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  1. Wanted to give it some time before saying this. In SWTOR, the way Revan's story ended on Yavin, I didn't care for. I accepted it because it was canon. It was really crazy though to think that with him not being himself, took EVERYONE there to fight him because he was so powerful (as he should be).

    Ofc, the Knight story is the true cannon one, and it follows/continues Revan's story/efforts in defeating the Emperor. Blah blah blah. However, with the recent story piece, Echos of Oblivion, I feel he got a true and great end. Even our beloved outcast Jedi. And Satele was made so awesome. An awesome I haven't felt about her since the game trailers/cinematics. Lol, THAT was Grand Master Satele Shan. It also resolves so much, even from KotFE/KotET.

    And I think BioWare just did a better ending against the big bad than what Ep9 had. They out did the movies. What happens in the game should have happened in the mess we got. Ofc the mess shouldn't have happened, but that's a different discussion. Can we please get BioWare to rewrite the ST, please?


    I was absolutely blown away by it. I am giddy every playthrough. I have never felt this way when playing SWTOR. I love SWTOR, but this story piece...

    1. Thor110


      If only! Ah I miss SWTOR every time I see mention of it, but stopped playing around 2 years ago due to issues with my account being locked out and not having the time, money or desire to put up with customer services to get it unlocked.

  2. Mando. S2 finale. THAT is how a certain trilogy should've been. Not the bumbling mess we got.

    1. HK-47


      And yes, you read that right. I did call the ST a huge bumbling mess.

    2. Malkior


      Totally agree. Should have been able to incorporate OT elements while still standing as its own contained story. What we learned is that it isn't as easy as Hollywood thought and that it really requires some level of interest in the greater Star Wars universe (Whether sticking close the the EU or not). Also it turns out that Filoni and Favreau are marketing geniuses. ;)

  3. KotOR 2 for mobile?! Well... time to get TSLRCM ready for mobile. 😁

    1. zbyl2


      we made it ready 4 years ago lol

    2. HK-47


      Well that was fast. 🤣

  4. So infuriating when you can't find the play disc for a game you want to play, and for some reason it's not where it should be.

    1. Mellowtron11


      That happened to me with my Jedi Outcast disc a while back. Still haven't found it... :(


    2. jc2


      Yes, it really is. You have my sympathies.

  5. I came across a video today. It seems someone is attempting to get Star Wars: 1313 made/released. Video found here. If it's legal and pans out to release, I'd personally rather have what was originally going to be made, assuming it's different. However... I don't have high hopes for it to go anywhere. Higher than Aperion, but not by much.

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    2. DarthParametric


      Yes. Pretty much all mods violate copyright and/or trademarks to some degree or other. That was why the stance on K1<->TSL porting was always so stupid. It was all infringing.

    3. ebmar


      And then all comes back to the right holder. Whether allowed or not allowed is their choice to make.

    4. HK-47


      Huh. Responses made by a member I follow didn't show up in the "Members I Follow" section. Interesting. Actually, I never got any notifications.

      I want to clarify that when I said "If it's legal", I meant it in the sense that there won't be a C&D sent out. So... "legal". But as I said, I don't see that not happening. I found the attempt at this funny.


      If it isn't legal, then "I will make it legal". 😁There. I said it, and I'd say it again if I had to.

  6. Oh hey. Deadlystream is back. I wonder what was dO-eeEAAUGH! 😱

    But... my rusty red color scheme that inspired fear in targets. I'm now stuck with a poor shade of durasteel.😞

    OH WELL!😊

  7. That moment when you go to install a recently downloaded mod and find that a file you need to copy to override already exists in override folder, but you cannot find the file in any of your downloaded mods. So I have to ask, does EP or RCM do anything with upgrade.2da?

    1. N-DReW25


      They wouldn't put it in their for no reason. I'm willing to bet RCM does something with it.

    2. Hassat Hunter
    3. HK-47


      That's what I thought. I'll have to hold off with the new mod until I do a reinstall, or the mod is updated and has the TSL patcher added.



  8. I'm looking for good Korriban and Nar Shaddaa HD textures for TSL. Suggestions?

  9. Query: What would cause textures on an object (like a computer terminal) to look like they're moving on the object in an effort to be placed correctly, but can't and are stuck in a never ending attempt to be placed?

