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  1. I didn't express myself quite right, what I meant to ask was a mod build for KotOR 2 TSLRCM,M478 Planet, and a seperate mod build for Revenge of Revan alone, hopefully this helps Gonna start modding it tommorow hopefully I manage to create a dope build . @Sith Holocron Thanks, I've already checked out Snigaroos build, it has the most important mods, but I thought someone might have a personal huge mod build that works as I used 60 mods on KotOR 1 and didn't encounter any bigger problems But thank you nonetheless.
  2. Yes it didn't install, do the steps of my previous post and then install it, it should have no errors if done correctly.
  3. So the other day I just finished KotOR 1 with like 60+ mods it was amazing And I want to play KotOR2 and Revenge of Revan now too, so I was wondering if any of you know a good mod build that works and is compatible with TSLRCM and the Droid Planet, and also a mod build for Revenge of Revan, so I get the most out of the playthroughs. So if any of you have a good mod build that works please hit me up
  4. If you can please do, I've seen some of your textures and they are amazing !
  5. 1. Find the changes.ini from the tslpatchdata folder 2. Open it with a notepad or some other text editor. 3. Go to "Edit", then "Replace All" and Replace / marks with \ marks and then change marks \ to / only in the date and the N/A line. For everyone having problems with installing it with TSL Patcher, just do this and you should be set.
  6. Is it possible to do a Handmaiden mod with long hair? That would be awesome, or even a ponytail is great.
  7. Sartino

    KotOR 1 Restoration

    I didn't know Jedi from the Start was compatible with K1R? Please do tell me if you manage to complete the game without any game breaking bugs I want to use it aswell
  8. Are you sure you installed everything by following the instructions? I've used this mod in my playthrough of the game and nothing of sorts happened. If you aren't far in the game and don't mind restarting I'd suggest reinstalling again and checking if your mods are compatible..
  9. Sartino

    KotOR 1 Restoration

    I'm not sure, but I believe NPC Overhaul isn't compatible with K1R? Maybe it's NPC Overhaul... not sure though.
  10. Sartino

    KotOR 1 Restoration

    @vaultman I don't think it's the problem with K1R, because I have K1R installed with like 50 more mods and I haven't encountered anything similiar on my playthrough, maybe it's some other mods?
  11. You need to replace / with Check the comments from before, there's a detailed instruction on how to fix this, by editing / and turning them into \
  12. Not sure if it's the mod itself or a compability issue but shoulderpads are see-through, and in cutscenes It's noticable, but nothing huge, great mod all in all!
  13. I just downloaded and installed it, there seems to be a glitch at Peragus, in the right corner of the "spawning" room screen goes black, halp pls