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  1. Sorry Yes I Meant The Modules Folder & Good To Know
  2. Just Wanna Clarify That The tat_m18aa File Is In Fact Compatible With The One From K1R As The TSLPatcher Skipped It As It Was Already In The Override Folder Due To K1R?
  3. Thanks, I saw that before but it doesn't give you an extra visa. It just changes the spawn of who carries the 2nd visa.
  4. Sorry to necro an old thread but I'd like a copy too if someone still has it.
  5. @JCarter426 I Went Ahead And Made The Yellow Disruptors Unique Using K1R & TSLRCM As A Base, If I Sent You The Files Would You Be Willing To Integrate Them Into The Mod?
  6. Very Very Nice Work! I'm Looking Forward To Seeing More!
  7. Would it be possible for a black & gold retexture of the jacket & pants?
  8. Any word on potential K1R compatibility?
  9. Sorry About My Typing, I'm Partially Blind In My Left Eye And Capping The 1st Letter Of Each Word Helps Me Spot The Spaces Between Words, So Again Apologize
  10. Hey, I just wanted to let you know the files "LHR_dor01.tga" And "LHR_dor02.tga" for the doors In the Crew Quarters won't load in the game properly. They glow bright white like this. Is there a specific reason that the other files are .dds & these 2 are .tga?
  11. Would it be possible to add an option for Heavy Repeaters & Disruptors to use separate projectiles? As in Heavy Repeaters using the upgraded white projectiles & the Disruptors use your new yellow projectiles? Great work by the way. This is definitely one of my must have mods
  12. Would it be possible to add an option for Light Repeaters to Have +1 extra attack & for Heavy Repeaters to add +2 extra attacks?