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  2. I do, but I'm unsure what mod it would have been from. I'm also unsure how to edit .mod files to check.
  3. Well I had this in my Override before even starting a new game. But when I got to this part, I noticed as I was talking to Helena that she looked the same. I verified that the mod installed correctly, and tried reinstalling, and still won't work. No errors. Really strange.
  4. For some reason this isn't working for me. I used the patcher, it gave no errors, all files are in the Override, but Helena looks the same. Not sure what's going on.
  5. Ah, you are correct. I added my saber to the list and pointed one of the existing color crystals to it and it appears to have worked. Thanks!
  6. I'm a bit rusty when it comes to KOTOR modding, but I haven't seen this happen. I added a saber as a new item (not replacing the existing ones) and it works fine, but I can't upgrade it. When I go to the workbench, I select the saber, and it disappears from the workbench and my inventory completely. I haven't found any threads about this. Is that normal or am I missing something?
  7. I've played KOTOR countless times over the years, but this was the first time I did the Promised Land quest on Taris all the way through. It's not something you do linearly because you have to backtrack. Kinda interesting.

    1. Bek


      That quest always left me feeling empty. All the cool npcs you meet in the undercity just disappear, and you and your party are the only ones left in the undercity.

    2. jc2


      First time your character leaves an impact on a module, besides killing everyone in it, really.

    3. Mellowtron11


      It is a little sad to see the undercity so empty after that quest. 

  8. Circa

    Republic Helmet

    What's the mod you used to get the Republic Armor as well?
  9. Circa

    No Gear On Ebon Hawk

    One step further towards achieving good immersion. Nice job.
  10. I came into this expecting an HQ saber blade mod but this is probably even better. Nice job.
  11. At JKHub we require author's permission to be uploaded, and if it's granted, we move the file to a neutral account, and make sure the author's name is the biggest font and saying it's theirs. If someone can't reach the author at all, we allow it to be uploaded if it's been longer than 30 days since they attempted contact. And we have a link for the original author to contact us if they want it taken down. That's handled completely by us, no need to even tell the uploader because it's not even their file. We do ask for proof of attempted contact with a timestamp, like from an email or PM or something. That way we can show the author an attempt was made. We made that the new policy because we understand that a lot of JK modders simply moved on from the community completely, and probably will never return to upload their files. But if they knew FileFront was gone and JKHub was the main place for their mods to be downloaded, I'm pretty confident they'd be okay with it. And if not, we can take it down. Obviously this is a grey area, especially around here, but we feel it's the best compromise we could reach.
  12. It's not a matter of preserving mods, its the ill-intent of some people that upload them and take credit OR certain modders specifically don't want anyone to upload their content places without their permission. Even if you give credit or show that the real author made it, they didn't give permission to be uploaded anywhere but where they uploaded it. However we have a semi-loose rule at JKHub about this. I believe it's black/white here as far as that goes.
  13. It's a full backup, yes. However he doesn't have permission to host them from both FileFront or the authors of all those mods. He's doing it at his own risk. I don't recommend doing it here, to avoid the risk of being labeled as thieves, etc.
  14. Circa

    Revan's Head

    Epic. Nice job!
  15. I'm surprised people aren't drooling over wanting these in-game.
  16. Anyone have the RAD Game Tools or the Miles Audio Tools they can send me? Can't find them.

    1. Sithspecter


      I'd be interested as well if anyone had these handy.

    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      I might have them but you'd have to wait until my computer is back. If anyone else has them available now, please offer a link so they don't have to wait.

    3. Circa


      Fair Strides took care of me, poke him if still interested.

  17. Is LucasForums gone temporarily again? Or for good?

    1. Sithspecter


      It may be gone for good. Nobody really knows, the main admins haven't shown themselves for months.

    2. milestails


      It's normal for it to go down for a short period of time, but this time has been unusually long.

  18. Circa

    Kotor Apeiron

    Pretty sure they've hinted at a new Bioware RPG, haven't they? I know they've been treating the new SWTOR expansions as such, but I'm fairly certain there was confirmation of a new Bioware SW game slated for the future. Either way, its not really about competition. It's something they could be capitalising on, but have decided not to. It's their brand, their IP. Not only that, but they have a contract with EA for them to deliver SW games. Lucasfilm asked EA if they'd bring in the indie studio doing Galaxy in Turmoil, because LF was willing to negotiate a deal, but EA can't just randomly bring in another studio under their publishing. That's a huge deal. Same would go for the people behind Apeiron.
  19. Circa

    Kotor Apeiron

    Did they see what happened to Galaxy in Turmoil? And that was only supposed to be based on Battlefront. A complete remake of a game is going to no doubt get a call from Lucasfilm. If what happened to those guys doesn't stop these guys, then only the phone call itself will.
  20. Circa

    Higher Quality Bastila

    The model wasn't touched, so nothing should "pop" any more than they did before. The cloth under the leather actually has a texture, whereas before it had just noise grain, from the looks of it. Not sure what you mean about the eyes.
  21. Bioware is featured in a mini-documentary where they discuss both KOTOR and SWTOR. It's pretty good.
  22. I flipped them to avoid the above result. I wasn't sure why it was the case but I had recalled other mods that had flipped textures and that seemed to be the fix in this case. Should work fine out of the box, but if you edit them you may need to flip depending on the format, as explained above.
  23. Just turn the voice volume down in the settings? But yeah, the best way would be to just make the sound files silent, but keep the duration.