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  1. So, when u become a Weapon Master in Kotor 2, you get improved Two Weapon Fighting... but not a thing bout Dueling. So i would like to request a mod who should change this. Improved Dueling Lv 1 - +4 Attack and Defense + 1 Damage Lv 2 - +5 Attack and Defense + 2 Damage Lv 3 - +6 Attack and Defense + 3 Damage PS: All levels replace the others one. The Two Handed still stronger, but now dueling has Defense to counter it * I thought putting more 0,5% of damage on max level... but could make the Two handed advantage sink... Or maybe, could enhance the Force Strength or Will...
  2. And i guess there is no shortcut or anything else to bypass this... thx anyway.
  3. Could anyone make able to use Force Jump with a melee weapon? (Kotor 1 and 2)
  4. Could u make a Sustained version? something like Dragon Age 2? Please?
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    I was wondering if it can make this mod to give more usefulness to charisma and derivative. The equation is simple ---> persuasion + charisma modifier = Discount and Oversell Example - Persuasion: 6 + Charisma : 4 (modifier) = 10% of discount and oversell! It would give a new use for charisma and persuade. Another enhancement would be to use the charisma modifier to inspire the allies. Example - +2 (modifier) = +2 atk and def. (But it cannot affect the one who hold the highest modifier) It may need some upgrades to no allow flaws or overpower... Oh! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!