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    Effix, you are a DELIGHT! Thank you so much! Got the file names working (figured out that the issue was that the .mdl/.mdx files included in the PFHC01 K1 retexture I'm using were not compatible in K2 and causing a CTD in character creator), and now the retextures are loading beautifully, DS transitions included! Thanks so much again for your help! <3
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    I have no idea why this is happening to your game. Are you using any other mods? You are supposed to find all the 4 Jedi Masters before going back to Dantooine and enter the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave. Kreia's dialogue about suggesting you to return to Dantooine is supposed to be triggered after you found all 4 Jedi Masters, when the value of global flag 000_Jedi_Found is 4. Can you use KotOR SaveGame Editor to check your current save, looking at Globals > Numerics and see what is the value of 000_Jedi_Found of your current save? I would suggest you go to Nar Shaddaa and complete the questline, because entering the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave without meeting all 4 Jedi Masters first, especially if you choose to spare the Jedi masters, could cause possibly game-breaking problems for the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave sequence.
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    But Bastila is confirmed heterosexual in the canon (Legends canon at least) material. And there is no hint of attraction from her towards any female character in the game as far as I recall. So if this mod aims not for mere changes in game mechanics (making certain game elements whether related to feats, powers, weapons or romances available for everyone) but for canon accuracy then why make a canon straight character gay then? Why not turn everyone bi so all players whether straight or gay can enjoy a romance with all those characters? Or choose a character's orientation during the game start if making all bi seems like a cop out of sorts? Btw, I understand that you are not willing to make Juhani straight as an option and that I won't push you to change your mind. I have nothing against mods that turn straight characters gay whether those are women or men. I'm just curious why it seems such a taboo to make homosexual characters straight when its fine (I've not noticed hateful comments in that regard) to make straight characters homosexual? I'm sorry if my question were uncomfortable to you. One last thing to close the topic on a different/less awkward note...are there any plans to add some cut content (if there is any) to romances? Not regarding any character specific just curious if you were considering that. Also any plans to add some new original content to those romances?
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    I just downloaded and played this mod moments ago. I can't thank you enough! My dreams of having this rather secret cut ending play out to such an incredible animation at the end, complete with credits and a comprehensive sequence of cutscenes, is a dream come true. I literally jumped out of my chair with my hands in the air that's how floored I was at this ending. I don't think BioWare could have done better if they tried all those years ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you!