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  1. For some reason I have warnings during the install, and They're about the patcher being unable to find certain things. Does this mod require another installed before it?
  2. thank you so much man!! So after I change to a TGA file, do I just export it to the override folder for the game?
  3. Yes, I've downloaded After effects, and saber. How would you export the textures from After effects into Kotor? Thanks for your help man, I'm quite new to modding.
  4. Hey JC, great work on this mod!! When you have time, I was wondering if you could detail just how you replaced the vanilla textures just in case I wanted to make my own. CHeers!!
  5. Hey, I was wondering why I can't seem to edit quests in KOTOR 2
  6. The reason I had to activate the quest on KSE is because in order to activate it in the game you have to ask HK about the HK50s right after you initially activate him. I didn't so the quest never activated for me and I've never done this quest in any of my playthroughs so it's my first time. The problem is the quest seems to have not actually activated at all, it's just in my journal, It only updates when I do it via KSE. When I first activated it, the quest said I had to defeat 3 teams of HKS and then talk with HK47, I defeated three teams but when I viewed the quest it still said defeat 3 teams ? So I was wondering if this was a problem with KSE since the quests activated through it are supposed to work. Anyways I don't know what could be causing this graphical error on Korriban.
  7. I downloaded and the duplicate is gone now thank you very much!! However I'm having other problems which I hope you can help me with. I'm trying to do the HK factory quest but never got it activated because apparently you have to talk with HK right after rebuilding him in order to do so. However I tried activating it with KSE (which should work). The quest shows up and tells me I have to defeat 3 teams of HKs in order for HK47 to find the factory, I defeated them but the quest doesn't update, so I updated it myself through KSE to where it now says I've fought the three groups and to go talk to HK47, but when I talk to him, no additional dialogue shows up. Any ideas? Also I'm on Korriban now, and there's this weird graphical glitch. Your help is greatly appreciated !!
  8. So I downloaded Stormies mod and was really enjoying it with no problems whatsoever, until I trained Bao-Dur. When I entered the cutscene, a duplicate of my character showed up and won't go away no matter how many times I reload. Stormie mentions that there's trouble with training Bao using this mod and included a fix for it in the download which I used, so I didn't expect anything to go wrong. Is there anyway I can delete this clone from showing up? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Hey, I've got a problem with this mod. I downloaded the Bao fix but when I trained him, it created a copy of my character which is now always in the hold with Bao dur wearing the cloaked robes. Is there any way to fix this? Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Hey Stormie, great mod and beautiful work. I was wondering, is there anyway I can have both the cloaked version of the robes and the uncloaked? since I like both looks. Would it work?
  11. Wow @Kexikus these are looking so nice, I can't wait til they're available !!!
  12. Hey guys, I don't exactly know where to post this but a while back I downloaded this mod . It changes the default clothing for Male characters in TSL, I usually read all the read me's for mods I download but didn't read on this particular one, I regret it. Basically this mod bugs out commoners appearance and also the refugees on Nar Shadaa are bugged. This mod isn't a simple uninstall since it edits the appearance.2da files. In the read me, the author stated that this happened with those character models and how there's a way to fix it with the Kotor tool mod, but I couldn't really understand the process he was describing. If any of y'all would like to help, I just want to uninstall this mod. Thanks for reading
  13. Thank you for all your help man, I'm doing a clean reinstall now, I'll let you know the results. Ok, I've just reinstalled KOTOR 2 and installed the mods. Now when I go to clothing screen, the image for the Dark Jedi Knight robe appears as a robe from primes mod but then when I equip it, its just the dark jedi master robe from deadman's. Then when I try to equip Anakin's robe, the game crashes. Hey so this is embarrassing, but the reason it wasn't working was because I downloaded primes K1 prequel robes on accident instead of his Kotor 2 version 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. Works perfectly now
  14. Yeah Its really odd because I actually searched my entire Kotor 2 directory for the PMBMN file, and it says no such file exists. The PMBNM however does exist and I believe its from deadmans mod. Primes doesn't have any PMBMN or NM 🤦‍♂️. Maybe I should just do a clean reinstall? I wonder what's making it crash
  15. Still no luck, It keeps crashing my game when I select one of the movie tunics, IDK why. I am using the steam version if that matters It could be because primes robe pack edits the master robes and that's messing with deadmans master robe mod, when I install primes pack should I just skip all the master robe files ? Also, about the daraala patch. Do I just replace the one from deadmans that's already in the override ? It says names differ: PMBMN pmbnm on the error report