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    In this Topic i want to share my current progress on a project to make the visual appearance of the Planets in Kotor 2 more appealing. While learning to create textures in my previous Mods like the Complete Overhaul Series for K1, this mod is the end- product of that process over the years. The overall goal of this mod is to bring more of the movie flair to the game by emulating the panel designs of the Prequel, Sequel Trilogy and (perhaps in the future) Battlefront II. I know this is a very ambitious project so i cant tell if im able to pull it off in time, but while its already covering large parts of the game, i try to improve it, by adding some textures here and there from time to time. WIP Screenshots:
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    ///// 01. Background ///// A couple of years back I had an idea to create a new modding suite for both KotOR games. My original idea was something along the lines of Kotor Tool on steroids with a built in 3d module editor. As time went on I learned a lot about the game and it's systems getting me to a point where my editor could load an entire module complete with 3d models, sound, waypoints, triggers, walkmeshes, and more. I then realized my knowledge of the underlying engine wasn't up to snuff because I kept making bad design choices on how I linked everything together. Fast forward about a year later after I've poured through about all the Docs and Resources I could find on the original games and the NWN Engine they spawned from. The project has now expanded to include game engines for both games. Yeah I know what you are thinking "Well that escalated quickly" and I have to agree because I never thought I would ever attempt to recreate the original KotOR games let alone in JavaScript lol. ///// 02. The Big Question ///// And now to the big question i'm sure a few of you have asked at this point... Why write something like this in JS? Well because it's fun. I do a lot of work with JS when i'm working on websites and am constantly blown away by everything it can do. It's also cross platform and at it's core platform independent. The original scope was also just for a Modding Suite with some 3d sprinkled in so it made more sense then. ///// 03. The Other Big Question ///// Why not just write your stuff in C++ and contribute to the xoreos team. Well that's simple i'm not even close to being well versed enough in C++ to contribute in any meaningful way to that project. I mean for the most part I can look at C++ code and understand it and get the gist of what it's trying to do. I wouldn't have even had a shot at this if it wasn't for them I owe so much to what they have discovered so far . I do wish them well and hope that once I publish the code they can hopefully find some stuff they can port the their project. And yes I do plan on making this an opensource project so anyone can contribute. ///// 04. Credit ///// I want to be sure and give credit where credit is due. I am totally standing on the shoulders of everyone who came before me. I could not have gotten this far if not for all the people who have shared their knowledge on these and other forums. @bead-v @DrMcCoy to name a few were instrumental in helping me get this far as the MDL/MDX format was really the bane of my existence for a while. Also all of the tool makers who shared source code allowing us to follow in their footsteps. I can't begin to mention everyone by name but if you have put anything out there in regards to cracking a file format or how the internal game mechanics work there is a good chance I have read it and have been helped by it! ///// 05. End Game ///// I really don't have an endgame per se. I just really have a lot of fun doing this in my spare time. I would love to someday have the entire game playable with this engine and finish the modding suite. In the mean time I will post updates when I have stuff to show. ///// 06. Ok That's Enough Talk ///// Source Code: https://github.com/KobaltBlu/KotOR.js/ I'm sure by now you're ready for me to show something. So without further delay here is some footage from TSL enjoy! ///// Screenshots ///// I copied the post template from this thread https://deadlystream.com/topic/6088-wip-star-maps-revamp/
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    Not really a WIP, more like a "Almost done" but thought I'd share anyways.
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    I figured I'd post some pics as I mess around with various TOR stuff, figuring out what works and what doesn't. I posted these in a status update the other day: And here's the latest experiment: But those bloody envmaps, ugh. So terrible. They ruin everything. Edit: Although @Darth_Sapiens' CM_baremetal replacement is a lot nicer: Edit 2: Sapien's CM_SpecMap is arguably better again. Shiny, but not an overpowering mirrored chrome:
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    That's just more art. That doesn't advance the project, if anything it pushes it even further along the wrong path. Artists are a dime a dozen. A monkey could slap together some art assets in Unreal and call it a game (as evidenced by all the asset flips on Steam). What a game needs is programmers. If you don't have any then you shouldn't even bother starting a project. If I was going to undertake a hypothetical KOTOR remake (and let's call it what it actually is and dispense with this "mod" BS) in Unreal or other 3rd party engine, I would start with a fully functional recreation of the Endar Spire level. Forget about the art assets, simple white box mockups and default Unreal characters would suffice. What matters in an RPG is the underlying systems. If you are starting KOTOR from scratch, you need to develop a multi-node branching conversation system, equipment and inventory system, stats and levelling system, party/companion system, ranged and melee combat mechanics, etc. The Endar Spire is the perfect test level for developing and testing that. You have a couple of NPCs with a few lines of dialogue, a couple of conversations, a few combat encounters, a few cutscenes, etc. all in a very small space comprised of a few small rooms linked by corridors. And if you haven't demonstrated even a fraction of any of that after 2 or 3 years of screwing around, you should just stop wasting your time.
