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  1. So true. Its not a question of whether any of would like to see a KOTOR 3. I believe that it is reasonable to speak for everyone that if you are at all involved on Deadlystream than you by default hope to see it happen. Its just a question how conceivable it is to actually have a bunch of us to grab a beer or two, sit down, and dedicate ourselves to it.
  2. I'm not going lie, this has my attention. However, as Canderis pointed out, creating a story conversion mod is a massive undertaking that requires true levels of dedication. I can't tell you how many attempts at one there have been, myself being one, and to my knowledge only one managed to reach completion which was The Jedi Masters. Also John Doom, I see that you are very new to the server. I've been off and on since the old Lucasforums days back in the late 2000s. The big question is, do you personally have any modding experience in the KOTOR series?
  3. Hey man! Thanks for the response; Batch Hex Editor does exactly what I want... if I buy the full version. But the other one works perfectly, thanks chief.
  4. Hey guys, I am looking to do some work with the ported modules from KOTOR to TSL. However, I am in need of a good Hex Editor. Does anyone know if hexing files in a batch is a thing and if so where can I find it. Done a little bit of searching, it is supposedly out there but have yet to find a Hex Editor that does it.
  5. I usually do save all my source scripts to the override and compile them from there.
  6. Hey guys, I've been experiencing a very strange issue where one of the guys on my project has created a new function file called "jb_func.nss." I plan on using this something along the lines of the following syntax: Whenever I go to compile it, I get the following error: s_onenter.nss(1): Unable to open the include file "jb_func" What makes this so perplexing is that the guy who made this file is able to compile this with no issue on his computer. I need to be able to compile this on my computer as this will be a frequently used function and it will make things rather challenging needing the other guy to compile a script every time I turn around. Thank you for any responses in advance, I appreciate your help.
  7. I was originally going to use them for another project I have going on that's still under lock and key, however, at the very least I am planning on releasing them for the community to use as a modder's resource upon completion.
  8. Hey guys. I've been playing around in the modding community for years now and seen a lot come a long way. For a while now, I've been modeling out my own Coruscant expansion. It's not near completion but I have done a significant amount of work. Out of 33 planned modules, I have 27 that are considered completed (not taking ambient models into consideration). Textures aren't acquired yet nor lightmaps applied but just thought I would go ahead and show off what I have done far.
  9. Have you spent any time with any new area models models recently?
  10. I am looking for a couple of scripts that are part of the process for reconstructing how the galaxy map works. For my purposes I am creating, I believe, new variables for the game to work with. My problem is that I cannot follow the paper trail far enough in order to make that happen and the scripts that I am looking for do not appear to be in the script.bif section of KOTOR Tool. If I could get some help to either direct me to the appropriate section in KOTOR Tool or have someone post them, that would be terrific. The scripts that I am looking for are: k_inc_glob_party k_inc_debug k_inc_generic k_inc_gensupport k_inc_walkways k_inc_drop k_inc_utility k_oei_hench_inc
  11. That makes a lot of sense; hey guys, let's buy out this multimillion dollar company even though our financial reports indicate that we are going to have financial difficulty in the upcoming year. Great idea Charlie, set up the deal and you get a promotion... Excellent business practice in modern America. Well maybe it is for the best. Over the last 30 years there should have been 20 Star Wars movies and 20 Indiana Jones movies and who knows what else. George Lucas I think just became distract with his visual effects company.
  12. You guys can use it for this project but I would like to do some finishing touches to it before it goes public.
  13. Also just to inform the community, I've always heard that an area should be no more than 50,000 polies. I am assuming that bigger and better machines (since the engine base came out 12 years ago), will allow greater processing to have bigger poly counts. The Senate room is around 115,000 if I remember correctly and works perfectly. It just takes a little bit longer for exporting and such which is expected since I'm trying to eat an elephant in one bit... May also having something new coming which if it works will be a major break through for modeling feasibility. I'll let you guys know as soon I find out.
  14. If it's of any interest, I've been playing around with some models for my project Shadows of the Empire. Here is one of them of the Senate Interior. Enjoy...