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    That's like saying it was so much better than contracting herpes. True, but not necessarily a high bar to pass.
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    I honestly don't know, but that's the original author's decision to make. No matter how nonsensical something might seem, you still have to respect other people's wishes. Yes, it does. And there was never any bad blood on my part. I was simply concerned darthbdaman didn't understand the consequences: years of your work was wasted, people looking forward to the mod are left without, and a rift was created with some modders. Fortunately, you can create something else in its place. To you, as well, friend! I'm writing a tool that's even more proprietary than a mod, and I plan to release its source freely along with a detailed explanation of its design methodology. So, I agree with you in spirit. Still, if someone else has restrictions on their work I will respect those restrictions. If you think that's wrong then you need to discuss that with folks. That's just how life is.
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    Get TSLRCM 1.8.6 on Deadlystream: Or through the Steam workshop. Changes; * Soundset of Coorta and Thugs changed from Mira to Commoner Male * Fixed always failing persuasion check for the Ithorian coming in when stealing the prototype shield * Fixed skipped line in 203TEL * Wrong VO used for aliens on Nar Shaddaa * Added fix for the "friendly Twin Suns" gamebreaking issue. * Added alternative female Revan line on Goto's Yacht. * One revan good/dark convo check was swapped in Disciple conversation * Fixed issue where one could get stuck if entering the enclave with Kreia and a third party member and was controlling the third member. * Fixed "good react" suddenly branching to Dark Side dialogue with certain options in Kreia's global dialog. * Visas: "Is her kind rare" and "What's a Miraluka" response from Atton was swapped. * Kreia's first good path no longer decreases -INF after selecting "Perhaps you are right", canceling out the loss and gain like the first dark side path. * Fixed Sith Assassin and Jedi Watchmaster losing ability to select Dual Strike. * Fixed 232hk50006 not playing on steam * Fixed NPC rotation when talking to Hanharr * Fixed a missing script for female players on Onderon. * Fixed Disciple conversation abrubly ending * Added a female version of a line to Tobin's dialog * Fixed typos in dialog.tlk December 18 KOTOR2 will release on mobile devices. For TSLRCM 1.8.6 on mobile click here: Additionally M4-78EP 1.3 has been updated on Steam. There is no standalone version of this at this time, sorry. If you run into any issues you can post them here:
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    It was ok. That stupid episode where he forgets his jetpack on the ground is absolute horse shit to advance the plot. Using a spear against lightsabers seems like a bad idea for your fingers. And Luke Skywalker looks more like Topher Grace than Mark Hamill (they could have just give him a beard or something. Would have looked way better). He also doesn't say or doing anything, it's the most generic cameo ever. He doesn't act or talk like Luke. I don't get why people got worked up over it. It's obviously better than the sequels though.
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    Obviously, I agree with this and think everyone should ask permission as a courtesy. I still think it is healthy to point out that closed permissions should not be the default mindset of mod authors, and there isn't any good reason why it has become so.
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    Hi Salk, Thank you for the response. Apologies for not replying sooner, but real life (as it tends to) has kept me tied up for the last few days, unfortunately. I accept that you hadn't read this thread before PMing me. I realise you hadn't uploaded anything of the mod yet, but you have announced you were releasing a mod-pack including work you didn't have permission for. Your intention to credit is of course welcome and salutary, but you gave the impression you were presuming permission when you didn't have it. I'm sure you can appreciate why that left a rather sour taste. I really don't see why not including three of my mods means you can't release the compilation at all. You are more than welcome to use the one mod you have permission for, and to release a smaller compilation. That is, of course, up to you.
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    Thank you very much. That installlog was very useful and allowed me to find the culprit: There's something wrong with the 401dxn.mod coming with my mod but so far I have been unable to figure out what exactly. I'll continue investigating this issue but for the time being you can just delete 401dxn.mod from the modules folder after installing this mod if you have this issue and it should be fixed. You will loose the fog changes I made to that module but that's better than broken cutscenes. I'll get back to you once I know more @Pimpnkill@mackmitchell94@1Leonard Update: I found the issue and uploaded a fix. The installation is slightly more complicated if you have an older version of the mod installed, so make sure you read the read-me. Most likely you will only have to delete 401dxn.mod and 510ond.mod from your modules folder before installing the new version but check the full instructions to be sure.
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    For role playing purposes, I'd recommend the light sided options for light characters and vice versa. You can use the dark sided lines for a light sided characters but I'm not sure they'd fit your playthrough as well. I hope that explains it well enough.
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    It’s now reinstated, thanks for your patience.
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    Pfff it was an amazing ride, so much better than the sequels.
