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  1. Yeah, I know I can't use both as is, just wasn't sure how to rename etc. The 2 mods in question are "Sith Lord Armor" by Shem and "The Prestige Item Pack" by Redhawke & Maverick187.
  2. Hi, I have 2 mods that both use their own modded version of the "Pmbmm" model, and I would like to be able to use both of them but they are not compatible with each other. So what would I have to edit/change in order to be able to use both mods, and how would I do that? Thanks...
  3. Same here, I have been looking for an answer to this for years... I couldn't figure out what was happening so I gave up and stopped playing, then later bought game from GOG and same thing. Then I recently bought it from steam and problem went away. All that for 1 little file... Thankyou very much. This should really be pinned somewhere, cuz surely there must be others with the same problem. Even when I had it I searched these forums and couldn't find an answer.
  4. I really appreciate you helping me with this... , but how do I send you these files?
  5. I am following your instructions and have the .git file open, but can't find this "Template Resref" entry... am still looking. Please keep in mind that I am no modder. I have never done anything like this before. My modding skills don't go beyond basic editing of stats on items really, so this is all new and I appreciate your help. Still looking... but just realised something, if I find this entry and fix it then it will only fix it for this game. It won't stop it from happening in future games will it?, so how would I do that aside from the obvious, which is don't use the mod.
  6. Hi, I have an annoying glitch and am hoping that someone can give me some idea as to how to fixe it, or if it is possible to fix. The 3 main mods I am running are TSLRCM, M4-78 and the Jedi Temple Mod. As well as many other minor mods, one of which is the cause of this issue. The mod/s in question is the padawan LS/DS mods by "jedigoku" in which the trainable party members start off as jedi and when "trained" become their prestige class. Now the mod works fine but there is one small issue which is as soon as you make Bao-Dur a Jedi, light or dark, and he becomes his prestige class it creates a duplicate of him standing in the cargo hold where the Handmaiden is if you have her. Now this 2nd Bao-Dur cannot interact with you beyond turning to look at you if you click on him. Having him there doesn't cause any problems with the game at all, it's just rather annoying. So I was hoping someone knew if there was a file I could edit or something to fix this please. Thanks...
  7. Thankyou very much for that, that's just what I want. Also as a bonus I have access again to Envida's mods which I have always liked. So you have helped me out twice Thx again mate...
  8. To be honest I had not thought of that. However I recently bought the steam version and on my first play thru I only found 1 of the secret comp's, as only one was available, and now on the 2nd play thru neither one is showing up. Yes, I am past that point in the story and I know where they are supposed to be. Must be a glitch somewhere. But either way, I was hoping to be able to add a couple or so plasteel containers. I know there used to be mods that did it and I do not know how to do it myself or I would.
  9. Hi, I know there used to be mods around that did this, and I even remember having a few once but when TSLRCM started coming out they were not compatible so they got dumped . What I would like, please, is for someone to tell me how I can add a couple of containers on the Ebon Hawk for storage. Or if someone has a mod or can put a simple one together for me I would be very grateful, as my modding skills don't go beyond the basic stat editing of items. Thanks...
  10. These robes are truly great. Really well done and the range of choices and the flowing cape is also a great bonus. Thankyou very much. I would like to make a small request tho. With the Jedi robes "the sith spectre", could you make a version with a brown or dark red front flap instead of purple please?. Either way, thanks again for some great robes. These will be staying in my override folder .
  11. I am very new here and am unsure who exactly to complain too. I can;t seem to find a link to email the people, or person, in charge and I did NOT want to make this public. However I feel I have to make a complaint and I need to know who to make it too. So can I pls have be sent the email address to whomever is in charge here pls? This is extremely important... Ty..
  12. I am sorry if the answer is somewhere in the forums, however I cannot find it... In TSLRCM 1.8.1 has the "new fuel source" mission been fixed?. I used to use a mod that fixed it but after installing TSLRCM there were some modsa that were no longer compatible, including some other "fixes" that was listed as included. Also some mods that I left out cuz I was unsure. The fuel one however I don't know. All I know is that I cannot get the fuel source mission to complete. So I need to know if it is included with 1.8.1 or if I should use the "fix" I have. If I have to use the old fix that I d/l ages ago, it contains a global.jrl file, is it safe to use the "JRL merger" to merge them? Thx for your time...
  13. Thats because afetr running into 4 set of HK-50's T still had not gptten the HK-47 torture scene. So I checked yopu FAQ and it said to delete the eboenter file, so I did. It had served its purpose anyway. I only needed it for my first entrance onto the ebon hawk.
  14. Thank you VERY very much. I deleted those files and its working fine now. Thx again, I really appreciate the help