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  1. Give or take making new portraits, I almost have a mod update ready with another close behind.

  2. That awkward moment finding that I broke the installer to one of my mods almost exactly 3 years ago without realizing it.

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      a) Which one was it?

      b) Is it fixed now?

    2. Ferc Kast

      Ferc Kast

      It was my Playable Brunette mod for KOTOR 2, which I had only hosted on my site. I did manage to fix it.

    3. jc2


      ahaha! This is going to be me some day, I just know it!

  3. Ferc Kast

    Playable Mission Vao

    Version 2.0


    This mod will make Mission Vao a selectable head at the game's start. Included in this version is the ability to wear masks, use the default TSL clothes (unlike the previous release) and use the default dancer's outfit.
  4. Ferc Kast

    Playable Mission Vao



    This mod will make Mission Vao a playable head at the game's start. It does not use the original head, but uses a Twi'lek head as the base to resemble her using parts of the original texture. This mod includes Sith Eyes and tattoos as you transition to the dark side. There are also custom portraits to reflect the head's transitions. Enjoy!
  5. Ferc Kast

    Recruit Function

    Version 1.0


    This Recruit Function script will allow you to easily recruit NPCs as new party members. It eliminates the need for a wall of text in scripting. Instead, you only need to provide an integer value/variable and 2 string values. For details on how to install and/or use this script in your own mod, read either the readme file or the following thread on Holowan Labs: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=210187
  6. Ferc Kast

    Improved Jedi Sacks



    I've heard and said it many times: "The Exile looks like (s)he is wearing a potato sack." While working on my WiP TC mod, I realized that how they looked like nothing that a Jedi (even an exile) would wear. Therefore, I reskinned them to look more Jedi-ish. TSLPatcher is used to ensure it will only affect the Exile and not party members who happen to use the original texture.
  7. Ferc Kast

    Yuthara Ban as PC

    Version 2.0


    This mod makes Yuthara Ban a selectable playable head at the character generation. In includes custom Sith eyes, transitions, portraits & the ability to equip masks/headgear.
  8. Ferc Kast

    Playable Twi'leks

    Version 1.0a


    This mod will make a Lethan Twi'lek female and Tukian Twi'lek male playable heads to choose at the start of the game. This mod includes custom heads, Sith Eyes and tattoos when you are on the dark side. There are also new custom portraits to reflect the head's transitions. Note: This mod does not affect any Twi'lek NPC heads. Enjoy!
  9. Ferc Kast

    Clothed Beginning

    Version 1.0


    This mod will allow the player to start the game with clothes equipped, instead of wearing only his/her undergarments. However, this mod does not change Kreia's nor Atton's dialog about not wearing anything. Note: This mod merely equips the default clothes item; it does not change the clothes' appearance. Note: This is perfectly compatible with TSLRCM 1.8.
  10. Ferc Kast

    PFHC04 Reskin

    The creation screenshot doesn't do it justice, but the actual gameplay pictures look nice.
  11. Ferc Kast

    Yuthura Ban as PC

    Version 2.0


    This mod makes Yuthura Ban a selectable playable head at the character generation. It includes custom Sith eyes, transitions, portraits & the ability to equip masks/headgear.
  12. Ferc Kast

    Knights of the Fallen Empire

    While technically, KotFE looks to be a singular story, each time doing it will be unique because we can make our own choices like in KotOR I & II. Though, you do have a valid point that it is not individual class stories. As far as PvE & PvP guilds being collapsed, I'm not sure if you're on a low population server or thinking of a different game. Both PvE & PvP guilds are very active and haven't collapsed as yet, at least not on Ebon Hawk. Jung Ma, on the other hand...let's just say I'm glad my guild & I transferred when we did earlier this year.
  13. Ferc Kast

    Can't Start New Game

    Did you try disabling Frame Buffer Effects under Options -> Graphics Options -> Advanced Options in the game's menu? That fixed my Steam copy of KotOR II to work after I kept crashing when I tried making a new character.
  14. Ferc Kast

