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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen New Machinima Project to remaster a short movie Something that we can handle until Spark of Hope series starts
  2. Normally i use Blender converting SWTOR models into Jedi Academy, But when i saw a blender video about destroyer, i have been inspired ^^
    Dude sorry but we were supposed to watch some screenshots here before we download your model But we see nothing here
  3. Spark of Hope 90% done Only a few characters and some script left Then our series will begin ❤️
  4. Linken is a Jedi Academy Mod Leader KOTF 2.1 Mod and he asked me to work on his swtor model in Blender to play it in Jedi Academy
  5. I'm preparing a Jedi Academy Machinima Series called "Spark of Hope" These are demo shots from series And thank you , I'm glad you liked it