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  1. captain_lb

    Bastila Romance Scriptfix

  2. captain_lb

    KOTOR1 "Canon" Animated Galaxy Map

  3. captain_lb

    Quanons Bastila Shan Reskin

  4. captain_lb

    High Quality Skyboxes

  5. captain_lb

    Scoundrel Trousers

  6. captain_lb

    Canon Galaxy Map for KotOR 1

  7. captain_lb

    KOTOR Bug Fix Attempt

  8. captain_lb

    [KotOR] Fixed Proficiency/Focus Feat Icons

  9. captain_lb

    Desert Wraid & Shyrack Texture Fix

    Works for me. Using 7zip 16.04
  10. captain_lb

    KotOR Sith Trooper Appearance

    Good mod. But it will be more perfect if sith troopers remains will have same appearance.