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    Hello @AmanoJyaku, There won't be a next time. All the original work that I have produced will never be released in any form. And, unlike what DarthParametric seemed to imply with his post above, there was a lot of original content there, including restoration of unseen material (for the latest WIP of one of the most important part interested people can take a look here) and a considerable number of various improvements, some of which I have even posted here through the years. Of course work was under way. I have been working on this for years. But it was not a rogue operation. My error, for which I apologize(d), was to make a temporary list public before I could gather the new permissions for new mods released by authors that in the past okayed the inclusion of some of their work. A wrong assumption, I realize, but on the other hand, why would someone say "All right" to one and "No" to another? I admit I have thought it was more of a formality than anything else but I have learned the hard way that I should have kept that list private and asked each contributor first. In the end, it would have been shut down anyway because DarthParametric clearly said he would have denied permission for many of the modifications I intended to include and the whole point of this project of mine was to provide the end user with a single modification that would take care of everything, making sure possible mod conflicts were properly removed, working with the original material for proper integration. I am left wondering what kind of harm could I ever have caused to anyone by making something available to the community which I believed had value, by properly crediting every and each author, by going as far as including the original modification Read Me when available. Perhaps someone can be so kind to explain it to me. Well, I am sorry about that but there was nothing I could have done to make it happen anyway. I have been asked for permission to use my material sometimes both in public and in private, I contributed (being also credited) to the K1 Community Project and I am still doing it. I have never denied permission nor did I ever ask for being credited (although it is nice when that happens) for anything I created. My main mistake has been to believe that fellow modders of this community who have known me for years shared the same philosophy and trusted me enough to not harm any of them by releasing something that I have since inception identified as a Community Project. Life goes on and I hope there won't be any bad blood left. Happy new year!
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    😀 Let's make KOTOR 3 as a collab! In this way, we'll have more chances to cover its complexity with our numbers. There's also a twist: we have a concept we can use as a basis. This means that if any of us stops working on this mod, someone else can still take their place, because they just need to read the concept to know what to do next. I wrote this concept over the last week, using everything Avallone said in interviews. It's still rough, but contains the whole main quest and details about the main characters. To make it easier to develop, I tried not to add too many planets and quests for now, we may still add them later. This is a holy quest for all modders and fans, let's work together! Check the concept and let me know what you think. concept.doc
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    To add, I am experiencing the exact same Dxun no cutscenes Issue. I've attached the install logs from my original playthrough w/ ~130 other mods, and the recent install log from today with only TSLRCM and M4-78ep, and HQ skyboxes. Although, from reading the above conversation, it looks like these warnings are all normal. Followed the uninstall instructions in the readme, and that did not help (maybe I missed a file, maybe it's not supposed to help. Idk) Did a complete uninstall of the game. Loaded a save from dxun, the cutscenes played fine. Installed TSLRCM 1.8.6, tested, everything was fine. M4-78ep installed, tested, everything fine. HQ Skyboxes installed third, no cutscenes. Was also unable to interact with the computer terminal for the droids on the crashed ship. I could loot bodies, talk to companions, and go through combat fine. I was able to play through Peragus/Telos/Nar Shaddaa without any issues. I think it may just be the first area on Dxun affected. Just went to the next module in the Dxun jungle and did get cutscenes and escorted to the base. 12-19HQSB2installlog.rtf installlog.rtf
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    Ok so weirdly enough the folder does not contain an install log for me, it never makes one. @1Leonard is also having the same issue with the cutscenes on Dxun.
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    This screenshot details all the errors, I think there's 12 here but that's only because I reinstalled in order to screenshot the log, usually there's only 10 warnings on initial installations, but the Dxun files are always there . The cutscenes I'm having problems with are when you first land on Dxun and start exploring the jungle, two cannoks and a maalraas face off against each other. When I progress to that point, the cannoks and maalraas appear friendly and the cutscene never activates. After that, when running into the Zhug bounty hunters, their cutscene never activates either and they also appear as friendlies. So it's those two cutscenes that I know of, I didn't progress to the deeper jungle of Dxun yet in my playthrough, and if you'd like me to in order to see if there's other bugs I'd be happy to check .
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    I got a chance to open up the dialogue file and look within, I really like the simplicity & direction of this mod. The wording is very immersive & believable. I recommend this mod to anyone that prefers a very smooth and laid back playthrough or dialogue style.
