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    Oh, oops, I think I simply forgot to include a txi file 🙄 Thanks for noticing, I've updated the zip. C_SenBall01D.txi
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    Ebony Moon would know best because she took the pictures.
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    This is one of my favorite mods as said to you over on Steam reminds me of Darth Talon even if she doesn't have the tattoos. Hence why I choose the Lethian style for her, as someone who has the old rp lexicon and groups the female twilek's name and the clan name I love the way you've done this very much. Combined with smugglerAlex's fully upgradeable clothes (which take on the appearance of her snazzy outfit) my Twilek's ready to lay down Sithy darkside on Kreia for her stupid commentary! 😉
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    Heh, I'm being happy to see you guys are still interested. Okay. The alpha version of this mod is lates because of I can not run well the Tools on my new laptop what uses sux windows 10. Trying to figure out how to get those tools work and this mod will be out.
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    Hello! Thanks for the awesome mod! I'm currently running into an issue anytime I see a twilek in-game where a popup shows up behind the game that says "Invalid bumpmap: Twilek_M01b7=.tga" Sometimes instead of 7= it will have weird symbols. Edit: This seems to have been caused by .txi files from ebmar's txi pack overriding the built-in info in your .tpc files. After removing the offending .txis, I haven't seen this issue.
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    I really like these changes, the rewards and new loot makes it a lot more exciting and fulfilling. Plus the characters you meet seem more unique, and the fight are also a bit more challenging. Also the new merchant items make shopping a bit more worthwhile without going too crazy with it like in the Enhanced Merchants mod which just sells unique and rare items in bulk I've only finished Taris so far as a scoundrel. I'm one of those players who likes to have 10 non Jedi levels and 10 Jedi levels (Pity scoundrels luck 3 has always required level 12 and not 10 as the 2 extra defense would be nice before becoming a Jedi Guardian) but this time through it was an actual challenge on normal difficulty instead of just an easy run in the vanilla game. So yeah, thanks for making this. Looking forward to seeing what you've done with the other planets.
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    WOW These look impressive!! I'm so glad that AI upscaling is being embraced by the video game community, it's definitely causing a revival for modding sites. I can't wait to test this mod once I'm out of class
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    I see bastila got plastic surgery and became a bounty hunter for the exchange xD
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    What is the deal with the two version of 1.8.5? The newer one is alot smaller than the one from 2017.
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    I recommend using my mod with @DarthParametric's Peragus Administration Level Room Model Fixes for best results.
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    You're asking if you can get the mod's content without using the mod?
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    But what does this mod actually do?
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    More interested in comments on my mod on my mod's download page but OK.
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    Wow, just wow Squall these are wonderful. Any plans to include Dooku's clothing, and Darth Maul's? To say nothing of Asajj Ventress's style of clothing? Those would be interesting as well, also will these work in tsl?
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    1) Fixed your quote. 2) Apparently I fixed the text you refer to a long time ago so I don't know what to tell you. Wish you left a comment on what you thought of the entire mod itself rather what you thought of the description...