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    Mod of the Year: 2018 The time is finally upon us to vote for the mods of the year. After a somewhat imperfect execution and feedback from users, I've decided to move forward with this year's established rules, but we will look into re-assessing mod categories and potentially expanding the nomination/voting pool to Reddit next year. This year's nominees are: Best Texture Enhancement - Reskins, HD Textures, or any mod that adds new textures to the game Animated Ebon Hawk's Screen HD by Dark Hope link [K1] Janice Nall "Legends" and the Incomplete Droids by ebmar link [K1] Form of soldier HD "International Global mod" by Dark Hope link Selven Legends by ebmar link Spectral Ajunta Pall Canonical Appearance by VarsityPuppet Removed from running after it was pointed out to me that it isn't technically a texture enhancement Best Content Restoration / Addition - Mods that enhances the existing game content or add new game content Crossguard Lightsabers by SithSpecter link Diversified Jedi Captives on the Star Forge by Darth Parametric link Dxun Holocron by InSidious link JC's Blaster Visual Effects by JCarter426 link JC's Dense Aliens for K1 by JCarter426 link Taris Dueling Arena Adjustment by Darth Parametric link JC's Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes for K1 by JCarter426 link Most Helpful Community Member - A member that has been active in helping the community overall, whether performing mod requests or troubleshooting game installs Bead-V Darth Parametric JCarter426 Kexikus Ndix-Ur Mod of the Year - The best Kotor/TSL mod released this year! Community Kotor 1 Patch by A Future Pilot link TOR Ports: KOTOR Comic Republic Uniforms for K1 by Darth Parametric link Lehon Mandalorian Expansion by jc2 link Spectral Ajunta Pall Canonical Appearance by VarsityPuppet link I'll have voting run through the end of January so we can make sure everyone has a chance to come around and vote. On February 4th (or some time around then) I'll tally the votes and announce the winner. Hopefully by then, we'll have a badge or flair system in place and we can start adding them to user profiles and downloads. Happy Voting!
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    Why did make an empty quote of me?
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    Previous message about fixing the environmental sounds, music, updates and community input.
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    Well N-DReW25 knows how to port NPCs between games, all without the need of creating a help thread.
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    So a new Star Wars game has been anounced and we will get a trailer at E3 for it. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/e3-2018-star-wars-jedi-fallen-order-is-the-new-gam/1100-6459540/ Looks interesting. Its supposedly a single player action adventure game set after the events of order 66 and follows a young padawan. Hopefully EA does not royally screw us like they did with SWBF 1 and 2 😡
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    Might be a little late to mention this but Piriform's Recuva program is a great tool for recovering lost files, I have used it several times to recover projects from accidentally formatted hard drives or emptied recycle bin contents, so keep it in mind for the future ^^ but it depends on how the drives were formatted, be it a quick or a full format. Sorry to hear about this loss. Thor110 Note : I once formatted the hard drive containing my GTA IV project which is also a large project that I set aside some time ago, I was able to use Recuva to get the files back and still have them to this day
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    I guess losing everything made you too drained and burnt out from even thinking about restarting it?
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    I knew I forgot JC’s mod! I’ll fix that. Ajunta Pall I decided to remove since it doesn’t technically enhance any textures. It’s still up for mod of the year though, and I personally appreciate the nomination.
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    My 2c: Just have simple separate Mod of the Year awards for K1 and TSL and nix the individual categories.
