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    At first I had run into some stretched faces, but now that I got it figured out, it's great to see ears on the male Twi'lek heads and to use the slim necks. Don't forget to move the files in the Textures folder over to the Override folder, in addition to the Option A/B files that you pick.
  1. Update: Now that I (finally) sat down to troubleshoot my stretched faces... My issue was that I hadn't moved anything over from the Textures folder to my Override folder. Just found my spelunking friend and his face is back to normal! Which raises one I also need to move the komad, zhar, and xor texture files from the Textures folder? I thought those three only appeared in M478 and K1, respectively. Apologies for the dumb question. Zhar and Xor's faces are reused for some of the Twilek models, as I discovered when I went back to Telos. It sounds like Komadh's texture is the only optional one since he's only in M478.
  2. It's possible/likely that I'm misunderstanding how the supermodels work, but I have to ask. Is there any way to use one of the no-cape models here, and then just copy and rename the Jedi robes global supermodel to be used by the Revan's robes supermodel? I realize this would mean you're wearing a single-colored cloak over Revan's robes instead of the patterned cape, which covers all the arm design and probably the folded hood. (Edit: And the belt animations might might not work correctly.) But that could be an acceptable tradeoff for those who prefer the TSL-style cloak animation to SS's cape animation. (Maybe you could remove the sleeves and force the hood on top, but I have no modeling experience to know if this is feasible. And if I'm venturing into the territory of suggesting new mods, I don't mind reposting to the appropriate thread.
  3. Can I pick and choose items that I want to remove restrictions from? Specifically, Star Forge robes. (While having everything unlocked could wind up being something I enjoy, the main thing I'd want to do is give Jolee something better than Jedi robes during the Star Forge gauntlet. He's never the one in my party getting the Qel-Droma robes, though, so I guess it wouldn't be a deal-breaker if I need to install everything.)
    My 2013 laptop with its Intel graphics card may have crashed a few times while I was doing intense quest work on Telos, but nothing that restarting the game and reloading a save didn't fix. Telos citadel was easily my least favorite place to be, but now it looks waaaaay better than it used to. Very likely will be using this on my new gaming computer with a much more powerful NVIDIA card. Whenever I get back to playing TSL.
  4. I see that there are two options to download. The clothing-only download seems to have texture files that have been updated, compared to the complete download. Are there any significant changes between the two files, or am I perhaps seeing a later modification date on the clothing-only download file because it was created on a later date?
  5. This mod is beautiful! So much has gone into it to make the Star Forge robes more fun to wear and use, that I feel bad about one nitpick...if I have Bastila or Juhani wearing a second set, none of the cool extra items are there. Would it just be a matter of renaming the model files for the companion version of the robes? I can also just take head canon that the Star Forge thinks only Revan needs the belt and cape for his robes, while the companions don't need such fancy accoutrements. Edited my accidental reposts.
  6. Juhani can wear the Star Forge Robes, just as Bastila can wear Darth Revan's Robes. Jolee, being flat neutral, can't wear either.
  7. @Ashton Scorpius I was going off the r/kotor community build, so while I assumed just going in order was all I needed, I saw these faces and just thought, "Well, I'll troubleshoot it before my next game, because I've got 80-something mods installed." (Any mods outside the community build were installed after, and I know none of them are touching the Twilek head files.) Anyway, I'm glad to know it's an easy fix. Luckily for this game, I took a ton of notes on what files were moved where, so tracking down any problematic files shouldn't take me long at all (I was worried because I've also had issues with the r/kotor mod build for KOTOR 1, but I need to reinstall that game anyway.)
  8. No mod for Revan's robes, actually. Just the default stuff from the Star Forge was jarring after beautiful robes for the rest of the game. If there's any sort of visual enhancement mod for the Star Forge/Revan robes, which adds a cape or something flowy, then I'd be interested in checking it out. (Maybe that's what your link does, but I don't have any current saved games on the Star Forge with either robe equipped to test it at this moment.) I've been spoiled by K2, I guess.
  9. Great mod! I was bummed when I got to the Star Forge and the robes I picked up there didn't flow anymore. But, I guess they're not technically Jedi robes, so they're beyond the scope of this mod.
  10. Stretched faces, like this? I've been meaning to go back and reinstall this mod, but maybe I can't use it because of the .tpc files. Is there a way to figure out if my base game uses the .tga format instead, to where I'm overwriting .tga with .tpc files?
  11. I installed and did a LS runthrough. Was wondering why HK wouldn't let me repair him, and then I realized that I need high influence, rather than the high/low system the base game uses. I'll go off and modify my save file, because I'm basically at 0 influence at the moment, haha.)
  12. Oh, hehe, yes, it's in the video. Thanks! My game is becoming a visual masterpiece because you and the other modders are spoiling us with good KOTOR content... (My computer graphics card will just have to live with it.)
  13. I'm seeing two options for Disciple installation. It looks like the appearance files in Option 1 are different from Option 2, but I can't tell from the screenshots here. Anyone know what looks different between Option 1 and Option 2?