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  1. Just want to share it here. It looks like this movie had a lot of production problems which resulted in the mess it became. This reddit post sounds believable.
  2. Yeah, and Batman and Robin was also supposed to be a light hearted child friendly movie similar to Adam West Batman. But Rise Of Skywalker was supposed to bring a 40 year story into an end, but it was a laughable movie in it's serious moments.(Especially the times that they screwed the rules OT and PT Star Wars movies.)
  3. It was like watching Batman And Robin really.
  4. http://store.steampowered.com/app/730820/The_Curse_of_Monkey_Island/ https://www.gog.com/game/the_curse_of_monkey_island Any Monkey Island fan here ?
  5. dg1995

    Saving Star Wars

    I don't think few people on the internet can change anything. TFA and EA Star Wars games have turned me off from Star Wars. What is the best solution ? Find new franchises to like.
  6. Imo,Train the Handmaiden deserves to be added to TSLRCM because it doesn't really feel right that Exile can't teach her any lightsaber forms unlike other party members. Being able to teach her the lightsaber forms helps her to have an easier time against other handmaidens at least.(Even if teaching forms to others isn't that useful) http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/1176-train-the-handmaiden/
  7. For me the prequels are much better than the overrated Return Of The Jedi.(And BTW prequels had the best action scenes compare to OT and Disney Trilogy) They weren't garbage they had all the things to make them great but due to the bad editing they never reached their full potential. And don't tell me they had bad acting, OT movies weren't that great in that regard either.(None of the OT SW movies were that great.)
  8. I have tested it. Online has become much better with faster joining , less lag and more players.
  9. dg1995

    Train The Handmaiden

    Thanks for making this. I will use it when I replay Kotor 2.
  10. Is there any chance that in episode 9 JJ reveals that Luke in episode 8 was actually Luuke(The evil clone of Luke) and then Mark Hamill returns ? Well, space politics first came with Thrawn Trilogy books and people loved it then which is why Lucas added it I guess. And as for Jar Jar he isn't the worst character that Star Wars has ever had. Ewoks were worse , boba fett was pretty awful in ROTJ that he needed the expanded universe to shine , Hutts are the worst Alien specie in SW universe .(Hutts should have been a Mafia title and Jabba should have remained human imo)
  11. It's been months since this was discussed. Anyone had the time to work on it ?
  12. I wan't impress with the campaign that much in gameplay videos which looked like playing the whole game with overpowered heroes. It also lacks split screen which original battlefronts on ps2 had.
  13. It has near 19000 signs. I recommend you all to sign this for the better future of Star Wars video games. https://www.change.org/p/lucasfilm-revoke-ea-s-star-wars-license?recruiter=837721710&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_more.combo_new_control_progress_1dollarask111417
  14. dg1995

    EA is in trouble.

    There is also Battlefront 3 legacy mod that adds 3 ground to space map.(Crouscant,Cato naimoda and Bespin)