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  1. Is it possible to install part of the mod and make it work right?For example,can I use the feat.2da and the spells.2da only and leave the rest of the mod out and still get what it is described to gain by adding these to my override? Or these changes apply only if you install all or certain parts of the mod?
  2. This screenshot was taken from the comments section of the Nar Shaada Hidden Compex Mod.It mentions a potential bug of either this mod or the Hidden Complex Mod. Can anyone confirm it or not? If there is a bug,indeed I would like to know from which mod is caused since I was about to start a new game and was planning to use both mods.Good thing I read the comments(although I did it for another reason)! http://prntscr.com/ke15hz
  3. Is this included in TSLRCM 1.8.5?If it is not,I assume it is compatible?
  4. Perhaps I didn't looked carefully,but I still think they flicker slightly. Anyway,that was not the case.Thanks for your asnwer
  5. Ye,they do but very slightly,unless I do not see well! I have tested Marius Fett's lightsaber blad mod,too,I usually use his mod,just wanted to test sth new and it happen to be yours.It would be very nice if you combine your mod with his,the results would be awesome!!
  6. Is it possible to install a part of the mod only and not the whole of it?Your new viridian blad doesn't look like the old viridian color,not even close(imo) thus,I would really like to keep the old color,if this is possible in this mod.If it is,what file do I need not to install? The rest of the colors looks just fine.In overall,this is well made mod,well done. Thanks in advance.
  7. Is there any way to remove this mod???Readme says nothing about it. Thanks in advance
  8. Just a quick question,not much associated with this mod but mostly with "how to install video". Is there a mod that generally improves the textures of the npcs(alliens,humans etc.) but more importanly,any mod that makes the sith troopers look so f****** cool in their silver glowing armor as shown in your video???? I am currently using the white sith armor but I would love to have the original armor with the graphics of the sith troops I saw in your video. Thanks in advance.
  9. A moderate mod,if I may say.It is good to get the mando armors and be able to wear them but they are unfortunaty overpowered(imo) and they ruin the game's balance.Furthermore,I disapprove of the fact that this mod adds additional equipment to your inventory(despite the fact that you can just sell it and get credits instea,still I consider it a "critical" hit for the game's balance).The Mandos on Dantooine should be a little easier to be,it is not the best of experiences to lose in 10 secs max your entire squad by 1-2 mandos alone and getting their armor isn't countering this disadvantage.Np to make them stronger but,damn, they are too strong,especially considering the player is still in the beggining of the game,as a padawan.And one last thing,I am not sure if it is a bug or it was made intentional,the footstep while you wear the yellow and red mando armour is strange.I would say it looks like the same sound you hear from HKs footsteps or in any case,it is being heared like it is a droid moving or sth like that. Is this normal? And how can one uninstall this mod if he wants to?Readme says nothing about it.
  10. Since the creator of the mod has left the modding community,it would be good if someone of the modders still working on modding the game gets his permission to use this mod and make it compatible with the class 5 armors(I think these models of available armor in the game are affected).Generally,it is a very well-done mod and it would be a pity and a waste of it to not being able to use it because of its incompatibility issue.
  11. Terrorix

    KotOR 1 Restoration

    I have never added a mod to the game before the Kotor Restoration Mod,this is a "forbidden move" for me.I have no modding skills,unofrtunatly,I have no idea about it. I am just asking cause I had some textures issues with some armors(class 5 must be) like the Baragwin Shadow Armor and thought that maybe one of the above mentioned mods may be the cause of it but I found the problem.(- It was the Complete Republic Armor mod by masternetra on Nexusmods.com that was causing the problem-tested to play the game from a save in which I had the armor with the mod and without it and I noticed that when I put in override,it "corrupts" the armor's textures,when I removed,the armor's textures were back to normal.I wish he was still modding the game but as shown to this screenshot,he no longer does-http://prntscr.com/k04dbs .Still,it would be good to have someone making this mod compatible with the class 5 armors in the game.)Anyway,I just thought it would be helpful if the mods included were mentioned in the readme. Thank you for your answer and your time.
  12. Where is the Howtoinstall.rar??? Haven't used XnView before I really need this
  13. Terrorix

    KotOR 1 Restoration

    Someone who knows for sure,please answer me if the mods below are compatible with K1 Restoration Mod as Readme says nothing about them: Hidden Bek Control Room Restoration 1.0 (by N-DReW25) Taris Lower City Restoration (by Dan_Loto) Taris Undercity and Gamorrean Stronghold (by Dan_Loto) Kotor Bug Fix Attempt 1.1.1 (by danis-ch) And just a suggestion that will help many players(at least in my point of view),please make a readme in which you mention exactly which mods are included in the K1 Restoration so all who use it save some time and avoid any possible mistakes and therefore,failed attempts to play the game. Thank you in advance.
  14. QUESTION:I downloaded the mod and unzipped the files and I notice there is a readme and a file saying "compatible with TSLRCM 1.8.2." but in this page http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/393-mod-compatibility-list-for-tslrcm-18/ it is said that this mod is not compatible with TSLRCM.Now,I suppose they mean it is not compatible for the latest release( TSLRCM 1.8.5) but can someone confirm this or not.I just want to be sure since I like this mod a lot.
  15. Is there any way to get the armor if we passed the point when we 1st sarch nemo's remains?Is there a cheat console code?