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  1. Hi everyone! just happened to come across this and I am glad that I did. Firstly, this is about me. as someone who used to be top of their class in spelling and took public speaking in college before undergoing brain damage due to a tumor, I will ignore corrections on my grammar as they are usually appreciated and take it as such and not as a petty action by someone. Secondly, the KOTOR modding community has been dying slowly over the years, with various mod authors either abandoning their work or leaving it up to the end user to try and make sense on the status of their work. As the custodian of BOSSR on Nexus for almost a decade, I have spent YEARS seeing comment after comment from Nexus users asking for bug Fixes, new content, or a modern uplift. One day after struggling with the concept of purpose in life, I remembered that I was the uploader of a much loved mod on Nexus, and wanted my legacy to the community to be one where someone went back and gave a special project that meant so much to quite a few people, a lot of love. I haven't modded Kotor in almost as long, fiddling with level files in KOTOR tool years back, only to give up after losing motivation. I myself was blown away that so many BOSSR mods existed, though I had to scroll through not one but three pages of misc posts on this site to find all the BOSSR related mods but that is an issue for another day. I saw sites like Filefront/Kotorfiles go from Millions of users, to almost none, and while Deadlystream has had a few mod authors still actively release updates for our favorite game, it has dwindled. While Nexus Mods however has skyrocketed in users this past decade. I felt like while it was in no way my business uploading others mods without user permission, anything that modified BOSSR would be allowed as I had permission from Silveredge9 to upload/maintain his work back then. I thought that BOSSR related mods if not already on nexus and not forbidden in the users credit would be perfectly fine at this late state of KOTORs Shelf Life. I felt inspired, knowing that users would be much happier having files all in one location instead of haphazardly searching numerous other websites on the internet for a mod that was already almost 20 years old. People like you and me might know deadlystream exists, but ask any of my gamer friends about where they get their mods, and they will say Nexus. I feel that it is in the best interests of the Kotor community to band together and encourage, not discourage, the bundling of mods for major projects. Some projects on Deadlystream have suffered because users felt more interest in only maintaining their own works, rather than contributing to bigger projects. This has done a disservice to the KOTOR modding community as a whole in my opinion. Again, I feel strongly that if a mod expressly prohibits the uploading of it to another site (even with a dependent mod) that the authors wishes should be honored. My immediate first response to SH when he said, "take it down." was "Mod has been removed!" or something along those lines, with a sad but understanding feeling in my heart. However his next line, "Have you uploaded anything else of mine?" then "I think the problem is that you never asked Bud" Made me feel a bit worried about the types of users who if I wanted to update BOSSR to 2024 standards, would respond in kind. If only because SH had uploaded SWTOR asset files here without contacting Bioware if they could be hosted on another site, surely hosting a mod to BOSSR under a very prominent file after the permissions clearly stated that "a credit would suffice" wouldn't be an issue. If this posts sounds a bit emotional, I agree that it is, I've got my health and dwindling years to worry about, not the stress of being kicked in the nuts while trying to preserve and update a beloved staple of my childhood. I meant what I said when I apologized to him for the offense caused and hoped that no one else would repeat the same mistake, because it was a mistake, but I do know that users such as myself would be delighted to have their works (I was an author before my medical issues) preserved for prosperity and made more accessible. (Well cept for one of mine, but that crap deserves to be lost to time) On a separate note: If anyone is reading this and hasn't considered it before PLEASE PRESERVE YOUR WORKS ON MULTIPLE SITES IN COMPILATIONS!!! With the loss of Yuzu and other beloved emulators this past week, game preservation (and in turn romhack/mod preservation) has been dealt another large blow. If you are interested in your hard earned works outlasting a space of time, band together and allow people to post your works with credit, if you say Nahh, then well ok, but whenever they get lost to the annals of internet time, don't say you wern't forewarned. As someone who struggles with the concept of legacy as they see their end coming soon, I have become rather obsessed with mod and game preservation, so if this post also seems a bit high and mighty/woe is me, well it kinda is and I apologize but I felt it was necessary. Should I have tried to reach out? yes and I apologize, I'm sorry.
  2. If anyone manages to do this, send me a shoutout here or on Nexus (Gregthegen) I am the uploader of the mod over on the Nexus Page!
  3. Thanks for this, mind if I link to this mod from the nexus bossr download page? -Greg
  4. This mod is a dream come true for me, been playing kotor since it first released on the original xbox.