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    Just out of the oven, freshly baked.
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    Latest progress on cloaked party clothing robes: It's not readily apparent, but in addition to the cloak I upscaled her clothing texture and fixed some minor errors.
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    Excited to announce that I just got accepted to grad school! Not bad for a guy who almost flunked out of college 3 years ago. It's really humbling; I'm truly grateful.
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    Things are getting pretty weird around here. BTW, if you have saves for M4-78 EP, I'd like to have them. Please note whether you used version 1.2, 1.3 (Steam), or 1.5. Also list which mods you used as well (with links). Finally, did you have a LS or DS gameplay-through. Thanks. I'd post this in the Game Saves section but let's be honest, - most people don't check that section.
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    Canderous demonstrating an advanced Mandalorian stretching technique.
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    When Robert Pattinson was announced as Batman, I had my doubts (but after the controversy surrounding Heath Ledger's casting as The Joker for TDK and how wrong everyone turned out to be I decided to wait and see), but god damn this looks excellent so far:
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    Me: *Loads Kotor Tool* *Kotor Tool's script compiling feature suddenly works* Me: *But now I can't edit any uti files* Me:
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    I have zero motivation to do any of my coursework online.
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    Jolee and Juhani done (barring possible future tweaks). Still Bastila's to go. I also should try a few different brown variations for compatibility with the 100% Brown option of the main cloaked robes mod, but I'm not sure what to do with those yet, might save it for a future update.
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    Release soon, 2 years after starting the project. In fairness, the original mod is from 12 years ago so I'd say I've made progress.
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    I wanted to say a big thank you to all of the Mod Authors that have let me include their Mods in the Expanded Galaxy Project. While continuuing to work on the Port and the main Project I will continue looking for decent mods / fixes for the second game to include. Also still looking for testers, suggestions and modders to get involved with the project, if you would like your mod included or would like to get involved then please message me on here or on Discord.
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    Ran into some cut kreia content on youtube.
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    Your Thanksgiving gift: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh6A5E6DUNI
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    I just took 145 screenshots for the K1 High Quality skyboxes. There are a few duplicates in there but I have a feeling that I should sort some out for the mod page^^
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    Watch it until the end. Mandalorian, Season 2, Episode 1.
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    milestails has logged back in for the first time in over two years? 😏
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    I'm back! A lil' sneak peak of what I'm working on at the moment (and will be releasing soon-ish)
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    It was time to get a larger hard drive to have all of the raw footage for the EP documentary. Hopefully, this should be enough.
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    Was working on a little mod and came across "namefilter.2da"... lol
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    At last, at LONG last! K1GI has been updated. For me its currently May 5th but for those in the United States its still May the 4th so consider this my "May the 4th" gift to you. This update and any following updates shall primarily focus on 'filling in the gaps' of any modules I have missed thus far. Once that's done I will work on the Star Forge and hopefully finish the Demo stage and move onto Beta. This particular update which has just been released also fixes most of the bugs you guys have reported, too many bugs for my liking but they've all been fixed. However, as my free time is getting crushed harder than Jabba's Rancor it has been getting difficult to properly test and create content for K1GI so please play the latest patch with a keen eye for any bugs (this includes old bugs which might not be fixed or any new bugs which have been added in the new content). For those who'll play the mod I hope you guys have fun after the long wait.
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    Revan: "Carth, a sith patrol is harrassing those people outside of our apartment, we gotta help them!" Carth: "You're right, don't worry, I'll just throw a grenade between all of them!" Duros with 1 HP, 3rd degree burns and entrails falling out of abdomen: "Thankfully you were able to step in and help us, human" You know you questioned this whole scenario once lol
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    Amazing how much housework and cleaning I've been able to do in all of this downtime. being without work (or laid off ) is quite frustrating, but I can't say there isn't a silver lining to it. Now all that's left is more modding...
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    Redhawke's mods, as listed on jumpstationz, have been completely backed up on deadlystream with several of them undergoing tslpatcher renovations.
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    When asking to use my mods in yours, it's bad form to insult me. To the person asking, you've been blocked.
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    It's that time of year again. And I'm sorry.
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    You thought the last image was bad enough? Well...
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    Minor spoilers for Jedi Fallen Order:
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    For those that are hypersensitive to spoilers and looking forward to Cyberpunk, you might want to batten down the hatches. Apparently console versions have escaped into the wild and people are now streaming the game.
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    Aye... Revan needs to lay off the pills.
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    Neat trailer, but now we can finally watch the red, green or blue ending in crisp HD:
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    Why is it always you, Juhani?
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    My turnaround rate is excellent.
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    K2 Upscaled Maps by tunalex adds a nice polish to the game, especially if you have other graphic mods. Seems worth checking out, I certainly will next playthrough.
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    Five years since the release of my first film: Return of the Exile. Please enjoy this nightmarish grin from Zekk.
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    Much more settled on a direction for the project now, latest story descriptions can be found in my latest post on page 4 of my WIP topic, much more realistic than some of the outlandish ideas I had to begin with.
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    So....HEYYYY! I'm back...sort of. So I recently broke down and bought TSL on STEAM with TSLRCM 1.8.5 and have been trying to play through that without breaking it... No luck. I keep crashing at 231TEL.mod right after Atton's dialog in the shuttle and the little movie clips of the shuttle getting shot down. First instinct was to blame it on Bao-Dur. But I dont think that's it. Has there been any issues reported with this .mod file or Bao-Dur crashing the game when he shows up? Starting to drive me batty as I DO happen to be working on an update of TSSM, trying to get that mod working with Steam's version. Been a learning process for sure... Also, the big question...should I just be installing my saber mods into TSLRCM's workshop directory straight away?!? When I go to start working on SLM's compatibility with TSLRCM that might be helpful info. Anyway..I might be back for awhile to try to get my old saber mods running for Steam.
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    Latest blog post, relating to release details for Echoes of the Past is up!
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    If you first install Jedi Items + 3.0.0, then Duplisaber in that order, it works and you can install anytime during the game (relatively early is best). The dissappearing texture glitch for Lightsabers, thanks to Hassat Hunter for this fix: https://steamcommunity.com/app/208580/discussions/0/496880503073184909/
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    v.0.7.4 of the Expanded Galaxy Project Demo for the KotOR 2 The Sith Lords is out and available on the Work In Progress page on page 4, I have tested it as best as I can using saves, but I am looking for testers and people to get involved with the project.
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    Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy are now on the nintendo switch. Really hoping Kotor/TSL and the original battlefronts follow!
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    VP Mod upload today
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    Well. that's a replay of the Mass Effect Trilogy done. That ending still leaves a bad taste in the mouth...
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    So, this summer I went to the local Comic Con in Colorado for the first time in two years (Life and school took priority), and got a replica of Revan's KotOR I Lightsaber (Or all the generic lightsabers in KotOR I & II, whatever you want to call it), with the plan to get Revan's TOR Lightsaber, and make a KotOR I Jedi outfit for next year's Con. Well, I finally got Revan's TOR Lightsaber. But, I think I might make a Prequel Jedi outfit first, then the KotOR I outfit. Yes, both blades are yellow, to match my KotOR I character; Aiden Surik (Who is the brother to Meetra Surik, AKA The Exile).