior to 3956 BBY, possibly under the employ of House Organa, Selven murdered six civilians -an entire family of House Ulgo- along with all their bodyguards. This massacre was only the first of a chain of killings that would lead to the extinction of the entire house on Taris. Day after day, more and more Ulgos fell at the hands of Selven, whether gunned down on the streets, poisoned in their own homes, or a variety of other methods. In spite of the level of security stacked against her, Selven was always able to elude the authorities, proving herself unstoppable to all the guards and droids that the Ulgos could muster for their protection. By the end of her killing spree, no Ulgo remained alive on Taris, and she had earned a reputation as the best assassin on the planet. In the aftermath, House Organa fiercely pressured government authorities to place a contract on Selven's head, arguing that for this mass murderer to run loose threatened the lives of countless innocents. Despite this, the bitter rivalry that had existed between House Organa and House Ulgo was well-known, and there were many in the public that speculated that it was the Organas that had hired Selven to eliminate the Ulgos, and that they hoped her death would keep this secret from being exposed. In 3956 BBY, her bounty was posted by Zax, the Hutt in charge of the bounty office at Javyar's Cantina in the Lower City. Numerous bounty hunters attempted to collect the bounty, but every last one of them were killed by Selven. When the Sith Empire occupied the planet during the Jedi Civil War, the assassin was not intimidated by the Sith troopers that confronted her, slaying any that treated her as a hostile. Wookieepedia # 02. Planning # [Completed: June 17, 2018] Changing the looks; both to the head and the body to make Selven more unique- and to fit her description being "the best assassin on the planet". [Completed: June 26, 2018] Changing the .utc to enhanced her skills and abilities so she's tougher to fight- and you wouldn't want to probably! And to equip her with Stealth field generator- referring for her being always able to elude the authorities, in spite of the level of security stacked against. [Completed: June 17, 2018] Alter the voice, so it kind of fit her new personality [stick with the original VO- a slight of change to the pitch only]. # 03. Work in Progress # The looks has been changed; both the head and body texture are unique now. Could say her appearance is already in its final form, seems fitting with a future plan of her to make. Big THANKS to @DarthParametricfor the massive help, I could say 99% of this project has DP's involvement there [Updated: June 16, 2018] Been learning about normal mapping recently, so put what I learn [some basic things] to good cause with the head texture. [Updated: June 16, 2018 - latter] Realized that for mapping tattoos, it would be legit to have the bump going outside, not inside as pictured above so, rough-fix to the texture. Using that reference as the starting point, I'll use that approach of bumping the tattoos "outside" going forwards. [Updated: June 18, 2018] Been working on the body texture; it have not been finalized, bet still have to work on some things for sure- but self assured, it is on the right track. To tell the truth, this was that very moment when the "Less is More" consideration kicks in. [Updated: June 19, 2018] The head and body tex's has been finalized; using legit way of normal mapping. The objective has been accomplished, and personally happy with result. Hats-off to DarthParametric! Again-and-again, for the ultimate guidance. [Updated: June 26, 2018] Done with the .utc, as Selven's harder to fight now. Tried to battle-tested her with Lvl 7 Carth and Lvl 7 PC in Normal difficulty and we both ended up being meatbags so, mission "mini-boss Selven" is quite accomplished there. Also, the Stealth field generator is now in the inventory- along with some other upgrade-downgrade tweaks to keep her "balanced". [Updated: June 14, 2018] Out of plan, the vibrosword she's carrying has been changed to a unique one. With the fact that I've been given permission from @DeadMan to use assets from [K1] Vibrosword Replacement Pack, the "SL7 Vibrosword" development get its one's feet wet now [late to notice that it is stated in the mod description that everyone may freely use the assets as long as they stick to the agreement but, having a "green light" from the mod's author itself is quite a pleasing moment to tell the truth]. As attached: My pleasure from asking, DeadMan! Always. [Updated: June 20, 2018] Ultimately, the final puzzle of this 1.0 saga has been resolved. Permission has been granted from @Sithspecter to use the assets from High Quality Blasters! And it seems SS even have the original files uploaded as a resource so, we'll absolutely go with that! Much thanks, SS! As attached: I'll do my best Sithspecter! I'll do my best. [Updated: June 23, 2018] The blaster had details engraved, referring to the designer-craftsman of the blaster- Sithspecter. The blaster is now called SS-SL7 Rapid Blaster. [Updated: July 05, 2018] The blaster have it looks updated, and the look was pleasing as-is. And more importantly, the shade and tone is fitting with Selven itself. [Updated: June 26, 2018] The sword had details engraved, referring to the craftsman of the sword- DeadMan. The sword is now called DM-SL7 Vibrosword. [Updated: July 07, 2018] Been decided that the normal map feature will not be utilized either on the head, body, blaster nor the sword's texture; for the sake of the game and the mod itself. So, along with seems to be the final update before the 1.0 release, is presented to you; yes- this is the final form of Selven "Legends" version 1.0: [Completed: July 09, 2018] Been thankful that the plan's running as intended. The mod was submitted today, and its been released now- thanks moderators! And with this update, it is being confirmed that; the 1.0 version of Selven "Legends", is finished. 🎇 So, do really hope you enjoy the mod as much as I do! I'm leaving an extras here for that bit of entertainment. See you on the next update! [Completed: July 09, 2018] Preview to the released version of Selven "Legends" down below: # 04. Next Steps # [Completed: July 09, 2018] The 1.0 version of the mod is has been released. # 05. Future Plans # Changes to the scripts would be a possibility in 2.0, 2.1, or later version of this mod. I'm having this thought for not having Selven deceased at Taris, but she instead escape from the assassination attempt to a planet which I don't think about it yet. Long way to go there As DP suggested; there would be an additional VO for an expanded version which I believe, would lead Selven to becoming a cybernetics assassin. Having Selven her new looks to fit with the plot mentioned in the first point and second point of the future plans. # 06. Final Remarks # Critiques, comments, suggestions, questions and any feedbacks are very much appreciated. Thank you, for taking your time here
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    Mission keeps bugging Big Z about a makeover... Looks like he finally gave in. Many, many hairbrushes (among other things) were harmed in the making of this mod. Literally everything on him is new, and in 2k resolution. Enjoy
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    Version 1.0


    Well, a year and 3 days ago I created a mod that changed the horrendous gaffi stick texture from a 64x64 monstrosity to a respectable 1024x1024. I also added a unique(ish) texture for the chieftan's gaffi, and modified that gaffi's description a bit to fit with my changes.
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    I dont have much time lately, but I will see if I can post some screenshots tomorrow. Maybe, if enough people ask, I will also get permission from the original authors.
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    Have you seen it already? I REALLY like how it turned out.
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    I'm back. Successfully obliterated most puny lead particles in my body and I am now back. Healthy and Alive.