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  1. Looks amazing! I am pretty new with mods, so I apologize for asking what might be a dumb question: is this beta version something that I could try installing for my next KOTOR playthrough?
  2. Never played either of the Dark Forces games, but I know some of the story from those two games. I do have Mysteries of the Sith and intend to play it one of these days (once I get newly-discovered KOTOR and KOTOR II out of my system). 10 years ago, Academy was my favorite, and while I still enjoy Academy...Outcast is my favorite. MIssions in Outcast flowed together into a smooth story. Lack of customization actually worked in Outcast's favor...developers could tailor AI/environments on each level to be better matched against Force powers/weapons Kyle acquired as the game progressed. (Seriously...the bacta supplies drop once Kyle masters healing...that's not a coincidence!) I'm just amazed at how many details I still pick out to this day...this game was just designed so well. It also helps that the Quake III graphics hold up decently well. I would love to play the Dark Forces games, but I'm not sure if they'd work on my Win10 laptop. (Don't have it near me or I could give specs for the graphics card. It's from 2013, so not sure how problematic the hardware might be.)