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  1. Yes I did, I did a clean reinstall and used your EE patch 1.0.2, but I’m still getting that harbinger glitch . This mod doesn’t make a backup folder, I thought it was supposed to ?
  2. Hey so I’m still getting the error on Peragus where the cutscene with Sion bugs out. How do I uninstall this mod ? It didn’t create a backup folder .
  3. I'm encountering a problem with the installation:• Error: Destination file "856NIH.mod" does not exist at the specified location! Skipping section... • Error: Destination file "006EBO.mod" does not exist at the specified location! Skipping section..
  4. Is there anyway I can just use the blade textures from this mod without the hilts so I can use Holowans ?
  5. Great mod !! I was wondering, how would I go about not using the hilts for the standard sabers and instead using Holowans duplisaber and still be able to use the glowing blades?
  6. Hey, I'm having a problem with the installation. Error: Couldn't initialize the NwnStdLoader It says that in the app.exe after I run it and select the save I wanna use. Also, the G_final choice doesn't have 0 or 1 but a value of 2 ? After running app.exe, it doesn't create a k_kreia_spawn.ncs file for me?
  7. Thanks for everything @Kexikus !! I shall try it when I get home from work . Happy New Years guys !!
  8. Ok so weirdly enough the folder does not contain an install log for me, it never makes one. @1Leonard is also having the same issue with the cutscenes on Dxun.
  9. It is what is causing it, I reinstalled and one by one put the mods I'm using back in each time checking Dxun to see if the cutscene played, and it did every time until I installed HQ skyboxes. I'm discussing it with Kexikus now on the mods page . Have you ran into this issue only on Dxun or also other planets?
  10. This screenshot details all the errors, I think there's 12 here but that's only because I reinstalled in order to screenshot the log, usually there's only 10 warnings on initial installations, but the Dxun files are always there . The cutscenes I'm having problems with are when you first land on Dxun and start exploring the jungle, two cannoks and a maalraas face off against each other. When I progress to that point, the cannoks and maalraas appear friendly and the cutscene never activates. After that, when running into the Zhug bounty hunters, their cutscene never activates either and they also appear as friendlies. So it's those two cutscenes that I know of, I didn't progress to the deeper jungle of Dxun yet in my playthrough, and if you'd like me to in order to see if there's other bugs I'd be happy to check .
  11. Hey @Kexikus!! Hope are having a happy christmas. So I actually fixed the problem at the telos restoration zone by deleting the Bao fix file @Stormie97 includes with his Jedi Journeyman robes mod which I'm using . Everything went fine until I got to Dxun where I ran into an error with none of the cutscenes playing. I reinstalled Kotor 2 and reinstalled every mod. The cutscenes played everytime until I installed this mod, then I ran into the problem again. In the installer, there are 12 warnings and files 401-403 and 410 Dxun.mod are skipped. This has something to do with the error, I'm using the steam version of kotor II and version of TSLRCM off here at deadlystream. I don't have any mods installed off steam workshop cause that method has always been a hassle .
  12. The problem is caused by High Quality Skyboxes, I meticulously reinstalled the mods one by one. The cutscenes played fine until I downloaded high quality skyboxes, I'll write @Kexikus
  13. Ok, so I’m having the same issue on Dxun where none of the cutscenes are playing. When I get to the scene where the Malraas and Cannoks attack each other it doesn’t activate and same thing with the bounty hunters later . It’s actually the second time I’ve encountered a problem like this during this specific play through. The first time was on the Telos Restoration zone, I reinstalled multiple times but to no avail. I fixed it by deleting the Bao Fix file stormie includes with his Jedi Journeyman robe mod (I figured it had something to do with Bao Durs files since his cutscene wasn’t activating). Now I’ve run into the same problem on Dxun, I’ve reinstalled two times each time downloading fewer mods to see if it would work. The mods I’ve listed are the ones I’m still using, I’ve played with every one of them before except for Kotor save importer, HQ skyboxes, and the Black haired pmhc04 mod, and never have had an issue like this. I did try using the Kreia mechanical hand mod and downloaded it before realizing it was not compatible with TSLRCM ( I know, should’ve looked into it more and figured out before installing, my bad) since it replaces the RCMs feat 2da. I didn’t make a backup ( I know again bad idea) so I didn’t exactly uninstall the mod, and everything seemed fine until I went to Dxun . Since I believed it had to be caused by the Kreia mechanical hand mod conflicting with TSLRCM, I completely reinstalled the game by deleting all its files in steam apps and then installing again. I have a save on Nar Shaddaa right before I left for Dxun on the cloud so I loaded that up and went through all the events that lead to landing on the jungle moon. I go through the jungle but no luck, still the same issue. Yes I’m using the latest version of TSLRCM, Any ideas guys ?
  14. Im having this exact same problem, here are the mods I'm using:
  15. Yeah I have TSLRCM installed. So does TSLRCM edit the telos module? Because at the Telos Restoration Zone, I don't know if it's designed to be like this, but the lightning textures are animated on the force field as well as in the clouds. I can see the clouds in the sky but only faintly and not as prominent as they are in your video. It's not really a problem at all but I was just curious if that was how the mod was designed to operate or if it's a graphical error on my part . I will send a pic shortly when I get the chance .