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    On behalf of members of Deadlystream community, We acknolwedge and honor the effort and dedication of a respected member of our community, Sith Holocron. As many of you know, Sith Holocron has been an admin on deadlystream for as long as many of us can remember. He recently announced his reitrement as of July 1st, 2018. Years and years of patiently handling and resolving conflict between modders, community members, moderators, and other admins, Sith Holocron went above and beyond the requirements of his position and actively sought out to create a friendly, constructive forum site. Often pointing forum members, through PM or forum posts, towards other members that would have the knowledge they sought. When I was new the forums, it was SH who pointed me towards certain members to ask about modding topics. Sith Holocron's outstanding management to maintain and uphold the Rules of Deadlystream, even when he may have personally disagreed with the rules, and, in some cases, when enforcing the rules was unpopular, stands as testament to his incredible dedication. Despite knowing that by his actions of enforcing unpopular rules and policies, he would put himself, personally, in the crossfire; he continually did so for the benefit of the community. Sith Holocron invested into the community in ways, many of us cannot presume to comprehend, as an administrator, and, to this day, as a member of the community. From critique and to praise, from engaging and encouraging modders to collaborate and create to reminding members of the DS policies, Sith Holocron influenced the establishment of countless mods. Here are a few of those mods: M4-78 Darth Sion and Male Exile Mod Lightsaber and Force Forms Want Kaah Gone Realistic Skybox fo Deathdisco's Coruscant Handmaiden and Female Exile - Kreia's Fall in HD with original Sound and music Star Map Revamp M4-78 Alternate SkyBox Pack 1.0 K1 Galaxy Map Fix Pack TSL Galaxy Map Fix Pack Ebon Hawk Model Fixes Recruitment of Master Atris M4-78 MOvies Remade Taibhrigh's Female Player Head Taibhrigh's PFHA04 Extended Enclave Dustil Restoration Telos Citadel Station Skybox G0-T0 Overhaul Dak's Armored Robes Trainable Disciple (Upcoming mod) Juhani Catlike Head Mod WE, as a community, are indebted to you SH for all the engagement, management, and innumberable hours you've put into Deadlystream. For over eight years of service towards our community, Thank you Sith Holocron!
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    This is correct. The compatibility patch lies within the EE mod itself. There isn't a standalone patch floating around anywhere. Sorry if I phrased that all weird. I certainly think it does. @danil-ch do you think this could be something that is doable? The patch worked fine with M4-78 1.2 but that's the latest version I got to work. And I looked for you. It still lists TSLRCM version 1.8.3.
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    With @ndix UR's blessing and @Sith Holocron's recommendation, here is a quick look at Jolee Bindo's new voice over for this upcoming expansion performed by your's truly.
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    I need to provide some back-of-the-box quotes as well. "Yeah, it was OK I guess" "I haven't uninstalled it yet, so there's that" "If you are a fan of mods, this is a mod" "The most fun I've ever had extracting a ZIP archive"
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    Thanks. <bashful> I just quit the Staff. I ain't leaving the site, folks. Easier to have less responsibilities so I can concentrate on assisting other mods - mainly by recruiting. It is more rewarding (for me) and I think I might appear less like a blowhard that way. You're not rid of me yet...
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    Perhaps I should start a rating system.
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    What's new? * Changes to the ending * New intro (less spliced party members lines) * Reduced amount of walking * Fast travel in droid quest - no more running trough the planet multiple times * You can now do Environmental Zone first and gain Kaak's help, allowing you to skip a large part of the Industrial Zone * Better filters on VOs so your ears won't bleed (at least not as much) * Industrial Zone FPS drop fixed * Other stuff Available for download on deadlystream: Steam version probably coming soon.
