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  1. Man, are you taking bad feedback? These look pretty damn amazing, but I wish they weren't so heavy and bulky. Especially the females. As basic as the Kotor 1 robe design was, they felt really light, which works really well. If you look at movie Obi-Wan, he's robes are quite form fitting. It is only Mace who wore them super loose, cause he's Mace.
  2. Hi, weird question. I installed everything, it ran. I had the mod splash screen. But now, the splash screen is gone. The original obsidian intro screens are back. TSLRCM is still active, though. Is it supposed to go away after a few restarts (I was playing around with settings), or is this something wrong?
  3. The echani are this martial-arts style, unarmed specialists. Handmaiden is a little Jedi-esque, uses a staff, super cool, makes extra sense. Let's put giant knives onto her staff, that fits. Cmon, man.
  4. Are you taking random feedback? I think your decision to let math decide the color creates less than perfect colors. You can see what a little bit of artistry can do - Viridian is incredible. I think the bronze and gold are too similar, and redundant. The old gold was cool as it was a more muted color, kinda how viridian is more subtle than green. And the old yellow was absolutely perfect, very pretty. But that's just me. I think, since the two oranges are almost the same, there's maybe room for the old yellow. But i'm just nitpicking, preem mod.
  5. Would praise from the rooftops with silver trumpets, if there was an early-game and a late game version (this being obviously a late/endgame version), that updates maybe at Prestige level...
  6. So when you say they replace Jal Shey, that means when I organically find those in the world, I'll get one of your robes, no cheats required? I hate cheating items in, what's the point at that point. (This is one of the absolute best mod armors I've ever seen, it's a bummer that it's not more fleshed out, but I understand)