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    Yep: If we break the project into smaller tasks, I think we can do it
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    I'm not going lie, this has my attention. However, as Canderis pointed out, creating a story conversion mod is a massive undertaking that requires true levels of dedication. I can't tell you how many attempts at one there have been, myself being one, and to my knowledge only one managed to reach completion which was The Jedi Masters. Also John Doom, I see that you are very new to the server. I've been off and on since the old Lucasforums days back in the late 2000s. The big question is, do you personally have any modding experience in the KOTOR series?
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    https://web.archive.org/web/20121204061250/http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=207884 Old post, but still very relevant
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    Version 4.1


    THE UPDATE IS FOR STEAM USERS, PLAYING THE ASPYR VERSION IN 2K. -------------------------------------------------- Title: Widescreen UI Fix for Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords -------------------------------------------------- Special Thanks to the following individuals: Alien - For the original version of the 16x9 mod, without which none of this would have happened. tk102 - Since GFFEditor broke stuff and KGFF saved the day, teekay deserves some recognition for his awesome (TSL-friendly) tool. -------------------------------------------------- Original mod info (including link to download and screenshots) can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/208580/discussions/0/864975632546978851/ As you can see, Alien's work is remarkable. Unfortunately, v.1 has some issues with the Actions UI in the lower left (mines and force form are borked, and the action description hovers over the menus rather than displaying above, making the arrows a pain to use). After some digging around, I was able to fix these issues and am releasing the fix with Alien's permission. *CD/DVD/GOG/Steam (Non-Aspyr) Installation Instructions* Download the GOG version Extract the download Select either the 16x9 or 16x10 version (not both) Copy the folder to Override To uninstall, remove the installed files. *Steam (Aspyr version) Installation Instructions* [Optional, but recommended] Find equip_p.gui in the game's install directory and make a backup Delete equip_p.gui from the install directory Extract the contents of the download to Override. To uninstall, remove the installed files.
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    Hello, DI! No apology needed at all. Thank you for keeping in touch here and giving me your reasons. You have always been very polite and kind to me in the past and perhaps that was one of the reasons I had assumed that your permission for more of your content was nothing but a formality. Yes, you are right about that and I apologized for it but truth to be told, at that page I did write that the list was just a WIP list (I removed the list so that disclaimer cannot be read anymore but I hope some of you may have noticed it) and not final by any means. It was mostly meant to show that it was a community project with many contributors that were willing to be part of it. I swear I was going to ask permission for each new piece of modification that I would've in the end decided to include (I had already started the process with @eNoodles, @jc2, @DeadMan, @uwadmin12, @N-DReW25, @R2-X2and @ndix UR. They all can confirm that I have sent messages to them and obtained permission from them this last month and half, when a release date was getting closer. Plus others from other communities, like Nexus, and from which I received permission). I was leaving last those I was truly convinced would never deny permission like yourself, @Kexikus and @JCarter426. Again, I had assumed that it was mostly a formality for people that had known me for a long time and with whom I collaborated (like @DarthParametric, for instance, a real mentor and source of inspiration, just like @Fallen Guardianhas been in the past) and with whom I have always considered myself at friendly terms. I do understand that it did leave a sour taste although I understand a little less why anyone who agreed to be onboard would deny permission for other modifications produced later. I am the same person, I was crediting properly the author, thanking everyone there for their contributions, including the original Read Me files of the mod and I was going to put a link to the original modifications as well. Not to mention I was surely going to keep the content updated in case the original author would come out with a new version. So... all I am trying to say is I don't understand what harm I was going to do with this project. It was a gift to the community and an homage to all of you. I, like every other modder, was not profiting from this in any way and was trying to offer a single modification for the users to install to get the best of all worlds (at least in my opinion). Your three mods are very nice but by all means they are not truly "necessary" but after you DarthParametric joined in denying permission for his own modifications and he has authored really many that were part of SW: KotOR Upgrade because he is a great and talented modder. There was a cascade effect that perhaps would have not stopped there but could have extended to other authors that, like you, took offense. Still, even if it was just your own three modifications to be missing I would have still felt poorly about a release. I had actually edited your SIth Holocron because in my install the icon was too big and wouldn't fit in with the original Bioware look for inventory items. I didn't want to "downgrade" what I was trying to create and cripple something that was working beautifully well. I could not guarantee compatibility with the removed modifications because they were integrated inside SW: KotOR Upgrade and there were edits made and it would simply have not worked. My own work, which was quite considerable, cannot really be at this point released as a series of mini-mods and it's thus not going to see the light of the day. I could post WIP of much of what I created. I wrote over 300 new scripts for the game. I tried to improve some AI behavior and created custom content of various kind. It's all going to be lost but it's alright. I can personally still enjoy what I made of course but I am sad nobody else will ever do. I'm still very, very grateful for everyone that created and shared their modifications. Cheers! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hello @AmanoJyaku! Absolutely. I respect the wishes of the original authors. I am sure they have their reasons but, just like you, I don't know what they are. Yes, looking back of course I would have behaved differently. I didn't really need this and it saddened me because my integrity was sort of questioned and I don't feel like I deserved it. I made a mistake but I am no thief. Have a great 2021 and thanks for the work you are doing for this community.