    WIP: Echo of the Force

    Plot Introduction Years after the Battle of Telos IV, the Republic struggles to recover from the war. A series of systems have seceded from the Republic. Attacking from an unknown source, the planet Darrax is under attack. In the midst of a debate in the Senate, the Jedi Council sends a lone Jedi to investigate... Companions Xin Subal Mahkon Koran Vox Ora Vaona HK-47 Master Adri Vale T3-M4 Kira Sadow Saverak Vornskar Jarl Dawas 2 MORE TO BE DECIDED... Planets The Corsair Nova Darrax Danjir IV Ryloth Korriban MORE TO BE DECIDED... Progress The Corsair Nova: 35% Darrax: 0% Danjir IV: 0% Ryloth: 0% Korriban: 0% Team Recruitment I am looking for additional modders to help with this mod in the following areas: Modelers (mostly planets) Skinners (characters & modules) Dialog Writers Side Quest Ideas Screenshots Update 1 - Oct 20, 2011 First, I fixed the bug mentioned in my last post. Second, there are now journal entries for the quests so far. So, I am going through & adding the entries/quests in-game. Finally, I am almost done with the initial version of the Corsair Nova. As such, I expect to be working on the next planet soon. With this in mind, I thought to give a video clip from the beginning of the Corsair Nova. (Side note: still trying to tweak the camera so it shows the player at the beginning instead of the droid.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B80O8okYrB8 Update 2 - Dec 14, 2011 Well, it's time again for a mini update for EotF. Last time, I asked about a minor bug I had found. Since then, Ive found a temporary fix for my problem until someone can figure out how to fix it the way I was hoping for it to be fixed. Also, I am starting to work on the next module in-game. (Yay for Darth333's whereami band.) Finally, I am getting around to reskinning those terrible looking "potato sack(s)" from the vanilla KotOR II; Personally, I find it to look more Jedi-esque now. However, I would like to find out what your opinions are about the reskin. I also wondered if there was interest for me to release it for TSL in addition to including it in EotF. So, give me your input so I can take the needed action(s). Update 3 - Feb 24, 2012 It's time for an update on progress: I have gotten a bit more done on the mod. It's mostly been plot details, a few new selectable heads, along with some content implementation into the game itself. I don't any new screenshots or videos, though. In their stead, here are some party member background stories for EotF. OB-48 - Combat Droid (Temporary Party Member) OB-48 will be found on the Corsair Nova. OB-48 is the personal bodyguard droid of Captain Dax Mindar. He has currently been programmed to ensure your safe arrival to Darrax, by any means necessary. Adri Vale - Jedi Master/ Female/ Echani Adri Vale was the PC's Jedi Master, following the Battle of Telos IV. She will be found on Darrax on an unrelated assignment; But, after the events that transpire there, the Jedi Council will have her aid you in pursuing the matter. Subal Mahkon - Scout/ Male/ Devaronian Subal Mahkon is a reputable pilot, who will get the PC to his/her destination(s). He was a previous pilot of the Ebon Hawk while Davik owned it. He rarely talks about his past. Subal has flown from one side of the galaxy to the other. T3-M4 - Astromech Droid T3-M4 was created by Janis on Taris. T3-M4 was responsible for getting the launch codes to allow Revan and his party to escape. T3 can tell you about the events of KotOR I & II. T3 has retained his excellent repair & computer skills, which in handy from time to time. Update 4 - Mar 3, 2012 Koran Vox - Soldier/ Male/ Mandalorian Koran Vox is a Mandalorian, who was present for the Battle of Malachor V. He also was present for the Battle of Telos IV. He was sent by Mandalore the Preserver to find out about the attacks on Darrax. When he missed his opportunity, he decided to take a detour before returning to Dxun. HK-47 - Assassin Droid HK-47 was created by Revan, following the Battle of Malachor V. He has been assigned by both Revan and the Exile to keep tabs on activity from criminal organizations, such as Czerka and the Exchange. HK's aggressive personality and dislike of meatbags still remain intact. Kira Sadow - Scoundrel/ Female/ Human Kira Sadow is a smuggler, who was captured on route for a shipment. She was taken prisoner during the Corsair Nova's journey to Darrax. Once the ship was under attack, she managed to escape her cell. Her street skills are handy from time to time. Ora Vaona - Jedi Sentinel/ Female/ Twi'lek Ora Vaona is still a Padawan, but has great potential. Recently, she was sent with her Master to Ryloth to get information on the Exchange's recent actions there; Unfortunately, their presence was discovered. They killed her Master, but took her prisoner. The Jedi Council is still debating how best to free her. Update 5 - Mar 15, 2012 With that out of the way, it is time for an update: Firstly, for those who are unaware, I am writing an extended backstory for Kira Sadow called A Debt Unpaid (see the link in my signature.) It is intended as a treat while Echo of the Force is still in production; And, its story will end close to where EotF's storyline begins. Secondly, the other day, I made and have in-game a head skin for the party member Subal Mahkon (who was only mentioned for the first time a few posts ago.) I don't have custom clothes for him yet, but I thought to at least get his head done Contest Well, today officially ended the party member contest!! Thank you to all who sent in an entry. It was definitely a tough decision...But since the contest ended, it had to be done. Without further ado, the winner...s are: christos200's male Human, Xin Warlord664's male Rodian, Saverak Vornskar Congratultations, you two!! And, I'd also like to thank all those who submitted an entry. Website On that exciting note, I have yet more exciting news: I have acquired a new domain name for my modding site; What is more news is that I have started construction on it. Eventually, it will eventually have a dedicated section for Echo of the Force. Until then, I would like your opinion on the site's setup. To find out about and/or download my mods, would you prefer like to have/be: Blog entries with screenshots, download links, etc. (Using Wordpress) Blog entry about the mod, but separate page with the screenshots, download links, etc. (Wordpress for blog entry, separate page for mod) Other (specify in your post.) More Coming Soon... Facebook Page KotOR: Echo of the Force Website LucasForums Thread
  15. Ferc Kast

