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  1. Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I use XVI32 for my hex-editing. Alternatively I also know of Batch Hex Editor. Hopefully one of these is what you're looking for.
  2. Looking for a voice actor with a relatively decent mic and a somewhat authoritative voice. If you're interested please PM me!

    1. LDR


      Didn't expect the amount of PMs that I got. I don't have the heart to tell people no, but all the spots are officially filled! Thank you to everyone who reached out! You're awesome.

  3. Excited to announce that I just got accepted to grad school! Not bad for a guy who almost flunked out  of college 3 years ago. It's really humbling; I'm truly grateful.

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      Congrats man!!!

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      Very nice! Way to keep at it!

  4. I have zero motivation to do any of my coursework online.

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      Join the club lmao

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      Had to catch up on some today, so I totally get the feeling too.

  5. The amount of time I've had to spend this semester on my senior research methods capstone PROPOSAL was absurd. So glad it's submitted and over with (for now).

  6. Hey everyone! I have exciting news! A Crashed Republic Cruiser On A Nameless World is now open for beta testing! If you're interested, please send me a PM! In addition, I'm also looking for 1-2 voice actors (psst @Zhaboka ) as well as someone who's strong in dialogue writing/editing to peruse my dialogues and help clean them up and make them sound better.
  7. Big news today!

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Congrats on your beta!

  8. I don't mind if anyone else decides to do their own versions. Wishing you the best of luck. Triggers are tricky to figure out, I ended up just reusing pre-existing ones and changing the names around but that was a few months ago so my memory is hazy.
  9. I get unnecessarily peeved with thread bumps.

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      Delay things by 12 months every time that happens I say.

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      Do people seriously have nothing else to do in the meantime?


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      Sith Holocron

      DP: I called it!  LOL

      LDR: You'd think there would be a rule about that. ;) Until something happens with bumpers via the staff, non Staff members could just give Dark Side points to everyone that bumps in the future.