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    So, I see that you're still working on the project alone and I thought I might give some insight as to why, just based on everything I can see in this thread. Right now, we only have an eight page concept doc for what you're pitching as a literal sequel to KOTOR II. A concept doc is a great starting point, but as it stands, it looks like you might be putting the cart ahead of the horse, as you're already going into level design and putting cutscenes together. Ten years of modding experience is fantastic, but how much writing experience do you have? Narrative writing, I mean. Is this another area you have a lot of experience in? I took a look at your work, and it seems to be mainly technical stuff. Don't get me wrong, you look like you know what you're doing as a modder, but I think the skepticism is coming with the story itself and if it has been fully thought out. For reference, a script to a feature film can sometimes take up to a year to write. At least, if you want it to be good. An RPG story, meanwhile, would take much longer unless you were an incredibly experienced writer or had other writers helping you out (and even then, I don't think they'd be able to do it in just a week). So I guess a lot of people might be wondering if you have anything more to show than the concept you linked at the beginning? Is there a full script you're working from? Do you have a firm understanding of plot mechanics, story structure, worldbuilding, character writing, themes, etc? Does your story have its own unique hook? Have you sought out help to fully realise your ideas on a writing level? Have you given thought to what the story will be about on that broader, thematic level? What made KOTOR II really work was Chris' focus on deconstructing The Force and the RPG genre, which allowed him to explore existential themes of freewill and the like. You'll also notice that every character in the game is broken in some way, and that is very much by design. The story is that of a broken galaxy filled with broken planets that are the homes extremely broken people. This was the first time we'd really seen the aftermath of one of these huge, galactic conflicts and seen the consequences of such wars from the point of view of everyday people. If you want your mod to live up to that legacy, it'll need its own hook. It will need an incredible amount of thought put into what kind of meaningful story you can tell in this universe. How do the threads left behind by the last two games converge in a thoughtful way? I haven't worked on a game before, but I have worked on film and other creative projects, and I'll tell you from experience, no one is going to jump on board unless you have a polished script in place. Especially when no one is being payed, it's difficult to commit to a story-driven project that doesn't have concrete story beyond an outline. And let's not mince words, this is a story-driven project, no matter how the mod turns out. KOTOR isn't an action game. The gameplay on its own is never going to be compelling enough to sustain a full-length campaign, so the story and characters really have to be strong for this to be worthwhile. This might be difficult to hear, but I'm only saying this because I want this project to be amazing. I'm still tweaking my own screenplay after a year and half of redrafting. Still taking on feedback and getting different perspectives on it, and some of the most important elements of my story came months after that initial draft, the majority of the most important moments in my story weren't even in my initial outline, an outline that was still about 40 pages long, and this is only for a ninety minute film. There's just not much here to really grasp onto beyond the curiosity of how the project is going to unfold, so that's why a lot of people probably aren't leaping at the chance to help. The promise of KOTOR III is enticing, but only if there is a solid foundation in place, which right now, there really isn't. My advice would be to keep your assets and everything you've done so far, maybe continue to work on the mod on & off, but refocus on your priorities on creating a finished, polished script that tells a compelling story with branching paths. You really want the characters, themes and worldbuilding to leap off the page before you commit them to the game itself. I know this might not be the easiest thing to hear, and I'm not trying to be harsh by any measure, I just know how much work these huge project are, and what always makes or breaks them is how much time was spent in the planning stages, and right now, it's looking like you spent a week on it before immediately moving into development. I could be very off-base here, but from the outside, it does look like there's only a rough outline and everything else is kind of being made up as you go along. Perhaps instead of trying to get modders on board, you should be looking for people with writing experience to flesh out the story. People who are great with characters. People who know the Star Wars universe inside & out. People who have a solid understand of plot and structure to help bring your vision to its fullest potential before it even reaches a game screen. You're free to do what you want, but that's how I feel you'll get more people on board. People will gladly work for free if they have full confidence or are extremely compelled by a concept. At the moment, it's looking a bit half-baked, so you might want to flesh things out before proceeding. Conversely, this will also speed development along, as you won't be figuring out all the details as you go along. It'll give you a completed blueprint, and the main challenge will be the "how" as opposed to the "what".