    Let's see your characters!

    First Name: Ræna Legacy Name: Kast Species: Miraluka Class: Jedi Sage Level: 50 Server: Jung Ma (US EST PvP + RP) First Name: Ferc Legacy Name: Kast Species: Human Class: Jedi Guardian Level: 35 Server: Jung Ma (US EST PvP + RP)
  16. Ferc Kast

    Playable Mission Vao

    They should look exactly as they appear in the screenshot since I did test the mod before release. 0_o
  17. Ferc Kast

    Playable Mission Vao

    File Name: Playable Mission Vao File Submitter: Ferc Kast File Submitted: 11 Apr 2013 File Category: Mods TSLRCM Compatible: Yes This mod will make Mission Vao a selectable head at the game's start. Included in this version is the ability to wear masks, use the default TSL clothes (unlike the previous release) and use the default dancer's outfit. Click here to download this file
  18. Well, after the release of my K1 playable Mission Vao, I felt like my TSL version needed an update. Partially, it was triggered by the initial hostile criticism of the original version's WIP thread. As I could not include the original lips and eyes, as I did with the K1 version, I did a better job of matching them than the original release. Words can only go so far. Instead of wasting more words, here is a screenshot of the LS/neutral head for the mod. v2 of this mod includes the following changes: Headgear fully supported Skin tone matches K1 mod and is not a dark blue anymore. Updated/new head skins New portraits Improved Jedi Sack as default undergarments Release Date:
  19. Ferc Kast

    WIP: Echo of the Force

    Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Hopefully, I should have the video done soon. Instead, I wanted to explain a couple of previously unmentioned new features that will be featured in Echo of the Force. Droid Armor In KotOR I and II, we saw droids that were unable to equip armor. Their appearance, therefore, was static. However, you could get armor for them; but the armor never changed their appearance. In Echo of the Force, that will change. You will still get the armor, but unlike the vanilla game it will change their appearance. I probably will limit the number of variations to maybe 3-5 per armor type. (I think there were three levels of droid armor in the vanilla game; I could be wrong.) Party Member Customization Why should the droids get all the fun?, you may wonder. But, I could customization my party member's head/appearance in TOR, some may complain. Well, the droid party members won't be the solo recipient of customization. For each non-droid party member, I plan to have 2 or 3 variations for their head. Obviously, the heads shown off thus far (and shown in the portraits on the website) are going to be the canon heads for them. Website I am considering to possibly tweak the site's layout, and fix a couple CSS problems in the process. As always, the Kast's Echo website is the official source to find out the latest updates for this mod. Anyways, I hope to get the video update up very soon. So, stay tuned for that in the near future. More Coming Soon...
  20. Ferc Kast

