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    Good question, and can't blame one for that. Long story short, before I know how the patcher works, I thought more/less the same as you -- the installation might not working as intended, and without knowledge for once I copied the MOD file inside a mod archive and then paste-overwrite the existing one inside my modules folder. Fun times, lol. So in general it's best for one to understand it like this -- as DP stated above It still should inject the appropriate changes into that MOD. What happened under the hood is the installer make changes to the already existing relevant MOD/unk_m44aa.mod file on your end, and does not copying what's inside the mod's archive. The opposite happened when -let's say- you have a clean install of the game and this mod being installed first. You will then have empty modules folder filled only with RIMs, without any MODs. What this mod does then it will copy the [vanilla] MOD inside its archive to yours, and then inject the appropriate changes onto it. It's a necessary procedure for the mod to work properly. And to answer the question -- I can only say to install this mod at the latter stage of your build, which means after K1CP and any other mods if necessary. Hoped that helps. Cheers!
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    Yeah I remember being able to open the door on the xbox, but if I remember there wasn't much going on in there. I'm wondering if there's more hidden in the module relating to this. Anyway, great mod. It's always frustrating not being able to open a door, because you know the content is missing.
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    I'm waaay ahead of yah! Pasted the beard from the black-haired Dark Harbinger reskin of Jedi Jesus onto Better PMHC04 in Photoshop.
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    I know that another mod exists called "Save Mission" by jc2, which ultimately has all the same functions as my mod. I created this mod from scratch, using "Save Mission" as inspiration, so it has all different dialogue for the player and NPCs. The outcome is the same, but the events unfold differently. I feel that these differences, as well as the absence of a few bugs that are present in Save Mission v1.5a, mean that these mods both have merit. You may enjoy jc2's "Save Mission" much more than this mod, so I'd suggest trying both out and keeping the one you like better (you can't install them both at the same time). EDIT: Make sure you have v1.2 of the mod, as it improves the dialogue choices and fixes a bug that usually prevents you from killing Mission. Even though this mod is about keeping her alive, it's still good to have the option to kill her as normal.
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    Yeah, I didn't have any particular idea for most of them but I had remembered reading that, so I decided to put the silver crystal on Tatooine. I would've put it in the krayt dragon cave but there's already a violet crystal there. Likewise the orange crystal is on Shaela because she's depicted with an orange lightsaber in the Tales comic she was in.
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    I wound up testing it myself last night and it seems to work fine, which makes sense I suppose if the file was merely an extracted vanilla .mod file. I was worried that your file was edited in some way that made it different to the one included in the KCP but apparently not. .mod editing, if such a thing even exists, is above my pay grade so I just wanted to be certain that one was no different to the other. Thanks for the responses.
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    Skipping pre-existing MOD files is normal practice. It still should inject the appropriate changes into that MOD.
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    Side effects of a Death Stick laced with Kessel Spice may include: * Loss of apatite * Sleepiness * Double irises * Lack of energy
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    Just from a lore perspective, making the silver crystal drop from a Sand Person is genius. After all, Durindfire gems are found only on Tatooine. Now my perfect Halcyon!Revan setup can be completed!
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    Should work fine, since this mod only alters Juhani's body model slot I and the other one doesn't.
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    I don't see how that's possible. Everybody uses the same model. Maybe you overwrote some of the supermodel changes after installing. Try copying all the S_Male and S_Female files to Override and overwrite anything that's already there. I have a mod that gives you robes earlier, by the way.
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    I know that hoods aren't really possible for the player because the head and body animations get out of sync a bit. That's why Kreia and the Handmaiden use full body models in the second game. for their clothing appearance. It could potentially be done for other party members, but I don't know if I have the modeling skills for it yet. I don't think KOTOR 1 supports the appearance.2da hack that Obsidian used to let the Handmaiden and have a different appearance for her clothing, but there are probably other ways to do it.
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    The first part is in Tienn's shop, the second is in one of the cargo containers in Serecco's territory.
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    Could we potentially get a version with a static background maybe? I love the background that the portrait has at the moment, but it doesn't quite match the typical pastel colored scheme that allot of other portrait mods/reskin mods have is all... not that it takes away from the mod at all or anything
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    Hi, I don't know if you are aware of this, but the appearance.2da file from this mod adds several lines from the Brotherhood of Shadow Solomon's Revenge (i.e. Alien_Rodian_99, Sith_Female_Twilek, etc.). Causes a bit of a pain if you actually use that mod as well, as it causes duplicate lines in the appearance.2da that affects modding