  10. I always took the selling rule as being something like where the mod would be unavailable unless if you paid a fee to access it. This isn't the case, as it seems like the only difference is the rate in which he releases material. The issue I have with this is where the money is going to. Obviously it's not going to any modding tools because they are free to use. Also we only have the ability to enforce KotOR, not any of the other games above listed on his Patreon. Even if the only thing being sold is "becoming a Patron," linking his Patreon to his mod is technically an advertisement.
  11. Wait a minute I thought we already went over this...?
  12. Hey all. I'm still around. I'm still working on these, chipping away as I may be. Two of them are almost done. I'm excited to announce that soon one of these projects will be open to beta-testing. I just need to tidy it up a lot. Being a full-time college student is exhausting. But I do have some progress. Many thanks to Thor 110 for his hard work with his getting modules to work with both games. Two Harbinger modules have been repurposed for the Crashed Republic Cruiser! This is a big deal because I was having trouble trying to fill in two modules in the ship, as I wasn't sure what modules I wanted to use that would've worked well. But this fixes it. Again, many thanks.
  13. Lots of really good submissions here. I don't really have much to add as everyone else covered the primary ones I could think of. Except one, a very recent one that just came out. Mod of the Year: I'd like to nominate jc2's "Lehon Mandalorian Expansion." I love seeing gameplay expansions, and it's awesome to see the hard work jc2 put into this mod, especially with the Mando'a language.
  14. Definitely looks a lot more dynamic than your previous two iterations. Fantastic job.
  15. ”Let me get this straight. We’re supposed to dance straight into the lair of a Force-using, mind-controlling, dual-wielding, unaccounted entity, who either is or is connected to a missing Jedi master, and who creeps out the most seasoned undercover agents?” Kif was about to get up again to shout in agreement the absurdity of the mission before meeting the gaze of Varik. He shot Kif a stern glare, and Kif lowered his head with nary a peep. He had nothing to add that was not already covered, and would do well to not make another fool of himself in front of some of the senior Jedi. Varik sat with his hands clasped. This was definitely going to be one interesting escapade. Taking alive a Jedi master? One who presumably would rather not be? While he had been on worse missions, this is one tall order. Especially for a rag-tag motley crew of Jedi and co. He surveyed the group in the room. He had not taken much notice until now. There were two Republic soldiers from hologram. He couldn't gleam much from them before they left, but they at least seemed capable. Probably grunt fodder, like most soldiers are, but nevertheless still useful. There was Kif. While an idiot, quirky smuggler, Varik would be the first to admit he had a great shot. He saw Zarev around a few times but had only spoken to him on occasion in the dueling chambers. He has a lot of potential with his double-bladed saber and has good technique for a younger Jedi. He'll be fine. The silent SIS agent, who had only peeped up recently, was an oddity in a room consisting of mostly Jedi. But if he had even half the craftiness of some of the other SIS agents Varik had worked with, then he was arguably one of the biggest assets to the team. And then there was Vesi. Poor Vesi. While Varik had much respect for miraluka, especially Master Vek, he could not say the same with the doubtful young Jedi. Is she gifted with the Force? Absolutely. But so are all Jedi brought in for training. She has a thirst for knowledge that is second to none. But so does Varik. And it burned him in the past. Almost literally on Korriban. But the thing that bothers him more than her lack of confidence is her implant. A Jedi that can be hacked? He has never heard of such a thing before, and it's a reason why he generally doesn't trust droids. While many can be afflicted mentally through the Force, Vesi can be literally hardwired. He agreed with her self-assessment. Not only is she grossly underqualified, but she could even be a threat to the mission. Even if she does not, Varik is not impressed with her combat or Force abilities. He had seen her train once or twice in passing. While her issues can be due to her being very young, the fact remains that they exist today. Varik kept such assessments to himself. Maybe he can be proven wrong. Maybe not. Maybe he's being too harsh. Nevertheless, this is a risky mission. There can be no room for error in bringing in a Jedi master alive. If the mission is at stake, he will make no hesitation in leaving behind anyone who can't pull their weight. Even Kif. He looked up to see everyone filing in a line. He sighed. He'll get up soon. Yep. This was going to be an adventure alright.
  16. Tython - Jedi Council Chamber "We've had a security breach here on Tython ... Master Voleran has disappeared..." The hairs on the back of Varik's neck stood up on end. This meeting was more serious than he thought. He leaned forward in his seat, clasping his hands and staring down at the central holoprojector. Security breach? How could the Jedi Order get a security breach? Here? On Tython? What really bothered him was the second bit about Voleran. It's one thing for a Jedi Master to disappear, but with sensitive data? Obviously no good could come from that combination. "What do you mean, missing?" His eyebrows narrowed and his face turned into a slight scowl. "How does a Jedi Master go missing?" He looked over at Kif. He appeared to share the same sentiment. However, he was much more tense, squeezing his fists and looking as if he was biting his tongue. Oh no. I know that look. Kif shot out of his seat and slammed his hands down on the briefing table, leaning forward. Don't do it Kif. Sit back down. NOW. "I could tell you what that means! Even a blind man can see it!" Kif snarled. "It means one of two things. Either he's dead, or he's turned traitor." Varik audibly groaned and pressed one of his palms to his face. Shut UP Kif! Don't make a fool of yourself here! Kif flew his arms out incredulously. "I mean, are you kidding me? How else would a Jedi go missing? WHY else? This is an absolute mess you guys-" Varik yanked back his free hand. Kif promptly flew back into his seat. "Calm down Kif! Get a grip!"
  17. It's really not that bad once you get the hang of it. Pretty much all you're doing is decompiling the scripts, modifying the MarkSown/MarkUp values, recompiling, and throwing the scripts into your override folder.