    WIP: Echo of the Force

    Well, today is a fun-filled day for Echo of the Force. Get ready for that which is to come... Jedi Master Contest This time, the contest is truly over. The results? Here we go: First Place: Scourge's Miralian, Jedi Master Zeltaro Second Place: Rtas Vadum's Nagai, Jedi Master Aurellia Third Place: Sith Holocron's Echani, Jedi Master Pellu Ceed These top three entries will each feature a line of dialog in the upcoming video update which ought to be up sometime next week. The winning character, Zeltaro, will additionally have a sidequest for the player after the Council meeting on Danjir IV. Facebook Announcement Next announcement... A few weeks ago, I decided to delete the old Facebook page for Echo of the Force since I hardly touched it. In coordination with the announcement following, I have instead made a new group for Echo of the Force on Facebook. It will have more frequent updates, as things are announced in the future. [KotOR: Echo of the Force Group] Echo of the Force Website Announcement What better way to kick off the new Facebook group than by announcing the brand Echo of the Force website? Content is subject to changing or being added until such a time when Echo of the Force is ready for release. The link is now active on the home page of Echo of the Force, as well as the WIP Mods page on Kast's Echo. The site features: Plot Planets Character Information Media And more... Further pages will be added in the future, from time to time. [Knights of the Old Republic: Echo of the Force Official Website] More Coming Soon...
  21. Ferc Kast

    WIP: Echo of the Force

    Time for an reminder and announcement... Jedi Council Contest There is still one day left for your entries on this contest. (And, the video update showing off the scene should follow early next week.) The winner's character will give a sidequest to the player while after the Council meeting on Danjir IV. The top couple or so entries, though, will be each a line of dialog in scene. Website Anouncement I hope to have the website for Echo of the Force completed early next week, if not by the end of this weekend. At that time, it will be announced here and the other EotF threads. Since this mod is still in development, new pages ( will be added to the site occasionally (such as new character pages) before the mod's release. Also, media will be kept up-to-date on the website. And, there is a mobile-friendly version too for those wanting view the site on the go. More Coming Soon...
  22. Ferc Kast

    WIP: Echo of the Force

    All that is required is just requires the head skin texture file, unless you used a full-body model in which case the body and head skin files would be required. And, PM here works fine for sending an entry. Yes, I am still (minus some help here and there from Scourge) a one-man team. So, if you're interested in helping, PM me for details for a sample. (Unless you have a sample that you had in mind already, that is.)
  23. Ferc Kast

    WIP: Echo of the Force

    Greetings, all! I have a special treat for you today. Jedi Council Contest There are only ten days left before the contest deadline is here. For those who have forgotten the details of the contest, see my post from October 30th. I intend to have multiple winners in this contest, but thus far only two entries have been submitted. The reason for these contests is so that you, the audience, feel like you contributed in one way or another to this mod project. With that in mind, hopefully more of you will feel motivated to submit an entry. Announcement Along with my new Fan Fiction Knights of the Old Republic: Rising Destiny, I finally have made the official canon head texture for Aydrea Kast (the player's official canon name). For those who haven't read it yet, Rising Destiny will explore the mission that the player was on immediately prior to Echo of the Force. Anyways, you will see this head in future pictures, videos, etc. when I post new media in this thread or my other threads at Kast's Echo and Deadly Stream. Without further ado, I present Aydrea Kast: More Coming Soon...
  24. Ferc Kast

    WIP: Echo of the Force

    Well, this is a fun little update... Jedi Council Contest Since I've only received 2 entries, I will extend the deadline for the Jedi Council member contest to December 15th. The main reason behind this is because I was planning on multiple winners; this way, you still have a chance to get your entries in. See this post on LucasForums if you've forgotten the details of the contest. Announcement Time Toward the start of this thread, I had said that I was going to do an official website for Echo of the Force. Recently, an opportunity presented itself in the form of a HTML class. As part of my class, we were told to make a website that we would develop through the course of the semester. Since we were given no limits on content, I decided to do EotF's site. Today, I'm showing off pictures from the mobile-friendly version. Once some further tweaking is done, I will open it to the public and announce the final URL. And before the question is asked, I will confirm that the desktop/tablet version looks similar to the above mobile layout; and, that is the only reason that I didn't show both versions. So, that's my fun little announcement for today. More Coming Soon...
  25. Ferc Kast

    Download:Playable Mission Vao

    File Name: Playable Mission Vao File Submitter: Ferc Kast File Submitted: 14 Nov 2012 File Category: Mods This mod will make Mission Vao a playable head at the game's start. It does not use the original head, but uses a Twi'lek head as the base to resemble her using parts of the original texture. This mod includes Sith Eyes and tattoos as you transition to the dark side. There are also custom portraits to reflect the head's transitions. Enjoy! Click here to download this file