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  1. I think you misunderstood me. I didn't change line 132, the installer added a new row entry at the end of my existing spells.2da, but the Row label was still called "132". It also had the wrong ref for name and spelldesc columns, so I corrected the row number at the end to what it should have been (142 for me). I edited the script to say (142) also and it all works now. Looks like jc2 explained it thoroughly enough though 🙂
  2. Hey thanks for this! I already had Spells.2da in my override so I tried to install it the way you said. However, after installation the updated spells.2da in the folder still had the entry for FORCE_POWER_CHOKEF in row number "132" and did not match to the new dialog.tlk references. I corrected these manually and finally got it to work!
  3. No luck, on getting it to work in K1 :( nothing happens when useing the force power
  4. I thought noone would reply to this thanks! I'll try out your version, but also gonna see if I can get the same results by replicating too
  5. I've been trying to modify scripts to put force choke anyone into the friendly force power menu like Darth333's Force Choke Anyone TSL Mod based on tk102's original Darkside Choker mod. (FOR PERSONAL USE). Editing the spells.2da was easy enough. But tk102's script is much more complex than use this force power, its based on a set of commands where the player has to select what power they want from the armband. and I can't use the .nss from Darth333's Force choke anyone because that was made for TSL. I thought it would be as simple as deleting some uneededs lines from the script but I get errors whenever I try to compile. Not new to the modding scene but very new to this. Any help appreciated. NOTE: both mods provide the source in their downloads.
  6. Seems like a lot of work for a simple armor mod
  7. Wow. thanks for the detailed explanation. It pretty destroys any hope I had for a separate mod but at least I know why now.
  8. Then why can't a new model be created and an item mapped to that? It should only need an entry in baseitems.2da no?
  9. I've been looking for a Republic armour mod that uses the models of the republic soldiers in Kotor 1. So far I've only found this: And this: But they both only replace existing models (class 5 armor) making the textures messed up for every armour there. Has anyone found a mod with separate MDL/MDX files or maybe knows a way to reuse them so it doesn't create a conflict? Thanks