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  1. That's perfect, thank you so much!! I am so grateful for this fix thank you
  2. I understand that! And thank you for the information, and the links, these are very useful. I looked at the fixes for Kotor 2 and it's so impressive! And that would be very appreciated if you did, but no rush or pressure at all, and thank you so much for taking the issue into account.
  3. Thank you so much! Is there a way to keep up with updates for that? Following the mod itself? Or you? Sorry, I'm still relatively new to using deadlystream
  4. Hello, I wanted to request a fix for this head's eye clipping? Obviously if this is something that would require a lot of time, please don't worry about it. I'd try it myself but I don't have any method/program (or know-how) of editing models. I've attached a video of what I mean. This is with the vanilla texture and no model edits to her, and is an issue I've always had. Her right eyeball (so the one on our left) clips through her eyelid, which can be hidden for the most part by painting her eyeball texture (that isn't visible) black, but it is still very obvious in certain eye positions. And as well as that, where her eyelid meets her eye socket on that same eye, looks really.. blocky? Weird? I'm not sure the word I'm looking for, but it isn't as smooth as the other eye. (I'm so sorry about the fact there's 2 videos and that one is broken. I tried to delete the broken one, because I uploaded it by mistake, and it had a reskin applied so I wanted to upload a completely vanilla one instead, but it didn't work. The video that works is the completely vanilla one.) Screen Recording 2019-04-14 at Screen Recording 2019-04-13 at
  5. It's okay!! I appreciate that you took any time at all And hmm, unless I've just been making a mistake every time I tried installing the .mod files.. I'll try again with some that I had been trying before, I tested them pretty extensively at the time too, in a saved game before entering that specific module, but I'll try again. Maybe I just made some mistakes since when I was trying with them before, I was pretty new to using the tslpatcher, and I had assumed pretty early that it was an issue with Mac not recognising .mod files, but it won't hurt to try again (and feel like a complete fool if it works fine now...). And it's reassuring to know that it isn't a Mac thing, if you're able to use them fine - means my attempts won't feel useless like they did before Okay I got it figured out!! I have...NO idea what I was doing wrong before, when I initially tried just installing as normal, without messing around with trying mods in different places and renaming stuff (bc with those it's pretty obvious where I went wrong). Maybe I was just messing up because I wasn't yet used to using tslpatcher, I'm not really sure but anyway... It works fine now. Tested with a few mods and it's all perfect so, whew. Safe to assume I was just royally messing it up before. Thank you so much @CarthOnasty I would've gone on with my assumption that .mod files don't work on Mac, and missing out on some amazing mods, if not for your help, so thank you so much!
  6. Oh... I didn't use any engines or Winetricks or anything. It all kinda happens self contained, with Winebottler I believe, and it looks like this: (Note: I wouldn't usually install tslpatcher mods from my Downloads folder, as the path shows, I usually drop the folder into my KOTOR Data before I install it, so that the folder actually shows up when I try to install. I just took a mod I still had lying around in my Downloads, to show you this screen. I actually have a workaround for this specific mod, that Kexikus helped me with.) The method I use works for every other mod perfectly, except those with .mod files, something with the process seems to make the .mod files useless, because their icons go from showing up as the black box with the green "exec" in them, to just the white page after they've been installed. As for subfolders, nope, there's none in my Override. And I checked the Modules folder at the time, and the .mod files were in there. (i've since removed them though, since they weren't showing up in my game) And no worries about the questions, I'm happy to answer them, and for the time you're taking
  7. That's certainly how modding on Mac feels! And yeah, I used Wine and Winebottler. And ah, that's my bad, I manually typed out the path instead of copying it (I only just learned how to do that lol), and completely forgot about the Knights of the Old part when I was typing it, but yeah, I open package contents once I get to that. Copied my override path location ⁨and it's Users/username/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/swkotor/Knights of the Old Data/Override which looks like what you said!
  8. Hi, thank you so much for your reply! So about the comments: That one was my mistake, I don't know why I thought a mod had suggested that, I guess I misread the ReadMe and mistook Modules folder for Override. I guess that's why I shouldn't try to install mods when I haven't gotten any sleep haha. I'll edit my original post to take that away as it's completely on me and my misreading. Yeah, that was mostly me messing around to try to get things to work, after I had tried installing them and testing them as they were and they didn't work. I got pretty desperate to try to get things to work. I didn't know that it needs the original .rim to work though, so..that explains that. Thank you for explaining that to me, it's nice to know why my attempts weren't working. I installed it through Steam. And my override folder path is: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/swkotor/Contents/KOTOR Data/Override.
    Such a big improvement on the vanilla, these are so pretty, and look really lovely in game
    These skyboxes are gorgeous, and so high quality! They make so much difference in making the game look more beautiful, really impressive work
    Looks so much more beautiful than vanilla's textures. I love these tweaks!
    Wonderful Juhani reskin. I use the one that's closest to her vanilla appearance, and I love it. She's my favourite companion, so I am very happy to see such a lovely model and reskin for her.
    These textures are really nice, I love them for the party members, but I especially love this mod for saving me from being subjected to the terrible original dancer outfit model. Really impressive job!
    The improved models are very very much appreciated!
    This is a very nice Bastila reskin! She still has the same feel as in vanilla, which is something I personally prefer with reskins - but much higher detailed. And there is a really pretty effect on her eyes and lips, that makes them shiny. And I am very impressed by her outfit texture too, it also has a beautiful effect on it, where there is some shiny detailing, very subtle but I really love it.
  9. Hi! I play both Kotor games on my MacBook and I am able to install mods that use tslpatcher with ease, using winebottler, despite being terrible with computers, and relatively new to my MacBook. I can pm you how I do my whole process (in depth plus screenshots) for using tslpatcher if you like because it took me a lot of figuring out and research to be able to get it right, and I'd be happy to help and explain for someone else, and it sucks that you would have to miss out on some amazing mods that use the tslpatcher. I'd be happy to do this for anyone else as well, who has issues using tslpatcher mods on Mac. I do however only use the steam workshop version of TSLRCM. Everything else I drop into steam workshop's tslrcm override folder. I'm not sure if having multiple steam workshop installs is the issue with tlspatcher not working - I could imagine though that it is an issue, that the patcher has to sort through multiple override folders. And I'm soon going to do a clean reinstall of my Kotor 2, to use the installer version of tslrcm, just to be safe with mods I download using tslpatcher (though I have downloaded and tested tslpatcher mods using my current mod setup so I know as long as you have only one workshop override it definitely works).
    As someone who loves the Scout clothing on my character until I can get robes, I love this mod for making it a more viable outfit throughout Taris.
  10. Hi, I'm having problems getting mods that use .mod files to work on my MacBook. I know how to install mods and use tslpatcher, no issues there at all, and my game runs perfectly; my issue is with getting .mod files to work. My game will not recognise the .mod file at all when it's been put into the modules folder by tslpatcher. I've tried installing as intended, through the tslpatcher, and then changing the extension of the files to .rim, and backing up the original .rim file, and then replacing them with the modded and renamed .rim file, but that just sent me to my main menu as soon as I entered that module, as if it didn't exist at all, due to my game not recognising the new module file. I'm definitely not very experienced either with my MacBook or with mods, so I'm at a loss now at what to try, so I was hoping if there's anyone who plays or mods the game on a Mac system who knows how to get .mod files to work, or a workaround, I would appreciate any advice. Thank you so much.
    It's so much nicer to be able to see the crisp view from the cockpit. Thank you
    My favourite Taris reskin, keeps the aesthetic and feel of the original, but improving it impressively. Very beautiful.