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  1. I see bastila got plastic surgery and became a bounty hunter for the exchange xD
  2. 100% incredible respect to deadman, movie mandalorians is my favorite kotor2 mod, i wish it was for kotor1 as well, but this is an incredible job to bring an old republic twist to his incredible mod. 10/10
  3. Much better. Great work.
  4. LOL!!! It's well done, I just don't like the orange spray tan. Good quality though.
  5. I always used your mod, and this is a great revival
  6. Yeah i noticed that it was mixed with K1 too. However it'd be nice to have a working galactic basic soundset.
  7. It was on KotorFiles, now archived on gamefront. It never worked in game but the streamvoice sounds are the real deal. Whoever made the mod never got it to work in the game but the voices are legit. All the old kotorfiles comments were asking the same thing from 100 years ago.
  8. Still very good considering no one else has bothered. I can tell what it is 100% and am impressed.
  9. Not sure. Just reporting it. Not trying to cry, but I'm not using any other lightsaber mods. I'll mess around with some stuff and report back. Like I said It was SLM and now your default replacements.
  10. Any ideas why the saber textures disappear depending on the camera angle? It does the same for me with your default replacement tin can pack for m478 compatability with my playthrough. Using new steam ofc.