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    OMG. Yes and thank you so much. It's amazing. The male heads in this game were terrible but you have brought it to life. Thank you so much for all your beautiful mods. I hope you are staying safe in life and doing well.
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    I estimate that mod placed a file named (or named similar) "HK-50.utc" or something, a file like that is used extensively during the game and if it is inside the override it'd break every NPC with the tag "HK-50" for example. What is sadder, yet beneficial for you, is that the restored items are restored in TSLRCM and M4-78EP.
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    Glad to know it works with both KotORs!! Thanks for test!!
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    I tried a few of the textures in kotor 2 and it works. For example I have the floor computer terminal in both my kotor games. Everything I tested worked in both games but I didn’t try every single part of your mod. I try to keep both games textures similar for continuity. Short answer is this mod works in both games and most of the file names for these objects are the same in both games so you don’t have to change the names.
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    Glad you like it!! Thanks!! I haven't installed TSL now and I can't check it. As it's just image files accompanied with its corresponding .txi files for the animation I think it should work but I cannot asure it. I've seen other graphic MODs that work with both KotORs. From here I can just elucubrate about that both games be using the same texture image and use the same file names for the same objects and it'd be a long story. About names you could simply rename them but if are used different texture images, e.g., you could find that the eyes of a NPC are placed in its knees... Anyway, I can asure that I haven't placed an autodestruction device if the KotOR version is not correct, so you always can use these files in K2 and tell us the result. I'm very sorry not be more helpful now. (Btw, my "humor sense", that has its own life, although for different reasons, also apologizes...)
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    I like them! Would these work in KOTOR 2?
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    Very cool. I like this a lot. So much better. Thank you for doing this.
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    Good afternoon. Fixed it.
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    I love this skin. I always rename the head as I don't like dark side transitions showing so I love the LS head through the whole play through even if I do dark side actions. I agree the wounds on the head look so much better and I will use this head in my next male play through. I never use to use this head before as it was really bad but with your re skin I will use any male head now in my play through. Seriously thank you so much for doing the reskins of the Males. P.S. Happy Valentine's Day!
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    It is only compatible with Kotor 1, since you can't get Juhani in your party in Kotor 2.
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    How did I miss this mod? This is great work
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    I think there are force fields on Goto's Yacht and on the Iziz skyramp. I am pretty sure Bao-Dur can do his shield break on these. Thanks for fixing this!
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    Yes, any changes to UTI files will not affect items that are already in your inventory.
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    Perfectly possible, but I won't be doing it myself. The philosophy of the Content Pack is to add options, so every feat is ignorable if you don't like a particular one. I don't change any base-game behaviour. If you want to edit your own copy for personal use then open the feat.2da in the Override and change the columns ending in _granted. For example if you put a 5 in the sol_granted field then Soldiers will get the feat for free at level 5.
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    We make no claims of compatibility with M4-78 or EE, regardless of version. It may work or it may not, that's up to the enduser to determine. TSLRCM is probably still fine, I don't think any radical changes were made. K2CP is pretty innocuous at the moment, it doesn't make anything like the sorts of changes K1CP makes, so it's probably fine. But nobody has assessed the current status formerly as of yet.
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    I really do approve of this idea! Might I request for a similar patch to be made for the following mod? Movie-Style Jedi Master Robes by DeadMan merely does the Jedi Master Robe model while this mod listed above covers the Jedi Padawan Robe model in a very similar fashion to DeadMan's Master Robes.
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    Now with a mask hook, so masks will be visible, thanks to N-DReW25!
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    His thugs in the Shadowlands use the Sith Apprentice appearance (41), so no, they are not changed.
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    Well, I don't plan on expanding the mod indefinitely, but I do currently have one more feat pencilled in for version 1.7.
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    Obviously I use script tokens, there's no other way to reference a new feat unless I just assume everyone's running pure vanilla feat.2da. Don't think I wouldn't distribute ncs files if I could get away with it. Apparently the nwscript in the folder was the wrong version, although I was sure I extracted a K1 copy for it. I'll replace it and fix any compilation errors.
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    Game version is determined by what game's nwscript.nss you feed the compiler. And there is no reason to have TSLPatcher compile scripts unless you require the use of script tokens. Regardless though, if your source came from TSL then it needs to be vetted for use with K1, as JC pointed out.
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    If you haven't already, you should recompile all the scripts for KOTOR 1. The vast majority of the NWScript functions are the same and the bytecode formats are the same, so many scripts compiled for one game will work in the other, but any differences will result in runtime errors. When the virtual machine interprets a script function that either doesn't exist or doesn't match the expected signature, it stops executing the entire script. For example, the function CreateItemOnObject() is available to both games, but in KOTOR 2 it has an extra parameter at the end for hiding feedback. // Stuff CreateItemOnObject("item_name", target, 1); // More stuff vs // Stuff CreateItemOnObject("item_name", target, 1, FALSE); // Here be problems Something like this will obviously compile fine with a KOTOR 2 compiler, and, as I recall, it will even execute in KOTOR 1, creating the item... but then the rest of the code won't execute. Recompiling for the correct game will catch a few problems at compile-time like your issue with the KOTOR 2-exclusive function here, but perhaps more importantly, it will also fix the sublte errors like this that won't occur until runtime.
