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  1. Now this is a cool mod!!! It makes sense too, why wouldn't they have robes with their clothing lol? I wonder would it be possible to make a hooded version? In fact, is there some specific reason why no one has ever made a hooded robes mod for both this game and it's sequel? Is it due to spotty animations or is it impossible? Anyways, great work as usual JC!!
  2. I just reinstalled the game completely using less mods and I still have the issue. I’m gonna give you a list of all the mods I’m using: Jcs Fashion Line, Jcs Mandalorioan Armor, Jcs Minor fixes, Jcs vision enhancement, Jcs sound effects for blasters, jolee in unique clothing, juhani appearance overhaul, K1 crystal select, K1 party model fixes (just bastilla), K1 hd stars and nebulas, Korriban OTE, Manaan OTE, Kashyyyk OTE,High quality cockpit skybox, HQ skybox, Carths flight suit and republic uniform, Quanons HK-47, realistic VEs, weapons of the the old republic. That’s all, I’ve played with most of these mods before except for your blaster sound effects, juhani appearance, the Hk 47 mod, your vision enhancement and minor fixes. What mod do you think could be the culprit? Thanks for your help JC, much appreciated
  3. Is this mod compatible with your vision enhancement? It's weird because I don't have any mods that affect the Robe UTI files. I'm probably just gonna do a clean reinstall of KOTOR figure out which Mod is causing it. A post on reddit was having this same problem with the mod as well. Thanks JC, I will let you know what I discover with the reinstall.
  4. Hello guys. I've run into a problem with JCs robe mod, basically knight robes and master robes appear invisible and when a PC wears them, they appear in their undergarments. This also causes a problem with Master Vrook, making him appear in commoners clothing. I have no idea what can be causing this bug. Everytime i try reinstalling, the installer always detects 4 errors with N_CaloNord.mdx/mdl and JuhaniBB.mdx/mdl saying it already dectects those files in the override and skips them. I don't know how that could cause this problem though. I looked on the internet and there was a user on reddit who had this same problem with the same mod, unfortunately it seems they never got help with figuring out how to fix it.
  5. So along with that glitch with Master Vrook, I also can't equip any knight or master robes. Well, I can equip but it wont render on any characters.
  6. That's weird, cause I have no other mods that edit vrook at all. I have your vision enhancement mod installed, some Juhani mods for her appearance, your crystal color switch (for MOF and HOG), The HD party mod, WOTOR, and lightsaber/force forms. Most of these mod's I've already played with before and they didn't affect Vrook in this way. Only ones I'm trying out for the first time are your vis ehancement and the crystal switch.
  7. Hey JC, I'm getting a weird glitch where vrook is wearing commoner clothing instead of the master robes. Any ideas anyone?
  8. So I have a problem with Master Vrook, for some reason he wears commoner clothes. I don't understand what could be causing this..
  9. So I've run into a bug with Tanis' quest on Tatooine. I can only fix one of his droids. After that , the option that's normally in the access droid repair functions disappears and all I get are the exit and group status options.
  10. I've ran into a glitch with Tanis on tatooine. After repairing the first droid, you can't fix any of the others and I'm stuck.
  11. Is there anyway I can just use the rebalances this mod offers without installing the whole mod? I'm using N-Drews K1 gameplay improvement mod but it's not fully compatible with this mod. Any ideas?
  12. Alright man, also does this mod change lightsaber damage. I'm still getting 2-20 damage . Beautiful work btw .
  13. Hey, is there anyway I can play this mod with the vanilla music ?
  14. I accidentally permantly deleted my streammusic folder for KOTOR. Would someone be so kind as to send me a copy of theirs on here?
  15. I downloaded your mod and then SEM just to see if it does by chance work. I'm on Taris now. Carth's blasters dont animate properly as Domino pointed out. Is there any way I can delete the WOTR files included the newest update ?