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  1. Couldn't you add 3 items instead (maybe armbands?)? They'd do what seeker0x listed, but one would require dueling 1, the next dueling 2 and the final one dueling 3. One would either get them after picking their advanced class or you could put them onto some bodies as loot during the end game.
  2. No worries. I just happened to visit deadlystream for the first time in months and saw your post. It's been a year so I honestly don't know how to do it, I kinda wrote this post for myself as well. I do remember that it took me awhile as well to get it working. I'll try to follow my own instructions and get back to you. I'm pretty sure though that I only renamed the files generated by NWN Font Tool and put them in the override folder. My instructions should be complete, but I only wrote them down after doing it and never tried to follow them as I kinda gave up on the topic. Please make sure to share your results here, should you come up with any improvement. Even though I gave up, I'm still interested in getting larger fonts. EDIT: I followed my instructions and it worked just fine. I'll post some screenshots to give you a more detailed instruction. EDIT2: So as I said I made some screenshots. I also included the Bank Gothic font I used. It says "unknown" under license on fontpalace so I guess it's ok to upload it here, if not I can change the file and link to fontpalace. I think I got no subtitles when I messed up the settings, so be sure to start by copying mine exactly. Let me know if you still have problems. NWN font maker instructions.zip
  3. I am glad that I'm not the only one who has a desire for larger fonts. However, I ended up going back to the default ones as I was never 100% happy. The settings I posted still had some artifacts here and there. But I'll check if I still have those files somewhere. EDIT: Well that was easy. I still had some font files on my Laptop's desktop. I am not sure if these use the settings that I posted, but I'll upload them anyway. Let me know if they help! I also never tested them with K2. kotor_fonts.zip
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  5. I played the physical PC release on the beta of windows 10 and didn't encounter any problems, but great to see that the fix is available for those who don't use the gog version. Thanks for the link!
  6. Going live with some starcraft remastered ladder! https://t.co/YI5ejS9YIP

  7. going live again with some @pokemon gold any% glitchless speed running. still going for that sub 4 hrs! https://t.co/YI5ejS9YIP

  8. going live with some pokemon gold any% glitchless speed running, going for sub 4 hrs! https://t.co/DnmJXa4gln

  9. Going live https://t.co/yMJbbfWj7A with some pokemon gold any% glitchless speedrunning action. trying to get sub 4 hrs!

  10. Aren't we kinda waiting 1 movie to find out who reys parents are?
  11. I do love the idea from the op. I think something related to events would be best (as that is the approach of the original ui as well). So it would display Nihilus aboard the ravager after the visas cutscene etc. You could certainly add more events to that though as the game doesn't have that many different main menus. Like showing talia and vaklu in the onderon throne room during the second onderon visit. As for K1: With the new high res menu mod I do believe that a lot of ui graphics have to be replaced. Not just for the main menu but also item icons etc.
  12. Dreams do come true after all. Thank you so much! This will change the way I play kotor forever. The fonts become pretty crappy if you change the size, I kinda gave up after playing around with the nw font software that is available here. But I never thought we'd see the menu upscaled to full screen so maybe the fonts will follow some day. What a day to be a kotor fan. EDIT: So I just had to install it. Thank god I was too lazy to uninstall Kotor after my latest playthrough. The screenshots don't do it justice. You have to see this for yourself. It is so beautiful. Oh and I can confirm that this works just fine with Kotor Collection, which is probably because I use the same "uniws compatible exe" I would for 4CD. Afaik you can use that same exe for the steam version as well.
  13. It could very well still be Daviks Droid. You could add an option to force the Twi'lek to sell it to you, maybe unlock it after you complain about the broken droid she sold you.
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  15. You only hear his voice, right? He probably got someone to set up some sort of line for him to tap into the JekJek Tarr. I'm pretty sure he called from his ship. I mean at the end of the idea I'm pretty sure Obsidian didn't think much about it when they moved Goto to Nar Shadaa. It's part of the suspension of disbelief.
  16. Well good thing I just decided to delay my upcoming k2 playthrough. The changes sound great. Thanks for all the amazing work and for continuing to work on it.
  17. So since I own an Xbox One and a copy of Kotor on the Xbox, I figured I might as well give it a shot. It is indeed the xbox version. It does look like the pc version, but sadly it's 4 by 3. As you can easily hex edit the .xbe (exe) of many original Xbox titles to force them to run in widescreen (and many titles have native widescreen support) I am quiet disappointed that they didn't put in the extra effort to run the game in 16 by 9. The biggest advantage this has over the PC version is the perfect controller support, the fullscreen menu, not super tiny UI and subtitles that you can actually read when playing on a big tv. However, the text is pretty pixelated and so are all icons. The Yavin DLC is also not included, the content download part just informs you that Xbox Live is gone (RIP). Overall, I am quiet impressed with Microsofts ambition when it comes to backward compatibility. The sole fact that I can pop in my disc instead of being forced to buy again is a huge plus. However, as someone who still owns an original xbox I'll stick to that. I can still use DLC on my OG Box and as I said many games run in widescreen, I can even get a digital output signal, though that one is 480p for most games. As for Kotor I'll still stick to the PC version for mod support alone (and you can get pretty good controller "support" with a ps4 controller), but I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has never played kotor before. Anyone's first playthrough should always be without mods anyway, and while Yavin is a nice addition, I certainly don't regret not having it on my first playthrough. It looks very good, has great controller support and seeing those menus full screen on that resolution is something I have been wanting to see for years. Should I feel like doing a vanilla playthrough I might consider this version, though I feel like I'd stick to my OG Xbox in the end. But a lot of people sell their old stuff or never had an Xbox to begin with, and I am really happy that they get to experience this modern classic once again in an updated version. I'd definitely recommend it over the PC version to anyone who has never played it before. Oh and if anyone needs any files from the original Xbox version, I'll gladly provide them, just sent me a PM. I can't access the Xbox One version for obvious reasons though. And as for MCC: We'll see about their definition of fixing it. Halo CE alone has a hole website dedicated to how broken its MCC version is. And from what they have been communicating it seems like they still see the majority of issues in the UI/stability department, when the biggest issue is that none of the games play like the originals, especially CE and H2. If they actually manage to fix all issues, I'll be fine with their utter lag of 1st party titles. And as for TSL: The Xbox One would probably run it at a stable 30 fps or even 60 fps. That alone would be such a massive improvement to that version of the game. Sure it'd still have broken quests and we all know how much is missing from that version. But I would certainly love to play it again at a stable framerate. Those massive framedrops are as worse as all the missing content.
  18. l2daorch

