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  1. I fixed the Dialog.tlk errors that were present in your Force Choke Anyone mod. I added my own version of the changes.ini file to my post that fixed the missing name and description of the new force power. My changes.ini file also includes the Spells.2da fix that jc2 uploaded on the same forum. So now this mod 100% works in K1!😀
  2. Thank you so much for fixing this classic mod. The Force Choke Anyone power works perfectly in K1 as it should with jc2's changes.ini file. But the only problem I had was with the dialog.tlk changes. It doesn't show the right name or force power description because you had them set to random numbers. The good thing is I know a thing or two about dialog.tlk modding and I fixed the issue and now the Force Choke Anyone mod works 100% as it should! You have to take advantage of the StrRef0 and StrRef1 variables that were created in the TLK list in the changes.ini file. That way the TSL Patcher will link the name and description to the modded force power when it installs to the right values instead of random numbers. Because if there is no string reference in the Dialog.tlk file then you will get the wrong name and blank description. I added an attachment of my changes.ini file below so that you can see the changes I added to jc2's changes.ini file. All I changed were these values below in the changes.ini file and it loads the right description and name from the Dialog.tlk file for the Force Choke Anyone force power: FROM ORIGINAL name=268 spelldesc=119598 MODIFIED TO name=StrRef0 spelldesc=StrRef1 But other than that and what jc2 showed in his changes.ini file you did a great job updating and fixing this mod. Thank you again Qui-Gon Glenn for making your own version of this mod that actually works in K1. I had a question though. Why do you say in the readme to modify the qg_choke.nss file and add in the line: int FORCE_POWER_CHOKEF = 132; Because I didn't have to do all the extra steps and the mod works perfectly fine for me. I don't think these extra steps are needed after jc2 removed the RowLabel=132 line from your original changes.ini file. Because the TSL Patcher will modify the spells.2da file so that it points to the gg_choke.ncs file by default. Anyways I am glad this classic mod was fixed and uploaded here. I looked all over the internet for a download of this mod and I couldn't find it. I can't wait until you upload this mod officially with all these changes. Feel free to download my changes.ini file that I made to fix the Dialog.tlk errors. My changes.ini file also includes the Spells.2da fix that jc2 uploaded as well. changes.ini
  3. Just so everyone knows this mod is already included in the latest version of the Kotor 1 Restoration 1.2 mod here: So if you are planning to download and install K1R you don't need to install this mod again. Thanks again for making these texture fixes though Red Hessian!
  4. DarthRevan


    Plus the Chainz.2da version is not TSLRCM 1.8.5 compatible. So this Darksword is a immediate download from me. Great job Insidious!
  5. Why does it say it is incompatible with TSLRCM? This installs with the TSL Patcher so there should be no incompatibility issues with TSLRCM.
  6. DarthRevan


    This mod is awesome! I always wanted to have Handmaiden and Disciple at the same time. Thanks for this mod! The best part about it, it is TSLRCM 1.8.5 comaptible!!!
  7. Yes! If it requires TSLRCM 1.8.4 then all future versions after that are guaranteed to work. Enjoy the mod!
  8. DarthRevan

    Darth Nihilus Robes

    So worth it! Can't wait to play through KOTOR 2 again with TSLRCM 1.8.5. It is going to be AWESOME!
  9. You know what I just noticed, this would look great with the Kylo Ren Helmet mod here: http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/920-kylo-ren-mask-for-tsl/ Two great mods combined create awesomeness! Thanks for the armored robes!
  10. Any word on when the Kylo Ren robes or Rey robes will be released? This mod looks awesome!
  11. DarthRevan

    Playable Taepalae

    I would also like to know where I can download the Darth Traya robes that are in the screenshots. They look really cool.
  12. Is this compatible with the Darker Peragus mod here: http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/32-a-darker-peragus/ Because Darker Peragus might conflict with these new textures.
  13. Why is this incompatible with TSLRCM? It is just a texture mod. Must be a mistake, please fix.
  14. It sure seems that way. I guess people have the right to decide where their mods are uploaded. Thanks for updating this mod Sith Holocron, I also like the April Fools joke. Didn't even know of the Cathalan mod, I saw a lets play of it and it is horrible: It is so laughable how the dialog is so bad. Apparently the mod author even stole some lines from Spongebob Squarepants. I also hate the repeating music in the background, so annoying! How desperate do you have to be to publish that much rubbish.