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    [Updated: March 24, 2019] # 00. Disclaimer # I thought making this "Legends" overhaul as a series would do good for my own pace in modding terms. # 01. Background # Legends. Why does this project labeled as Legends? First of all, this series had not related at all with the Star Wars Legends; though it was very much inspired by them. The project was labeled as Legends because I believe this would give me more freedom on how I wanted to shape the mod and its series. Referencing to the general term of Legend [Keep it noted that I have the following explanation edited for my likings lol]; "is a genre of folklore that consists of a narrative featuring human [non-human] actions perceived or believed both by teller and listeners to have taken place within history. Legends may be transformed over time, in order to keep them fresh, vital, and realistic. Many legends operate within the realm of uncertainty, never being entirely believed by the participants, but also never being resolutely doubted." So, that's all for the introduction, I think. And later; with the release of Selven "Legends" and Lyn Sekla "Legends", I decided to put myself into a series of mod that will be labeled as "Legends", this will consists mostly on reskinning and re-building stats and also their attribution of the particular objects and if possible; some new custom items. These will be done as my playthrough goes while I'm deciding which objects that I want to overhaul, while also considering the risk for it'd be game breaking or no. I'm going to take which path with the lesser risk [and which is more interesting to me] of course. # 02. Planning # I'm planning to have each [possible] planet in-game, a two series of "Legends" carries out. 1. Taris [Completed: January 1, 2019] Selven "Legends" [Completed: July 9, 2018] [featuring Sithspecter's "High Quality Blasters for Modders" and DeadMan's "[K1] Vibrosword Replacement Pack"] Lyn Sekla "Legends" [Completed: July 27, 2018] [featuring Dark Hope's "Girl with Ritual Tattoos"] Janice Nall "Legends" and the Incomplete Droids [Completed: January 1, 2019] [featuring DarthParametric's "Female Armour Collar Fix"] 2. Dantooine [WIP/Updated: October 14, 2018] Belaya "Legends" [WIP] [featuring SpaceAlex's "Unfinished K1 Enhancement Pack - Jedi Robes"] Sherruk "Legends" [WIP] [featuring SpaceAlex's "Unfinished K1 Enhancement Pack - PC Head Reskins" and ndix UR's "Traditional Mandalorian Blades"] 3. Tatooine [WIP/Updated: March 24, 2019] Komad Fortuna "Legends" [WIP] [featuring SpaceAlex's "Unfinished K1 Enhancement Pack" and redrob41's "Specialized Combat Suits for KotOR and TSL"] Marlena Venn "Legends" [Completed: March 24, 2019] [featuring SpaceAlex's "Unfinished K1 Enhancement Pack"] 4. Korriban [Completed: August 20, 2018] Ajunta Pall's Blade "Legends" [featuring IRobert's "[K1] Vibroweapons Replacement Pack Retexture"] Ajunta Pall's Voice "Legends" [featuring VarsityPuppet's "Spectral Ajunta Pall Canonical Appearance" in the preview] 5. Manaan [WIP/Updated: September 25, 2018] Mysterious Man "Legends" [WIP] [featuring Dark Hope's "HD PMHA03" and redrob41's "Modder's Resource: Specialized Combat Suits for KotOR - K1 Model UVW Fixes"] 6. Kashyyyk [To be decided] For the meantime, those [planets] are on my priorities list, and then I'll have them updated as things progress. # 03. Work in Progress # [Updated: October 14, 2018] Komad Fortuna "Legends" [featuring SpaceAlex's "Unfinished K1 Enhancement Pack" and redrob41's "Specialized Combat Suits for KotOR and TSL"] All files for his release had been compiled and the installer has been ready. But still I am not 100% sure about his clothing option. Still digging for another ideas. The grand idea was; to have Komad two different appearances between the Hunting Lodge, the Krayt Dragon's lair, and his appearance on Kashyyyk [possible light side path]. His appearance in the Krayt Dragon's lair will be the one that is different because he would wear an armor there. Belaya "Legends" [featuring SpaceAlex's "Unfinished K1 Enhancement Pack - Jedi Robes"] Sherruk "Legends" [featuring SpaceAlex's "Unfinished K1 Enhancement Pack - PC Head Reskins" and ndix UR's "Traditional Mandalorian Blades"] Mysterious Man "Legends" [featuring Dark Hope's "HD PMHA03" and redrob41's "Modder's Resource: Specialized Combat Suits for KotOR - K1 Model UVW Fixes"] # 04. Next Steps # [Updated: October 14, 2018] Belaya "Legends": Digging some ideas with her appearance on the Sith Academy Entrance [possible dark side path]. # 05. Future Plans # An expansion to Selven "Legends" as stated in the mod's WIP thread will always be in the future-plan priority list. 🤞 # 06. Final Remarks # Critiques, comments, suggestions, questions and any feedbacks are very much appreciated. Many thanks to you, for taking your time here.
