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  1. I thing that's why he is asking here: The Swap item. Is it possible to increase the swappable characters? Would be an interesting way to add new party members.
  2. Its fine to play as is and I quite enjoyed it. I will say this: Play through the ENTIRE Goto storyline and don't worry if the Genoharadan storyline seems to stop as it begins again after Goto's Yacht.
  3. I gave you some Light Side points to even it out. I thought your prank was funny.
  4. 1. I'd love for there to be a way for at least Kaah to survive the sith assassins. 2. The ending was kind of abrupt and unfulfilling and I actually thought something was broken for a moment. 3. Black market droid worked fine for me, perhaps because I didn't interact with it until after fixing the radiation leak? 4. 'Deadly Upgrade' could not be completed on my own, I had to fetch CS-28 for it to complete. 5. Found the sound mixing to be quite annoying with some voices quite loud and some whisper quiet. 6. Found the Industrial Sector much less laggy but still had a strange bug where it would freeze for a moment then fast forward for a few seconds. 7. Some of the Sith assassins don't become aggressive and remain standing around after the fight. 8. Atton acts like he isn't a Jedi in the intro(Provided you made him one). 9. I get Bao-Dur's shield breaking allowing you to sequence break into the environment zone, But why not your Lightsaber? 10. Never had a problem entering the Enviro-Zone with party memners. 11. Never got the fixing droid quest, perhaps because I progressed too far? On a similar note, I never returned to Telos right after the academy; Instead doing so before/after completing M4-78 and now Telos is messed up with Grenn missing and me being told to wait for Grenn to arrest me again among other things. 12. Found the teleporting to get thru the radiation leak stuff to be kind of jarring but understand the limits. Shame the 'teleport-via-map' from K1 was never implemented... 13. Lip flaps for Kaah and Vash are broken. 14. Part of me wishes I could take all 3 droids to deal with the radiation.
  5. Well, Off the top of my head, IS-18 and one of the droids arguing about who stole a part use machine speak.
  6. 1. Liked the Teleportation system 2. Liked Kaah being in the Central Zone after dealing with the Enviro-Zone 3. Liked the presence of Gonk droids. 4. Liked how you handled the lag in the Industrial Zone 5. Loved all new droid voices and wonder if there will be voices for the rest of protocol droids. 6. Liked being able to sequence break with Bao-Dur.
  7. I was thinking along the lines of this mod: or this one:
  8. Any chance we might see a fusion of this mod and 'Movie style robes'?
  9. Awesome mod, Is it possible to incorporate this mod: http://www.jumpstationz.com/ModsArchive/RobeCollarFix/ This mod for TSL includes ilikecomma's collar fix for standard robes and Svosh's for Padawan & master.
  10. looked at your install log and yeek! Your not supposed to be missing those modules so I seriously recommend a full reinstall and cache-verification(if using steam) to make sure the modules are there.
  11. Any chance you can look at the animations for dual-wielding lightsabers? The off-hand saber kind of hovers above the hand.
  12. how did it violate porting?
  13. I was wrong, duplisaber does a straight replace. Any chance of a tslpatcher version?
  14. install this mod first and then duplisaber
  15. the audio problem is related to the new tsl patch. the game wont use custom wave files anymore only mp3.
  16. I was wondering if someone could make a compatibilty patch for these mods: HK-47 Melee/Saber mod: http://www.gamewatcher.com/mods/star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic-ii-the-sith-lords-mod/hk-melee-mod HK Tor Series: http://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/mods/52/? I installed both without thinking and now the hk units act all "droopy".
  17. To simplify: Kotor 1 = a new hope Kotor 2 = empire strikes back Tor = return of the jedi
  18. I played M4-78 and everyone was there and in the apathy is death scene on korriban
  19. just move the uti files from the override/saberconsole folder to the main overrider folder and the crystals will be added(either from the surplus or via KSE).
  20. I've played through this mod and I loves. I played as a male and after getting handmaiden, I went to dantooine to get disciple. Diciple joined as if I was a female and I received an armband called 'party swap'. Disciple replaced handmaiden in the party select but both were on the ebon hawk in their usual places. Both handmaiden and disciple's story lines played out perfectly and the arm band pulls up a menu letting me swap a party member with handmaiden(character select remains unchanged). I could even have both handmaiden and disciple in my party at the same time! Only problem I found was that the mod doesn't work for a female PC because handmaiden doesn't join the party when you leave the telos academy, but other then that..awesome work!