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  1. For anyone getting error messages saying "URCMTP 1.3.rar is not RAR archive. No files to extract" , I advise using a different RAR extractor. As of January 18, 2021, the files are still good. UniExtract did not work for me, but I was able to make this work with Win 7-Zip.
    To quote my favorite Jedi master... "Very good.... Very good."
    ndix UR's High-Resolution Menus took my menu screens to a whole new level, but there were some background colors that were off since they matched the old scaling. Also, the map was tiny and looked sad and pitiful. JackInTheBox has taken care of both of these complaints. The map isn't full-size, but it's bigger and has a cool graphic covering the rest of the empty space from ndix UR's upscale. I agree with other comments about the menu loading screens. I have another loading screens mod I'm wanting to try, but I need to double-check that it'll be compatible.
    I have a compatible resolution and downloaded this mod. At first, I thought it wasn't working correctly outside from the main menu screen. After some research and rereading of the ReadMe file, I realized I just needed to run my patched swkotor.exe file (I'd been playing on a bigger screen already, but had been putting up with tiny menu screens) through the patcher included in this downloaded. UNTIL RUNNING MY PATCHED FILE THROUGH THE PATCHER FILE, THIS MOD DID NOT WORK CORRECTLY. Now that I read the directions and got it working, I am enjoying my larger screen when I play KOTOR. Now KOTOR2 = far as screen sizes. One additional thought: the map is small, but JackInTheBox's HD Menus and UI Assets scales the map up and adds a cool background interface. While it's not a full-size map, it's an improvement to this mod's map.
  2. Doh! That's my tired brain forgetting where I got my swkotor.exe file. I'm working on getting your Widescreen mod integrated next. Super excited to play this game in a true 1600x900 format!
  3. Greetings, ElMarfacho and Thercio (and anyone else reading this post)! I'm not going to call myself an expert by any means, but I just got this mod working on my 1600x900 display after running into the same problems you're talking about. I think I know what you need to do to get this mod to work. I'd already had UniWS's GOG file working correctly, but that's not the only patch you need for the mod to work correctly. The ReadMe file assumes you know you need to patch the swkotor.exe file twice, and I'm just going to chalk it up to my own ignorance. Here's what I did: First Patch Job - Widescreen fix with UniWS (if you patched this using 1024x768 interface to your new display size, you can skim past this part): Copy your game's original swkotor.exe file and save it somewhere as a backup. Additionally, if you're a Steam user, go find a usable "cracked" swkotor.exe file that you can adjust, since Steam's file won't work. Just Google/Bing/DuckDuckGo/etc. "Kotor no-CD" and that's how I found mine. Once you have a usable swkotor.exe file, save it somewhere else as a backup. In UniWS, patch your swkotor.exe file using the 1024x768 interface instead of the 800x600 interface. I know the file was patched because I got feedback from UniWS saying the patch was successful. In case you haven't, go ahead and run this swkotor.exe and make sure the game is running at the new resolution. Other posters in this forum have indicated you need the new resolution implemented in the game before installing this mod. Second Patch Job - Mod Prep (if your mouse is off and HUD boxes appear on the menu screens, this is probably what you missed): Copy the patched swkotor.exe file to the Hi-Res-Menu Mod folder Referencing the ReadMe file, we are now at "Step 1: Modified Executable swkotor.exe" Double-click hires_patcher.bat and enter the information. (Note: I did NOT have to Run as Administrator, but keep that in mind if you need to troubleshoot.) For my 1600x900 display, which is in the 16:9 range that ndix UR recommends adjusting the letterbox for, I entered 1600, 900, yes, swkotor.exe [well, I just hit Enter for this last one since my .exe file sitting in there is called "swkotor.exe"] After the patcher program finished, I verified that a swkotor.bak.exe file was created. That's the easiest way to see that your second patch job was successful. Installing the Patched .exe and Mod: Copy the new swkotor.exe file from the Second Patch Job (not the backup!) into your game folder Copy all the appropriate .gui files into the game's Override folder (for me, that's the 1600x900 gui files) Testing the Mod: The main menu screen will always work Start a new game and you'll know it's working if your loading screen is properly sized and not running off the screen like it would if you're using a single-patched instead of a double-patched swkotor.exe file. Go to any other menu and see if your mouse lines up with the buttons Until ndix UR or an impatient modder makes a patch for the map, the map will be small. I imagine you can remove that specific gui file from the Override (map.gui) and get the old map back, though I don't know if your mouse will line up with the map's buttons correctly. You might notice extra border lines at the top and bottom during dialogue. I imagine this is ndix UR's way of ensuring all the dialogue text stays on-screen. You might notice some bright blue borders that no longer match the image/descriptions. I definitely caught this on the Items menu, but it's not a deal-breaker for having a widescreen menu with more items-per-page. May the Force be with you! Since the Steam swkotor.exe file doesn't work, you have to go online and look for a "Kotor non-CD" file. I was able to find one just fine, but I think it's illegal for me to upload it here since it's not really my file. Not the expert here, but I imagine a manually hex-edited .exe would be fine. You'll still need to run it through the other patcher that you download with the mod, or your mouse won't line up with your buttons and you'll see HUD buttons in the submenus (as several in this thread have mentioned).
  4. Looks amazing! I am pretty new with mods, so I apologize for asking what might be a dumb question: is this beta version something that I could try installing for my next KOTOR playthrough?
  5. Never played either of the Dark Forces games, but I know some of the story from those two games. I do have Mysteries of the Sith and intend to play it one of these days (once I get newly-discovered KOTOR and KOTOR II out of my system). 10 years ago, Academy was my favorite, and while I still enjoy Academy...Outcast is my favorite. MIssions in Outcast flowed together into a smooth story. Lack of customization actually worked in Outcast's favor...developers could tailor AI/environments on each level to be better matched against Force powers/weapons Kyle acquired as the game progressed. (Seriously...the bacta supplies drop once Kyle masters healing...that's not a coincidence!) I'm just amazed at how many details I still pick out to this day...this game was just designed so well. It also helps that the Quake III graphics hold up decently well. I would love to play the Dark Forces games, but I'm not sure if they'd work on my Win10 laptop. (Don't have it near me or I could give specs for the graphics card. It's from 2013, so not sure how problematic the hardware might be.)