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    Better late than never . . . Update 18FEB2019: Permission granted to make April Fool's Jokes out of this picture for mods that replace the regular logo with this.
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    Naturally I couldn't work on upgrading Wookiees without also devoting time to their mortal enemy: The textures are mostly still the base untinted brown colour at the moment.
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    Thanks to my bros @DarthParametric @bead-v and @JCarter426 for hammering on MDLEdit. Looks like y'all will be getting a ghostly Ajunta Pall after all (along with a bug fix or two) Screenshot has been brightened so the transparency can be seen more easily
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    It's been awhile, I know. Here's an idea I threw together for a new scoring system: Colors aren't set, that's just for an example. Middle semi-circle illuminates to whomever's turn it is; bars underneath illuminate per round won.
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    Testing out the Dodonna model sidetracked me to a new tangent - fixing those god-awful stunt models in the endgame cutscenes. First up is the Dark Side version, replacing the droids: Interestingly, my framerate in this scene is pretty terrible even in the vanilla version. I have a GTX 1080Ti so I'm not exactly hurting for raw GPU horsepower, but it drops to sub-40 fps in certain places. The replacement version of the droids can see it dip below 30 with shadows enabled (it's about 5fps better with their shadows disabled). Next up is the cardboard cutout people. Bioware didn't use a flipbook (animated texture) for those. Instead they have a bunch of planes with static textures in slightly different poses, and they animate the alpha values of the meshes to blend between them. It seems an odd choice, but perhaps that was a more efficient use of memory or GPU for the Xbox. The DS versions are particularly terrible, as they just sort of wobble side-to-side. At least in the LS version they are clapping, which looks a lot better.
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    Over the last weeks I continued to tweak the clouds for TSLs Dantooine and finally arrived at a version that I'm really happy with, so as always here's the render to celebrate the completion of a skybox: And of course some screenshots. These also show the changed fog settings for the Khoonda plains. The enclave didn't need any changes. I also continued work on the Taris skybox. This screenshot shows only the actual skybox, the 2d buildings are disabled here as are most of the clouds to save render time. I think I'm getting there. Currently I'm stuck on finding a good way to lightmap the 2d buildings. The problem is not to get them lightmapped, that's easy, but to create the lightmap automatically and not by hand. I was thinking of projecting a cylindrical image onto their geometry to create the lighting, but tests in that direction have not been very successfull. If anyone has any ideas on how to get this done, please let me know. And as the last update for today, I rendered the 2d buildings for Tatooine. I'll have to see whether or not I'll disable the fog for Anchorhead and I might also tweak the Tatooine skybox some more. We'll see^^
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    It's more bizarre to me that supporters and detractors alike are calling it a mod. How is stripping the guts out of something and rearranging it a modification?
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    Today I have two finished skyboxes for you. Though, to be honest, both were very close to completion already. Let's start with Korriban. Not much has changed since I last showed that skybox. I just did my ususal model changes and then also some changes to the ingame lightmap so that the statues are more in the shadow and blend better with the skybox. On top of that, I removed the fog. But the most important change is probably the new ground color that looks absolutely ridiculous with normal lighting and atmosphere but matches the ingame terrain when lit properly: With that out of the way, here's a render and two screenshots. The first one shows the new terrain color blending with the area model and the second one shows the new lightmaps and the disabled fog. The second skybox that is now finished is Coruscant. The only thing that was missing here is the fixed model. I also finished the model edits for Telos so that skybox is also fully done now. But you've seen those screenshots before, so I won't show them again.
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