  18. Tython - Jedi Temple It was just before noon on the Jedi homeworld of Tython. The sun's rays shone brilliantly through curving polished wood walls of the Jedi Temple. An air of serenity permeated through the exterior courtyards, and the smell of midsummer was ripe to any who were outside. In other words, just another day on Tython. Two humanoids were walking through one of the hallways, one waving his arms about gregariously. "So I'm telling you man, I think I'm in love," said Kif. Clad in a worn battle jacket with an even more worn blaster on his hip, the rutian twi'lek continued. "She wanted me to propose! Oh you should have been there." The other was much more built lean, wearing red robes garnished with yellow trim, with two lightsabers hooked to his belt. "And I'm telling you you're an idiot," Varik said, shaking his head. "She's a zeltron. You do realize that they have telepathy, right?" The twi'lek spacer froze. "Wait, so you're telling me that she could read my mind?!" Varik chuckled for the rant that was about to follow. "Are you serious?! And here I was thinking that she was into me! Wow, reading minds, that's just absolutely sick. And I don't mean in the good way. I mean in the dirty, rotten way." Varik cut him off before he could get too heated. "I keep telling you and you never listen. Women are trouble." "Easy for you to say, Mr. Abstinent," retorted Kif, furrowing his brow. "You Jedi are a silly bunch. You have all the physique in the world, and you do nothing with it! You could have any woman you want, yet you just keep swinging your laser swords around and getting yourself into trouble that I have to bail you out of." A few months prior Varik went on a trip to Korriban. To say the mission was disastrous would be putting it mildly. He ended up getting captured, where he had to rely on Kif and Light Fang, an old friend, to bail him out and escape guns blazing. "That was one time," he said. "And how many times have I had to haul your sorry inebriated self out of some dive? A lot." "I have the most fun lifestyle the galaxy has ever seen. You might not agree with it, but don't question the fun results." "Kif... the results are almost always bad." "That's what makes them so fun. You never know what to expect. Remember, monotony is boring my friend!" The two continued walking until they reached a hall with a massive, ornate door at the end. "So... any idea what this meeting is about Varik?" "Nope. Not a clue. Guess we're going to find out though."
  19. How can I bring back Varik and not include Kif? However, I lost my picture of him and need to make a new one. Name: Kif Lomuta Class: Smuggler Occupation: Freelance smuggler/mercenary Equipment: Rugged custom-made smuggling suit (equivalent to medium armor); Beemon Package implant; Verpine Bond gauntlets; Ol' Trusty (Zabrak Tystel Mark III heavy blaster); vibrosword Age: 31 Force abilities: N/A Biography: Kif is a twi'lek freelancer who frequently offers his services to the Republic. A smuggling professional, Kif specializes in finding rare and usually very illegal goods/artifacts to deliver to his clients. This occupation has caused him to become a sort of aficionado for Jedi Civil War-era memorabilia, and this is encapsulated in his primary weapon being a 300-year-old sidearm dubbed Ol' Trusty, which he insists will never, ever break. A lover of the simpler things in life, Kif thoroughly enjoys many forms of gambling card games, food, expensive ales and women. He is also a self-proclaimed master of dejarik, much to Varik's disgruntled expense. At his heart Kif is a decent enough fellow, and to his credit has never taken any contracts from the Sith empire.
  20. You have no idea how excited this makes me.
  21. Boy have I missed roleplaying. Glad to see it back. Name: Varik Athzaria Class: Jedi Sentinel Occupation: Jedi Knight Equipment: Two violet lightsabers; cortosis forearm sheaths (encompass the entirety of his forearms and are useful for deflecting lightsabers ); vintage red and yellow Neo-Crusader robes Age: 26 Force abilities: Telekinesis; Force speed; basic mind tricks Biography: A duelist at heart, Varik is a tireless swordsman who has dedicated his life to perfecting the art of swordplay. His signature style is a combination of Juyo and Jar'Kai, which results in a cacophony of blindingly fast and powerful strikes. Varik places great emphasis on strength training within his exercise routine, and it allows him to swing a lightsaber with great power using only one hand. Versatile, and always looking to gain a one-up on his opponents, Varik has training in numerous unarmed combat styles, such as various Echani martial arts, as well as Stava. Due to his focus on lightsaber combat, his abilities using the Force are not as well developed beyond a rudimentary level, and as such he primarily uses it latently during combat. Varik's obsession with knowledge relating to combat led him to seek out ancient Sith combat techniques from Tulak Hord's holocron. This had led to a very messy situation which involved a near-death experience at the Korriban academy and an attempted possession by Tulak Hord himself. This event left Varik scarred for a time. As a person, Varik is reserved and cool-headed. He primarily keeps to himself and often spends his off-time training. He has remained in close contact with his family on Onderon despite the Jedi precedent against maintaining relationships with them. Therefore, when things get personal and involve family, Varik will act nothing but impulsively. Such an incident occurred when a Sith Master killed several of Varik's family, as well as numerous nobles, and attempted to assassinate the Onderonian king and impose himself as regent to bring the planet under Sith control. Varik responded by slaughtering both him and the entire Royal Palace guard. When it comes to making risky decisions, he has no qualms with sacrificing innocents for either the good of more people or for the advancement of his task at hand. His penchant for never attempting to save everybody in a given situation has made him unpopular to some other Jedi within the Order.
  22. LDR

    Sith Assassin Ambush

    Do you have any other mods that affect appearance.2da?
  23. One issue that I could see already is the talking head icon that will appear if you hover the cursor over the 'placeable'.
  24. I'm proud of Croatia for their unbelievable World Cup run. 1f1ed_1f1f7.png

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      Second this! They dominated the game against France though. But unfortunately, they don't have the finishing touch which France was having.

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      Modric got the Golden Ball and he deserved it. Him and Mandzukic were lights-out every game.