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    Ugh, another bug from the TSL porting. They're base-game icons, they just have a slightly-different name in both games. Fixed, thanks for the report. Echani Combat Arts was cut for a reason, and if you're still using the 2010 version then I can't really offer support.
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    Question: Does this replace Malak's robes as well? Or is that model not affected by this?
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    (Sees Lvl 86 Bastilla Picture) What mods are you using to make that happen?!?
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    No. BUT... I am making a patch for Brotherhood of Shadow as we type. Previews of said patch will be released somewhere on this site at a later date. As it has a TSLPatcher I am willing to say yes.
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    Because of this mod, Scoundrel dual blaster wielders are much more viable. As one who prefers to play as Scoundrel, this is quite appreciated.
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    Now that you mention it, this model fits surprisingly well with Zherron and Administrator Adare, even better than in K1. Think so too. Now you can see the face suitable for the old man. This model looks great in TSL. Amazing quality of work, @Dark Hope! I'd love to see your versions of Kavar and Zes-Kai Ell!
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    Nice catch, and yeah - that sounds like a good idea. Gained insights from this post moments ago, and thinking this mod can definitely fits somewhere. Would definitely having this installed on my TSL playthrough. And thank you, OP/Dark Hope -- for this mod. It looks very promising, and looking forwards to give it a go. Cheers.
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    Lol, see he's a womanizer, and from a personal experience I can totally see where she's coming from in wanting to kill him. Be so easy to do more than just leave him there to die, especially after he flirts with my version of Revan, as well as Bastila, and if he flirted with Juhani and Mission, since he doesn't I'm going to go assume/read between the lines and guess he's also a bigot, given his commentary concerning droids as well *cuddles her precious T3 and HK*
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    In my current Playthrough it has provoked that the HK-50 squads found along the game do not attack (except the very first one in the Polar Plateau). I've had to uninstall it.
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    Great job on retexturing the game but it gets annoying if you have to convert the file yourself as a user. As a modder, you can make it easier for other users by converting the TGAs from your side and make it available for others who doesn't have the knowledge in modding games. It is technically the same installing method as you do it yourself by converting the files from the user side just an extra step for users. It'll be just 1 less steps for users if you help others by helping yourself to convert the files beforehand. I'm not sure it the site allow this but you can put a single link to your download page where your mods are compiled together especially big files into a single zip. This way it is less confusing to follow instructions.
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    I know this may sound like a long-term mod to create, but why not make a mod explaining Kreia's life in the Jedi order, like the cutscene of Kreia's Fall? It is already well speculated, thought and believed that Arren Kae was Kreia before she went and searched the deeper mysteries of the dark side. As Kreia was a Jedi historian, I would've used the Dantooine Jedi library is a big part of the cutscene. That'd be a start...
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    Which outfit exactly would you want him in? I'm considering it as an optional patch for an update, but I'm not sure what to give him yet. I could put him in the silver Sith armor but I don't thinkthat would make him look more important. It's used for a lot of generic guys like the governor of Taris who doesn't even have a lightsaber. But I don't want to give him Bandon's outfit because I feel that should be unique to him. The third option is some sort of new outfit, maybe a reskin of either, maybe a little modeling work - which I can do, but I still don't know what I'd want for him. I'd have to think on it. I'd consider the same for Yuthura, but I just haven't had an ideas yet.
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    Good day. It was necessary to pack it into an archive.
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    This is about as close as we're going to get; the "Catlike Head Juhani" or whatever it's called is eye-scarringly bad
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    Just want to point out that if you make Bolook green, there will too many green Twi'leks on Dantooine. Lur Aka Sulas, Deesra Luur Jada, Garrum(if you download a mod restoring him and his master), Crattis Yurkal, and Karal Kaar. SpaceAlex created a unique appearance for him in his unfinished mod here
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    The animations and other little details are amazing, the dark illumination is nice but for my taste the general result is a little too much dark grey. Anyway is a great work. It's annoying that there isn't easy directions to install included with the MOD. It has cost to me some time understand how install correctly, moreover with a third program needed that people, like myself, do not use and do not know how it works, so I had to risk a little bit (btw, the video of the included link is useless, above all if english is not native language). I think it can still be helpful so I'll describe how I got it (of course, first of all, you have to download and install XnView if you don't have it): 1- Unzip all 9 parts of the downloaded MOD in their own folder. 2- Copy/Paste (or drag and drop) all the unzipped files from folder 1 and 2 to your KotOR\Override folder. 3- (for simplify) put together all the unzipped files of the folders 3 to 9 in a same folder (obviously, neither folder 1 nor folder 2). 4- Start XnView, the leftmost button is the Browser with wich you have to search the folder where you have placed together the unzipped files of folders 3 to 9. Open the folder and you must see ALL the files placed in the main part of the screen. Select ALL the files (dragging the mouse, Caps+End... anyhow ALL must stay selected). 5- Right click with the mouse on the files (be sure ALL the files are selected) and in the options shown choose and click the market with the hot key "Ctrl+U". 6- In the new window that appears you must indicate the path of your own KotOR\Override folder, the correct format of the files (TGA) and choose "Replace". 7- Click "Go" button, wait a little and you're ready. Enjoy the MOD