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    2. DarthParametric


      I would think it would have to be something in a MOD file, so maybe start by checking your modules folder.

    3. Kexikus


      It could just be a single .txi file that gives the console an animation. I'd try and figure out the texture name for the console and see if there is a .txi of the same name left somewhere.

    4. HK-47


      I figured out the problem. XnView was not exporting to the correct Override. It was placing files in the VirtualStore Override instead of the game directory override that it was set to export to. I don't get that.

  10. Announcement: All E.A. servers are under DDoS attack. I am off to play more K1 and Uprising.

  11. Realization: I just noticed while listening to audio recordings of the Sel-Makor VO, that the dark entity was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. You know, Jace Malcom. Jolee Bindo.

  12. Exclamation: Holy ton of uploads from Kristy Batman!

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Quite kind of to upload them here when I asked. Thanks KristyKistic!

  13. Can't get K2 to run after character creation. It crashes before the intro movie. Tried everything in the thread SH made. No dice. Trying Steam version. Whee.

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      So you used my thread for the Steam version?

    2. HK-47


      No. The 4CD. But I did find a fix that I recommend adding to your thread with fixes.

  14. Informative: As one that has pre-ordered the TOR expansion Shadow of Revan, I will say that as the final story for Revan, it is awesome.

  15. Statement: Well this was odd. I was playing K1 again for the first time in a long while, and when I put on the Sand People clothing to enter the enclave safely, the Sand People in the enclave attacked me even though I had myself (HK) with me. Query: Did I forget something?

    1. Hassat Hunter

      Hassat Hunter

      No, it's a bug with KOTOR1.

      I guess they couldn't fix it themselves, since they removed the Dark Side hit for doing so due to this bug.

    2. HK-47


      Statement: It must not happen often. I've never encountered it, even after playing it as much as I have.


      Contemplative: I wonder what causes it.

  16. Surprised Statement: I've been logged out for a long time and didn't know it. How unusual.

  17. Observation: That was a really long 12hr downtime.

    1. Tyvokka


      Space-time was warped, unfortunately your droid sensors were unable to experience this amazing phenomena

    2. HK-47


      Statement: I'm really loving the method of choosing the color scheme. It's really cool.

  18. Statement: Just made a discovery. I recognized the voice of Aric Jorgan (from TOR) but couldn't remember from where. I now know. The voice of Jorgan is also the voice of Ralon the salvager on Dantooine in KotOR2.

  19. Reassurance: Hey everyone. I'm still here. I know I haven't posted much in a long while. Loving TSLRP. Can't wait to get through more. TOR has been slowing that down.

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      TSLRCM you probably mean... I hope.

    2. ZM90


      I really hope you mean TSLRCM HK as the TSLRP beta that was leaked was a buggy mess and plus TSLRCM has a lot more content. TSLRCM is clearly superior by far.

  20. Statement: After a recent accidental session wipe in Firefox, I finally realized what tab I've been missing. The one for this site.

  21. Statement: It has been listed as on the PTS. Patch 1.5 for TOR has a new daily area (I'm assuming) called Section X. In that area you will (after getting his parts from around the galaxy) be able to obtain HK-51.

    1. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn

      New area will be nice to explore at first, but I don't really care bout HK at this point.

  22. Statement: I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to seeing the new Ops: Terror From Beyond. I'm so excited for it.

  23. Recollection: OH YEAH! I just came across the NPC in TOR voiced by the same guy who voiced Michal. I forgot about him. It's Commander Tritan in the Imperial Base on Hoth.

    1. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn

      Yeah! Him! I couldnt remember his name..

    2. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn

      Hey yeah, I just figured out who the voice actor for Brianna does in TOR, it's the daughter of Teral (consular's story)..

  24. Observation: Going from TOR back to KotOR is really hard. The spacebar in KotOR doesn't make your character jump. That's a lot of pausing.

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    2. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn you know exactly how I feel.

    3. hkmandalore47


      lol make a mod to allow the character to jump

    4. bendarby24


      no anamtion :(


  25. Greeting: Welcome meatbag.