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  1. Isewein

    The EbonHawk-HDTP

    I can confirm it works fine with either!
    Just tried this; it looks great in game, especially the Darth Traya version. Her more pronounced facial features should give the scoldings she loves to heap on the Exile more edge. Minor nitpick: The gold braid ringlets seem a bit too shiny for my taste, now. I think the more worn-out look of the original would suit her better.
  2. I haven't played this mod yet; I'm trying to put together a safe mod build for my friend right now. So forgive me for my false assumption; I merely wondered why this file wasn't altered, but there not being a gender check in the first place of course explains that. Thank you for the fast support again, it's quite exemplary!
  3. If Disciple is not recruited, I recall there being a brief meeting where he reports to Carth about the Exile in the base game. Just something you might want to include for a female Exile here
  4. Isewein

    Iriaz on Dantooine

    Are the Iriaz in this mod not set as hostile? If so, it might be an improvement on K1R where apparently your party members can't refrain from attacking them.
  5. These look great! Adding some individuality to the less important characters of the story does far more for immersion than the umpteenth Bastila Reskin. Really good concept!
  6. Hey, I just got back into KOTOR and am trying to set up a full playthrough to finally experience all TSLRCM has to offer now that it's done. Maybe it's a daft question, but could anyone enlighten me what happened here? So there's an up-to-date version of this mod which is only accessible via Steam because of - a single music file ? That's rather a shame, isn't it ? Could someone 'in the loop' advise me whether a new version is still coming out soon-ish, how to make the Steam version work for GOG or whether I simply have to make do with 1.2 for my install if I still want to play this winter? Thanks guys, and kudos to all you modding heroes for keeping this game alive!
  7. Ah that makes it much less convenient... shame there is no WeiDu for KOTOR; Baldur's Gate Style ! I'll give it a try regardless. But all the values pertaining to a string of dialogue are visible in the dlg editor, right ?
  8. Isewein

    Bi Carth

    Does this disable the regular male romance with Bastila? If not, running both concurrently could work really well for a DS M!Revan. I always thought that Carth and Bastila sounded rather jealous of each other in more than just an ideological rivalry...
  9. This is wholly included in the TSL Backdrop Improvements compilation, correct?
  10. Isewein

    The EbonHawk-HDTP

    So did you guys use this for KOTOR or TSL ... or both?
  11. Hey, should this go before or after the mods it is supposed to tweak in terms of install order? Thanks!
  12. Hey, is this basically an update on ? Can't tell from the screenshots whether there's any noticeable difference.
  13. Hey, thanks for the quick response. So, theoretically copying the lines your mod adds into the one in my override with the DLG Editor should be enough? No hidden values or anything, just the straight up dialogue tree ?