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    I just want to say I appreciate your effort in maintaining this thread and documenting your voyage, @Thor110. The thread becomes a tutorial itself! Keep up the good work
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    I got this idea for the Expanded Galaxy Mod last night: <spoiler> Use the Ebon Hawk, Harbringer, Leviathan and the severly damaged Sith ship at the end of K2 before Malachor (i forgot how it's called) on Lehon (the Unknown World)! They could be some of the derelict ships that have crashed onto the planet in the past! Modules from the Endar Spire and the Harbringer could be used as the crashed Hammerhead-Class ship on the beach (imagine how awesome it would be to get inside it)! The entry poimt to the ship could be on the beach where the Ebon Hawk lands, to the upper right while facing the sea, there is a shallow road that narrows down and is blocked (i'll send a picture if You can't find it). There could be flooded portions of the ship (shallow water that the player can walk through like on the beach) and it must show signs of damage. Here the player would have to use some Power Couplings and other parts found on other derelict ships in order to restore emergency power to that ship, with the purpose of retrieving some data from the ship's navicomputer. The data could result in a new sidequest eventually. On the ship there could be some damaged, abandoned droids and turrets that attack the player because their targetting systems got damaged from the crash and also worn out in time. You could also find scattered datapads and terminals that tell the story of the surviving Republic soldiers that were on the ship when it crashed, as the ship was their temporary base on Lehon after the crash. They stayed on the ship a few years and after multiple Rakata attacks they eventually moved to one of the islands and left the ship, while a small number remained on the ship. You can find them in a section of the ship and one of them is a merchant giving you some unique items. There is also a workbench and lab station in that section. They tell you about another Sith ship that crashed nearby and give you some sidequests: investigate the Sith ship and kill the Sith faction there, retrieve some supplies and essential parts from that ship, turn of the malfunctioning security system on a deck, there could be a section that is inacessible because it is underwater, and you would need to activate a pump in order to drain the area and then it becomes accesible (in that area you would have to install the power couplings, etc.). There could also be a Sith scouting pary / commando searching the ship for a way to get off the planet as well and you would have to fight them. There would also be a crashed Sith ship (use modules from the Leviathan and the damaged ship from the end of K2) where there would be a Sith faction and you would have to fight them and explore the ship in order to get the power couplings and parts needed to restore power on the Republic ship! Through the cracks and gaps of the damaged ship you could see the Lehon landscape (sea, beach etc.) instead of the original space view! This would make and interesting addition, as i always had a thing for exploring / fixing (restoring power) / investigating derelict ships! </spoiler>
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    That hasn't been necessary for over a year now. Both MDLEdit and MDLOps v1.0 will allow you to recompile edited level models with no issues, for the most part. For changing textures, MDLEdit will let you change the texture names directly in the editor itself (at the least the more recent beta versions anyway).
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    well the lights are already done. The tedious part of work is to hex edit the walls for a smoother look & custom texturing. Btw, gave some custom design to spice up the Telos Cantina Floor: vanilla Custom - with reflecting middle section: for the Telos polar academy i got the idea to replace the lights with heaters as a further indication of the coldness of his place - similar to what you see in ME Andromeda / Mankind Divided - although on the downside have to make them in white though:
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    Updated the first post to reflect the progress made! Added some pictures as well. So far i only managed to port the K2 maps to K1 using Your tutorial. Now the maps can be warped to but there are no story elements, most NPC's are present but interaction with them does not work, most containers are empty, some still have the loot inside, area transition works for some arear but fails many times, especially when you want to enter the docked Ebon Hawk. Most levels load fine but some of them crash the game (especially the Peragus levels), and the mini-map does not display at all, strangely when the map section is accessed it always shows the Manaan Hrakert Rift Underwater Station map. The character animations also got "broken" after adding the ported files... So i could say i had very partial success so far! How did You get the games to load the other game's menu and content? That would be awesome! Could you please describe what You did in order to male K1 load K2's menu and content please? I have tried copying the content over and porting the modules and content, but only got very limited success.
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    I was having the same issue - renaming the two files w_ionrfl_04.mdl and w_ionrfl_04.mdx to w_ionrfl_004.mdl and w_ionrfl_004.mdx (like all the other ones) seems to solve the problem
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    That's a thing? Huh. And here I thought that tricking HK-50 was the only solution Other than just blowing up the computer, of course
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    The Sonic Imprint Sensor is used as a microphone that can record audio and play them back, apparently, this item can also act as a translator thus is how the Exile can understand aliens though my memory on that is sketchy. Let's face it, we all destroy the terminal and the door opens but if you stayed to do the puzzle the terminal has in store you would need to either go through peragus and listen to the Dock Managers (Ginger guy with goggles) logs and splice together the code to unlock the door or trick the HK-50 into speaking as the Dock Manager saying the code that you would need to open the voice locked door that required a code in the Dock Managers voice. Deleting the option to skip the puzzle would force the player to get the item.
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    Sounds like you are having success, perhaps you will write a tutorial for this process before me, a tutorial is the best and only legal approach to this. Don't forget to credit everybody that helped ^^ note : presumably you are having success with the steps I explained would most likely be necessary for porting the entire game, if so let me know, would be good to know that I guessed most of the process, I found getting the menu and either game to load most of the other games content on PC relatively easy, but it wouldn't start a new game ( I did not try loading a game ) and I do not have K1 mobile to test this on, so all I can really do is speculate. Let me know if you have any more trouble and I will see if I can help any more. If you do not have success I will pick this back up at some point and write a tutorial for the process. Thor110
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    why didn't i see your post possible answer: i was drowned in other stuff to notice, lol. welcome aboard, now to figure out when the frag i wanna start. also this mod is horde mode + tower defense (sort of) + infection, you are a class of your selection fighting and defending command posts against hordes of undead bots that can turn you into one of them.
