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  1. Hello there, As the title says, is there any DX 11 renderer for K1 or K2, or any mods like this? Im looking for some good and heavy mods that will make a difference, refresh the game hard. Cheers.
  2. Crossguard lightsaber mod was expected, but anyway it looks really nice in game. Another great mod in my collection. Thx.
  3. Difference between this mod and default seems to be small on the screens, but in fact, it looks perfect in game, that's my observation. Thank you for this mod.
  4. One of many lightsaber mods, but probably most usefull. Nice.
  5. I have Steam versions of the Kotor games now. But the problem was probably caused by other reskins mods.
  6. 5/5, what else can I say? I could give 6/5 if it was possible.
  7. My game crashed after installing this mod, not sure why. But anyway, these skins looks awesome, very realistic.
  8. Wow. One of best skins I've seen. Thank you for this mod.
  9. Yes, I've seen this mod, also good one. Thanks for the link. But I thought about something else, big retex or even replace. Nevermid, maybe someday some1 will decide to make some armors improvement project, or anything like this.
  10. Nice work, but personally, I hope that somebody will make a big retex for sith and republic armors, to make them look more seriously. These sith and republic armors are just boring and should be refreshed.