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  1. Trying to determine which mods to load for TSLRCM on my laptop for my next playthrough. If you suggest a mod, they have to be compatible with everything else on the list.

    1. Mandalore


      If you're male and darkside, use my Kill Disciple mod. And if you don't like horrible shades of purple on your armour, use my Powered Battle Armour Reskin. Shameless self-promotion over.

  2. Should USM creators be approached to request a saber be created for Kaah? As Kaah is a character which is important to the M4-78 EP and many people enjoy using the Ultimate Saber Mod, who thinks it might be a good idea to see if any of the still active USM members might be interested in creating a new saber for Kaah? If the only result was to have the USM become compatible with TSLRCM with M4-78, I'd consider that a nice outcome but for now, I'm only thinking of a saber for Kaah? Of course, this doesn't rule out the creator of the "Heroes of the Old Republic" from making a submission either! Your thoughts - as always - would be appreciated.
  3. Your mod description states "It adds the "Impossible" difficulty back into KotOR1." Why not provide a screen shot of the difficulty selection screen showing that restored option instead of the random picture you've attached?

  4. Might you have a link to a mention of that somewhere?
  5. Then utilize those characters in first person mode - so you take advantage of writing lines for those characters that expose those hatreds. The positive of doing it that way is that you don't need to find any lines to have the conversation or have a need to splice together any.
  6. Please post links to these mods so the contents can be studied for compatibility reasons.
  7. Gone to sleep for the night

  8. You guys have hopefully seen this mod on this very site:
  9. Would it not be wise then to have Kreia stay on board when the Ebon Hawk is on M4-78 - for those precise reasons? There are a number of files where she express her distaste of droids that could be utilized. (Well, those lines and the spliced ones.)
  10. OK, it's time for me to pick a color. I'm just surprised I didn't get a back lash for putting the color red in the light saber poll. LOL I personally don't have an issue with "non-canon" colors so I'll be going with Orange myself. I decided I'd ask DarthJacen to see if he could alter either Orange or Bronze of the lightsaber textures in his mod called Movie-Style Lightsaber Retextures (TSL).
  11. Then my recommendation to use that line to ask Kreia about the droids of M4-78 still stands. It could also be used in a more general sense for any droids you have encountered.
  12. Will this mod also change the location of M4-78 and Coruscant on the map as well - if you have one or both of those other mods installed?
  13. This reminds me of something I mentioned before - way back on 6/29/2009. Good thing that I save all of my e-mails . . . I'm not even sure it's cut content anymore. By the way, I never did get a response on that idea. It might - what's the word I'm looking for - suck.
  14. He can even "ramble" on and on - but only if it's relevant to M4-78.
  15. Qui-Gon Glenn from LucasForums responded to me:
  16. Whatever "ranball" meant, none that spoke English could say . . .
  17. Have you noticed any thing that was unexplained in TSL - either through dialogue or cutscene? This thread is solely to discuss "unresolved mysteries" in the vanilla version of TSL. What this is thread is NOT for: This thread is not for discussing bugs or plot introduced by TSLRCM, or any other mod. I'll start off the list with a couple and if anyone else would like to add something, please do so. Please explain in detail how it's an unresolved mystery. 1) Bao-Dur unexplained disappearance from the end-game: We all know that his remote is present on Malachor V and he recorded final instructions for him. We never did find out whether he's dead or alive. If he's dead, how did he die and why? If he's alive, where is he and why did he go? 2) Why did the Exile return to known space?: Discussed in depth in this thread.
  18. Well, you obviously shouldn't use TSLRCM with that mod. LOL But seriously, you'll be at a disadvantage playing this mod for a few reasons: 1) As stated earlier, it's quite an old beta. 2) The "Team Gizka" site is gone. You wouldn't be able to research what mods may have incompatibility issues. 3) You'll likely not find any current info at Lucas Forums as that mod is basically perma-banned because of the factions that fighting back and forth about it. Your best bet is to locate folks that were part of the beta team and quiz them in PMs about it. Update: Let me see if I can grab a few guys that might know more from LF.
  19. Moving out of the "TSLRCM" and moving it into the "Star Wars" folder.
  20. At work until 1600 (PST)

  21. When you play TSL, is there a particular order that you do the planets? If so, what is it? I'm curious how other people are playing the game using TSLRCM. If there's a reasoning for your planet order, insert that in your response as well. Add-on planets such as Coruscant and M4-78 should be mentioned in your planet order but only if you use them. PS: You needn't include Prologue/Peragus and Malachor V as those are the beginning and end for everyone's playthrough.
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    As long as we're hoping, I'll hope for the original voice actors from TSL to finish the lines that were missing from the Malachor V cut scenes. And KOTOR3. (But mostly the first one.)
  24. At work - see you later, DS folks!

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