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    worked like a charm, passed 2nd visit without issues. Most recommended sort of must-have improvement for this wookies' land module. (btw, I just changed the CameraAngle setting to 1 instead of 0 in the kas24_force_01 dlg (strRef 11995 node) to avoid visualizing Jolee turning on his feet which bothered me alittle, a very minor detail of course, this way he turns to face the panel and you only see his back and head) thanks amazing work 👍
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    Previous message containing story ideas, project overview and an old release.
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    weird, i just go straight to korriban and find the tomb entrance, i never fully understood the purpose of the stuff on onderon, time to revisit this mod. that and Curse of the sith because, why not? might make a two for one deal again
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    Previous message about the KotOR Modding Tutorial Series I am writing that will show you how to create an entirely new planet with 2 levels as well as cover any information that could help people make small mods for the games as well as covering how to start a Total Conversion.
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    Old message about first release of the modders resource.
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    I am definitely interested in this, I will unpack my modded version of BF2 at some point and a fresh copy of it ( I was working on a little mod a while back that I set aside for a while ) and was also hoping to include a lot of other good mods for an end / ultimate build of the game just like I am for my current Expanded Galaxy TSL mod. What exactly does the mod do, my guess is it improves the AI / Bots, which would be good to see! Thor110
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    What an ungratefuI sentient I am for including this excellent fix to the [soon to be updated] released mods without reviewing the source in the first place! Undisputedly one of the [if not the] best fix release in the past few months! Being the essential part of my mods particularly on their appearance; this mod do the things that was for me is impossible- thought the collar issue stays untouched and I personally accepting it as-is, lol. Thank you for releasing this fantastic fix and generously set it as a half enduser mod - half modder's resource. These fixes will be very helpful in the long run for end-users and modders around! All said and done- Permanent spot in the 'Override' folder has been filled.
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    Why don't you just extract the entire swpc_tex_tpa.erf? That should contain 99+% of all textures. And you can extract that with the "Extract Entire ERF" button in KotOR Tool. That should even give you the .tpc files and not convert them to .tga. Btw, maybe I just misunderstood you but just to clarify: A model (i.e. .mdl file) does not contain textures. It only has references to textures and KotOR Tool can use them to extract those textures from the .erf archive while exporting the model to ease your workflow.
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    Try the Tomb of Az'gath Indel for TSL (I think it's called that) by DarthInsidious.
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    You could always take another crack at it!
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    Oh man, my translation of Yavin IV is so shite, now that I look at it after so many years. I really should've proofread that better before sending it to Zionosis.
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    They kill off one Singe-Player Star Wars game, along with it's studio (Visceral) cause "Singe-player is dead" and then buy Respawn to make them work on... a single-player Star Wars game? Consider me suspicious times 1000. EA may be a mass-murderer, they aren't this stupid, right?
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    For everyone wanting to jump into the world of 3DSMax, I highly recommend that you check out the following channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSLLdTBwLMfTKWS56tOiQpw Even if you've played around in 3DSMax before, I recommend starting at the very beginning of his tutorials and working your way through. I have learned so much that I never knew before. I can guarantee you that if you take 5-8 hours and just watch and learn, it will easily save you many more hours with various time saving techniques that are taught. The channel is geared toward more modern gaming, but a huge number of concepts are directly applicable to KotOR modding.
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    Except he's not the one doing any of that work. Apparently there's some other guy working on the AI and all that boring coding stuff. You know - nothing important.
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    Sithspectre, Goat and Kexikus, welcone to the competition. Someone dig this post up in 5 years because I'm likely to forget what apeiron is by then
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    I lost a planet mod that was 2/3rds done. Modules had been spliced with working area transitions. Dialog was 90% done and 60% in-game. I was about to start recruiting skinners to make the modules look different and somewhat related in theme (since they came from different planets), and VO talent for the major roles. Mandalore it was originally, then changed to Serroco. I was having difficulty tweaking Nar Shadaa in the Serroco encounter - I wanted to integrate that bit into the mod and make it the trigger for the planet quest. However, Nar Shadaa is a modder's hive of scum and villainy; editing those modules and maintaining a TSLRCM compatible AND not game-breaking mod was pushing me. But, I would have figured it out. Then my new NAS enclosure fornatted the RAID 0 HDDs I had everything stored on, and yeah recovery was beyond me. Modding can be painful that way. I still have most of the paper notes. However, the volume of work I put in will not be replicated.
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    i wish they would be salvaged or at least have what was done uploaded i hope he has them somewhere and they're not lost forever
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    Follow your thread, @mrmann - hit the Follow button.
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    It's Azgath N'Dul's Tomb. You'll want the patch for it as well. And the INI file changes too.