    Trailer Movie

    You can take the trailer from the xbox version or download the trailer from youtube and convert it to a .bik yourself. Afterwards you rename it to one of the biks that the game plays on startup and replace that one in the movies folder. Quality is obviously meh, but that goes for all of the bik movies. Been using that for years on my pc version. Disclaimer: I have no idea if ripping any file from an xbox game disc is legal if you only do it for yourself. So don't do that if it is illegal.
  19. Thanks for the write up. Even though I was only lurking (checking team gizka website every other month over years to see how far along the mod was), I still remember some of it vividly. From reading all those cut lines of dialogue a few weeks after I finished my first playthrough, to the excitement when TSLRP was announced, to the beta leak (was pretty hype to finally be able to play some restored content) and finally to that trailer which, at least to me, really marked the end of TSLRP. I am still very grateful to all the awesome folks (you really should have used some sick team name ) who made TSLRCM happen (or the unrestored content mod as I remember first seeing it). Would have been a real shame if that leaked beta would have ended up being the closest thing to a proper k2 we ever got. The TSLRP beta was pretty sick at the time, but compared to TSLRCM it's pretty bad, especially with M4-78. With the Genoharadan being in the works once again, it really does seem like Bao-Dur and the rest of the ending are all that's left. Someone should definitely write a book about the history of kotor 2, such a sick story and even after 13 years it's not over.
  20. Well since I even enjoyed the Episode 2 GBA game I'll probably have a great time watching this movie as I have with anything that has Star Wars on it. I really enjoyed McGregors performance as Obi Wan in the prequels so I'd love for him to play the part again. They could do some CGI stuff to make him look closer to McGuiness, too.
  21. Looks really good, definitely up to par with the vanilla modules! It's really great to see that both Kotor games keep getting addons so many years after release. Because that's what I see these as. K1R/TSLRCM are major patches with M4-78/BOS:SR being addons. And now a second addon for K1! I love how K1 went from your typical western 20-30 hour rpg to what will probably be a 60-70 hour game with K1R, BOS:SR and Sleheyron. Not that big a difference to your typical JRPG. Keep up the great work and take all the time that you need. From what I have seen thus far it's gonna be a fantastic addon.
  22. So as anything new in videogames nowadays it's semi-broken. Oh well, I do like gog so I might rebuy it through them when it's working again. I thought at first it was only available through steam. Does feel pretty crappy that they don't put in the extra effort to do a patch for the original version though, but it's the same with k2's steam update.
  23. Does anyone know if you can use your original dvd copy? I don't like steam and even though it's probably super cheap I'd like to avoid rebuying it.
  24. What N-DReW25 suggests in terms of resolution would actually be perfect. But as for the second part of his post: Shouldn't it feel like all the other movies in the game? I really like the Ebon Hawk landing/starting scenes were you can actually see the ship flying across the planet for a bit (like the korriban one in k1). Would it be possible to have a shot of the Ebon Hawk flying across some of the zones of m4-78?