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  1. anyone else hear the terrible news how that the EU is no longer canon?

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    2. Malkior



      That actually brings up a good point. George Lucas himself "approved" every game and expanded universe plot before it was accepted by Lucasfilm/Lucasarts. (Developers and writers for published content had to go through flaming hoops to get their stories published; That midiclorian blather and other nonsensical material HAD to be in some of them.) My opinion notwithstanding on the quality of writing for either of the CG series, a decision like this seems like nothing...

    3. Malkior


      ... more than choosing to use the most recognizable storylines so that the toys look like they come from the same line.. Sad to say, but it’s inching closer and closer to a giant merchandise ad rather than a fleshed-out universe..IMO

    4. bendarby24


      Every time some says about the EU I think off the European union

  2. what happened to

    1. Mandalore


      Good question...

    2. hkmandalore47


      cuz their website all of a sudden says "forbidden" which doesn't make any sense. it was fine yesterday

    3. Mandalore
  3. Star Wars: Rebels... coming in 2014 on Disney XD... i have never feared more for star wars than i have at this moment

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    2. hkmandalore47


      it's because of the equation of Disney + TV = cheesy children shows

    3. HK-47


      Quote: "You're going to find that many of the truths we cling to, depend greatly on our own point of view." Statement: To me it will still be Star Wars. Yeah, Clone Wars was a little silly and could have been done much better, but it is still Star Wars.

      Observation: Avengers: EMH was so much better than the current Avengers cartoon, but it's still the Avengers.

      Conclusion: So it's only ruined or destroyed if you think it is. Not because of Disney.

    4. hkmandalore47


      never said anything about The Clone Wars. it was great, the only thing that bothered me was how much it messed with canon. I hope that Disney won't make their show childish.

  4. also mrphil, make sure you're at least level 10 before you leave the planet and that you do ALL quests and bonus quests on the planet. that way you won't suffer from being underleveled on later planets
  5. I do all the content and occasionally repeat heroics I've already done, but it is true that a sub doing that exact same thing will level up more then someone f2p. and actually I forgot about that, the xp bonuses, are they just throwing those in after random quests now? and ya mrphil, its all about preference. do you like healing, tanking, or dps? I love my sith marauder right now but I also like my powertech, both for dps but a bit different I think
  6. nah its all down to preference. personally, I really like the empire classes more. free to play players all get reduced experience gains and they don't get access to rested experience. I know cuz i'm f2p. its still fun tho. however, if you join a guild, the guild provides an experience gain bonus which is useful to counter that reduced exp thing
  7. you mean like sending an email to that? Edit: I sent an email but I got a ticket telling me to just check the forums, which I did and tried solving the problem from seeing what the staff members have said in response to people with similar issues, but nothing worked. I did a scan to see if I need a new graphics card (or update) but it said I didn't need anything. I have an ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
  8. I know it would make more sense to post on the TOR forums, but for some reason I'm not allowed to post there (maybe it's cuz im f2p). anyway, I have this serious graphics issue that just started after cleaning my computer's fan. a few days ago I decided to come back to TOR after months and played. the next day I decided to clean the fan because my computer was heating up to fast. I got the dust out and made sure not to screw with anything else and it worked, now my computer doesn't heat up too fast. the problem happens only on TOR (so maybe the cleaning is unrelated but idk). when I log in and try to play I get these weird colored lines on the screen, and the screen seems to warp whenever I open a window like inventory or something. it get's even WORSE when I try to use an ability, because the whole screen just goes out of wack and lags until the power is done. I saw some forum threads that seem to have the exact same issue and tried solving it by deleting the DiskCacheArena and running the repair feature. that didn't work. I also went to see if I needed a graphics card update, but the thing I ran said I was up to date. can someone help? I attached the DxDiag since the guys fixing the problem wanted to see that DxDiag.txt
  9. you know you play Empire at War FoC too much when you reach for the game and say "I have a galaxy to corrupt."

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    2. hkmandalore47


      @SH you're missing out cuz it's amazing lol

      @Mandalore- gotta love the consortium (except tyber's obsessive need to bribe the first unit he comes in contact with which results in bribing random civilians lol). and that stuff was supposed to be in the game?? I had no idea!

    3. Mandalore


      Yep - its article on Wookiepedia lists a load of cut stuff.

    4. hkmandalore47


      cool i'll check it out! thanks!

  10. and don't forget 1.0b! that MUST be installed first before anything else!
  11. hkmandalore47

    End game?

    @ peedeeboy, the characters don't seem to hate each other though. I mean, there are some, but not all. G0-T0 hates all the droids (except T3, whom he doesn't care about.) T3 doesn't seem to care about the droids and he was trying to build HK for reasons explained in game. HK-47 hated G0-T0 but didn't care about T3, Mandalore was in it kinda for himself. Atton is friends with a male exile, but gets jealous when a female exile has higher influence with Disciple. (I think they only fight when darksided), and he also doesn't really like the Last of the Handmaidens probably from still being sore from the Telos academy. Bao-Dur would follow the exile to hell and back and is friendly with Atton, but hates Mandalore, and is respected by the droids for his skills. visas loves the exile, Brianna loves the exile but gets jealous when influence is higher with visas (they only fight when darksided), and Mira is kind of a loner. Hanharr is - I'm pretty sure - also a loner (and he and Mira hate each other) and Disciple I think is too. the whole party seems to know that Kreia is evil. so I would say that generally they all have that 1 person they don't like, but I wouldn't say that they all hate each other. plus they DO stick together on Malachor V for the benefit of themselves and the exile and they all like the Exile, so yea.
  12. just got to malachor v in 1.8.2 + m4-78. what were the characters talking about? it sounded like they want to die and atton wished he never met the exile


  14. i have an idea for a mod that should be made! (i can't make it because i don't know a thing about modding). someone should make a mod that uses galen marek's head as an option for character creation in TSL!