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  1. I love this...I would carry one just for looks...just need a little artistic touch from Sabine...
  2. I think... even most battle hardened warriors don't cruise their home in full-plate heavy battle armour equipped with two vibroblades constantly in their hands or heavy blaster on their back... ...but at the same time it might look wierd for those who equip party with powerfull and yet compact gear. Thanks for this! Now we just need real shi**** on Ebon Hawk...i always wonder where or how. But hey, its less civilized times...maybe reactor room?
  3. Maybe contact K1R team and ask would they add it to their compilaton?
  4. I would like an K1R compatible ver.
  5. Could you upload a fix? Thanks.
  6. Did you used THIS mod AFTER "PC Response Moderation" ? I know PC Response Moderation is compatible with K1R IF USED BEFORE, as K1R use TSLPatcher that apply its own changes to the file directly... ...thing is this mod use TSLPatcher to, so it should work if used on top of PC Response Moderation. If you place PC Response Moderation on top, neither this mod or even K1R will work properly.
  7. Still "broken" ?
  8. Don't know how i missed it, but i found already "KotOR Dialogue Fixes 2.0" is incorporated. Sorry. This makes PC Response Moderation 1.01 compatible if used before, as it itself lacks Patcher, correct?
  9. Porteable...shielded...chaingun...with small ammo box...triple barrel to that, CUTE! We should get a tripod in place of a scope, or a laser designator. I saw projectile weaponry in Republic commando in heands of low-tech aliens, so it somewhat is lore friendly as unique antique...maybe thats why even Mandalorians don't know how to build one properly and just used CIWS with APC shield and LSW ammo box xD Cool...very few ratings thou. To anyone interested, there is a texture/icon "upgrade" for this mod in SKIN section on this side. Regards!
  10. It was just a dev of a game... and an Expert Droid in that =P
  11. I think 1.1 its enough, i just checked ver. for TSL and even there latter is smaller, apparently most of size is linked with textures.
  12. Is "KotOR Dialogue Fixes 2.0" compatible...or integrated? As it fix a lot of typos it should be. By the way... i was wondering should "PC Response Moderation 1.01" be also integrated from the start...seeing how much it can improve climate and immersion...by simply remove whats breaking it. Thanks for your work! Regards.
  13. Ninko kotor...................CORP. ! Kids are cool, i remember this mindset...xD
  14. ITS NOT BROKEN. Wonder...maybe i give a try and give those to Mission? =P
  15. It would be best to sue new one with layered over old one in photoshop using one of layer blending options...thats how you can keep some damage details of old one with more quality look of new one. I would do this myself, if not occupied and unwiling to take another mod-game project. Regards.
  16. Sorry, something on a server apparently, now it works, unfortunetly i can't remove or edit my last comment.
  17. Transitions looks amazing, screens are great. Would you consider applying simillar transitions to standard races? ...its just glory reincarnated to have those tattos rather than some cartoonish arhetypes. Regards.