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This mod does two main things:

- Makes Carth romanceable by M and F Revans.

- Makes it possible for F Revans to shut Carth down early on. No more sexual harassment!


If you load a save past the second conversation with Carth and you wish to romance Carth,

talk to T3-M4 and turn the romance "on." Otherwise, Carth will abruptly begin to treat you

platonically. The option is under "Can I ask you some questions?"


It will also make

- the soldier in the cantina on Manaan

- the Sith guy on Taris

- and Davik's slave dude

bisexual as well.


If you want to make various female NPCs bi, "Bastila and F Revan, the untold love story"

has those files for you.


It is very likely that the Carth Romance Fix will work with an M Revan, so you probably

want to snatch that mod up, for the best possible Bi Carth experience.



- Carth will call you "sister" and "woman" a lot. The slave guy will refer to you as "mistress."

Sorry. Maybe one day I'll weed through the audio files, but for now, it is what it is.


If you find any more bugs or problems, please report them on deadlystream or message me

on tumblr. I will try to mend them ASAP.


As far as I know it's incompatible with K1R.

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