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  1. Well... this does looks better than Deldrimor Sword...to be honest its more elegant and functional design.
  2. It would be great if all those mini mods ware upgradeable. This screw in the middle of the texture realy bugs me.
  3. I wiuld like to give 5, but the icon in inventory is an MP5, and with wierd feat with OP balance and lack of proper sounds prevent me from doing so.
  4. It realy looks good, and proportions are proper, not like MP5. As for damage, it should be easy to "fix" by end-user.
  5. OzarMidrashim


    I realy wanted to give 5, but this submachinepistol is a size of a carbine, and it just sets me off.
  6. EDIT: There is an Texture replacer called like "M-8 Assault Rifle Blaster - Alternate Textures in Aurabesh 1.0" ...
  7. Ugly as hell, but still good work.
  8. Looks like modern "bedroom equipment" or a.x.e. gel container ...perverted FiLth that was.
  9. "...as you descend the alignment scale..." xD
  10. OzarMidrashim

    Bi Carth

    Last screen just disarmed me completely... xD
  11. So... it would seem K1R should work with this. Also for total perfection we should incorporate "Bendak Bounty Non Dark Side Option"
  12. Does anyone can confirm this mod compatibility with K1R + Brotherhood of Shadow Solomon's Revenge and lack of mentioned in comments glitches/bugs?
  13. A must. Its still a suprice...reading all those mods...how absurdly broken and bugged this game was...
  14. Just use "Revan's Hoodless Maskless Flowing Robes For K1 1.1" and Texture from this mod.
  15. Exacly... K1R is not compatible "YET" as i understand, and it overwrited some files apparently.
  16. So...is this broken, or just heavily confilcts?
  17. First Weapon Model Overhaul Texture Rework 1.0 for melee, then High Quality Blasters 1.1 for ranged, and Blaster Pistol Ehancement 1.0 for little something. There are also Vibrosword replacements ...at least two mods.