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Upload Issue resolved

Today, 03:14 AM

Posted By Tyvokka in News
Hey Everyone, About a week or two ago we (really thanks to other awesome admins/mods) discovered that there were upload issues on Deadly Stream. This coincides with an update to the version of Apache and PHP I made to one of Deadlystream's servers. It seems when that update was applied it reset the php config to defaults for Deadlystream thus not allowing the php script for our downloads section to run correctly. Thankfully once I actually noticed this it was a quick fix and uploads seem to be working great now. Sorry to all of our Modders who were inconvenienced and thank you for your patience! If anyone runs into any issues please feel free to reach out in this thread or to myself via PM directly. -Tyvokka

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New News

25 Jul 2016

Posted By Xuul in News
Welcome to deadlystream.com. Today’s post will mostly be dealing with updates and information (That is what news is supposed to be, right?) The first and most important update of the day has to do with one of our wonderful staff members here on the site. Modder and Administrator extraordinaire, Sith Holocron, is moving.Since his travels will take him far (across an entire beautiful, magnificent and humble country) to Alaska he will be taking a break from his admin duties. You can read more about it in his post HERE.  To fill the void left by SH you can take up and administrator concerns with Acting Administrator Fair Strides or one of our other wonderful moderators. In other news, the long Gamefront Saga appears to be finally over. Thanks in part to some quick (and legally questionable) actions by Nexusmods all of the files that could be found at the Gamefront archive are now available on Nexusmods. This is excellent news for anyone who was lo...

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Gamefront is Dead

09 May 2016

Posted By Xuul in News
The king is dead… long live the king.   For those of you who are not aware, I regret to inform you that GameFront, one of the largest games modding websites is gone forever. This shutdown echoes the death of Filefront (KotOR files) that occurred not so long ago. Unlike the Kotorfiles shutdown, there will be no new website to take up the mantle of hosting all of the files. With the death of Gamefront is also the death of every mod and file with it. Over 15 years of gaming history gone in an eye blink. Or so it seems....   Early last year the folks working on the Internet Archive Project took note of the collapse of Filefront and began the process of archive the entire website. While this is not the only attempt to save all of the mods from their swift death it is the most comprehensive. This means that nearly every mod and file should, in theory, be available still. Unfortunately, this also means that every single link posted all across the net will now also...

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Kotor Apeiron

06 Mar 2016

Posted By Xuul in News
Hello, everyone. Welcome to Deadlystream. The past few months have been eventful. The one topic that has out-shined all the others is a little project called “Apeiron” (A Greek word for "unlimited," or "infinite"). This controversial project will be the main topic of today’s post. So YES, I have heard about it. You can stop telling me about it now. As always, leave a comment to let me know what you think of this. What is Apeiron? To start off with we need to explain exactly WHAT Kotor: Apeiron actually is.  Kotor Apeiron describes itself as a “Kotor Reboot”. The description on the site also uses the words “remake” and “remaster”. Put simply, this intrepid group of developers known as “Poem Studios” are planning to remake the original Knights of the Old Republic from the ground up. In this case the plan is to develop the game in a fully modern game engine, with HD graphics, updated gameplay and much, much more. Using the Unreal Engine (Think of games like Ark...

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Always a Bigger Fish...

13 Nov 2015

Posted By Xuul in News
Hello everybody, welcome to Deadlystream, the home of Star Wars gaming. I will (hopefully) be posting fairly regular updates here on the front page with Star Wars related news, media, interviews, mod reviews, and much more. News. With the new movies still on the horizon and battlefront 3 still around the corner right now the big story in the Star Wars community is a new fan theory. I'm sure many of you have heard of the Story of the secret Dark Lord who was really pulling the strings throughout the entirety of the prequel trilogy. Jar Jar Binks. Yes, that Jar Jar Binks the one that for many people is the symbol of everything wrong with the prequel trilogy. This theory to many is a redemption of a saga that irritated the masses in such a profound way. There is an entire subreddit and website dedicated to this theory. It's really interesting and puts a new spin on some otherwise bland films. Even if you think it is insane, give it a read before you judge it, the a...

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